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[A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

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Since our come back we've downed Rag HC twice, with most of the group feeling comfortable on the fight now, but since we picked up a new healer with no Rag experience, this week might still prove to be a challenge. I want to say a big thank you to my friend, a veteran CW member - Idohealz, who came back and helped us out a lot with his experience and skill during those two weeks! :) At the moment we're still not recruiting, although if there are any people willing to establish a raid group under our name - feel free to contact me.

Also, since many of our members expressed being a bit tired of Cataclysm, we've established a guild on a fresh MoP server, slowly leveling chars there during the evenings we're not raiding here and welcome anyone to join us, more info about that on our discord. - Here .

Atlantiss is still our home and will remain being one, but playing there is something new and exiting, most of us haven't experienced that content.

Finally, we also invite fellow Diablo 3 grinders to chat it up and do an occasional greater rift with us as well, since some of our members are playing that during their free time. More info about that on our Discord as well.


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