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Problems with launching your WoW?

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Greetings! I am Game Master Yggr, and this topic is about how to fire up your game.

For starters, make sure you've downloaded our torrent which contains the game, if not you can get it from here: [url][/url]

If you are experiencing errors such as :
Et Cetera
This is what you should try, there are 2 possible fixes.
Fix #1:

1. Open your main WoW folder

2. Locate "Data" folder, then right-click it

3. Go to "Properties" and un-mark "Read-only" option.
4. Click "Apply", then "Ok" 

5. Fire up your game


Fix #2:
Go to your wow folder, locate 3 files:
1 .Wow.mfil
2. Wow.tfil
3. Wow_434.exe
These files should be in the main wow folder, just delete them.
Later go here [url][/url]
Download the mini-client, open it with WinRar and copy the same 3 files and put them in your main wow folder
Also right click on your Data folder, go to "properties" and unmark the "Read-only" option.
Run the game using wow_434.exe

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