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Problems with launching your WoW? Solutions to WoW Errors #132, #134, Disconnecting


Greetings! I am Game Master Yggr and this topic is about possible fixes for error #132 and error #134.
Before you read this, I want to warn you that these fixes may not work as intended.

What is error #132?
Error #132 is a problem which is caused by your computer being unable to correctly read & save the “temporary files” that your game requires to run. That means this error can be caused by eg. Outdated Addons, or some issues with your UI (Interface)
All versions of WoW uses a series of “Temporary Files” to help the game run. These files will store everything from battle data to your profile information, and are highly important for the smooth operation of the game.

Fix #1: - I recommend this solution to players that experience crashes only in some areas (Northrend, Deepholm even Stormwind etc.)
1. Open your wow folder
2. Open WTF folder
3. Open Config with Notepad
4. Copy this : SET fixedfunction "1" and save
5. Run the game using wow_434

Fix #2: - Disable all your addons

Fix #3:
1. Open your WoW folder
2. Locate 3 folders:
- Interface
- Cache
3. Rename these 3 folders to WTFOld, InterfaceOld, CacheOld.
4. Run the game using wow_434.exe
If that doesn't work you can try it again but this time just delete these 3 folders. Deleting them is completely safe as they are re-created. Alternatively you may move them to some other directory, in case you do not wish to delete.

Fix #4: - Update your Drivers
1. Click Start button.
2. Type "Device Manager" in the search box.
3. Expand the top level entry from left panel.
4. Update your display, sound and network drivers. (Right click a device, select “Update driver software”)
5. Restart your computer.

Windows 8/8.1
1. Press Windows Key + X.
2. Click Device Manager.
3. Refer to steps 3-5.

Fix #5: - Check your memory leaks, repair them. (It won't damamge your computer)
1. Press Windows Key on your keyboard.
2. Type “Diagnose your computer’s memory problems” in the Search Box.
3. Click “Restart now and check for problems” button.
4. Your PC will restart automatically and scan-repair problems with your computer’s memory.

Fix #6: - Repair Disk/Delete temporary files
1. Double click Computer desktop shortcut.
2. Right click a disk drive containing your WoW, select Properties.
3. Click the Tools tab and then "Check Now" button.
4. Mark both boxes and press "Start"

Fix #7:
If those fixes didn't work out for you, that means there is only one more fix left which is waiting in patience, for some people this error fixes itself, you won't even know when.

What is error #134
Error #134 usually occurs when some of your files are corrupted.

Fix #1:
1. Right click your WoW folder and select Properties
2. Untick Read-Only option
3. Apply and (when asked) confirm to apply it to files and folders inside
4. Restart the game

Fix #2:
When the #134 error occurs a window similar to this one should pop out:
There should be written which archive failed to open, in this case it's "wow-update-base-15211.MPQ"
So what you can do is:
1. Open this link: http://www.atlantiss.eu/pages/1
2. Click the "Torrent" button
3. Before you start to download it, search for the file which is corrupted (in this case it's wow-update-base-15211.MPQ)
4. Mark only the file which you need
5. When you're done downloading , replace the file with the one in your game folder
6. Run the game

Fix #3:
If the fix above doesn't work for you, you can also try to use our mini-client: http://www.atlantiss.eu/pages/1
Extract the files using WinRar and replace them with the ones from your main game folder

Note: All of these fixes will help you prevent these errors from occurring temporarily, our developers are working constantly on the new amendments.

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Since Windows 10 has been setting read-only permissions on it's own for new client downloads and client is unable to save streaming downloaded files properly, I'll add this method here. Hopefully this solves most of the issues regarding new installations like errors while launching, addons resetting configuration. I've been able to install the game few times using this method without errors.

1. Once you've downloaded and extracted the game, right click on wow_434 folder, select Properties, go to Security tab and click Advanced.
2. Disable inheritance and select Remove All Inherited Permissions, confirm that all permissions will be lost.


3. Add new permissions, when you click Add, in the next window, click Select Principal, then switch to Advanced, then once window changes to advanced mode, click Find Now to list all groups, select Everyone/All users (might be named different in different languages) then Ok to go back to Permission entry.



4. When principal is selected change permissions to Full Control then confirm with Ok.


5. Next tick the box to make all elements inside the folder inherit new permissions, apply then confirm with Ok



Now the game should be able to run properly without issues.

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For starters, make sure you've downloaded our torrent which contains the game, if not you can get it from here: http://atlantiss.eu/pages/1

If you are experiencing errors such as :
Et Cetera
This is what you should try, there are 2 possible fixes.

Fix #1:

1. Open your main WoW folder
2. Locate "Data" folder, then right-click it
3.Go to "Properties" and un-mark "Read-only" option.
4. Click "Apply", then "Ok" 
5. Fire up your game

Fix #2:
Go to your wow folder, locate 3 files:
1 .Wow.mfil
2. Wow.tfil
3. Wow_434.exe
These files should be in the main wow folder, just delete them.
Later go here http://www.atlantiss.eu/pages/1
Download the mini-client, open it with WinRar and copy the same 3 files and put them in your main wow folder
Also right click on your Data folder, go to "properties" and unmark the "Read-only" option.
Run the game using wow_434.exe

[WINDOWS 10 ONLY] The game disconnects as soon as you log into your character.
This issue is specifically explained for Windows10 users only

Controlled folder access in Windows Defender Security Center reviews the apps that can make changes to files in protected folders. Occasionally, an app that is safe to use will be identified as harmful. This happens because Microsoft wants to keep you safe and will sometimes err on the side of caution; however, this might interfere with how you normally use your PC. You can add an app to the list of safe or allowed apps to prevent them from being blocked.

Select Start  > Settings
Choose Update & security  > Windows Defender.
Select Open Windows Defender Security Center.
Select Virus & threat protection, and then choose Virus & threat protection settings.
Under Controlled folder access, turn it on or off.


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