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[How To] "use" your mouse

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This is a simple guide to get some super useful keybinds.
Basically, I'm gonna show you how to keybind abilities/macros/items to your mouse (aka Mousebinds).

We'll use modifiers, we don't want to cast fireball everytime you left-click somewhere. So, combinations like Shift+Left-Click can be assigned to a mount, Ctrl+Left-Click to a mouseover spell (e.g.: a taunt), etc...
Even a common mouse (2 buttons, left+right -- no wheel) can get +6 simple keybinds. I'm not counting the wheel because it can be very easily keybinded with blizzard feature.


  • Most players don't use Left or Right Button on the mouse, unless they are selecting targets or organizing their bags. Then I see a lot of players who don't have their mounts keybinded. One of the most used things in WoW are mounts, and most people don't bind it. Instead of clicking on a icon, just bound that to your mouse...
  • You wanna burn all your CDs in one button (Macro) but sadly you don't have a nice "comfortable" key? Bind it to your mouse...
  • Do you want to taunt/shackle/root someone without having him "targeted"/"focused" (Mouseover Macro) and without pressing a "terrible" key? Bind it to your mouse...
    Note: If you are already "mouseovering" the target wouldn't be better to simply click on a mouse button, instead of pressing a key?
  • You are playing a class with stances/forms, and you are still clicking on them. Bound the main ones to your mouse...
    Note: Mouse wheel can fit pretty well here, like Alt+Wheel up/down, but buttons can still do the job - E.g.: Cat Form - ALT-BUTTON1 --- Bear Form - ALT-BUTTON2)
  • The list goes on an on... (Focusing, AoE MouseOver (e.g.: Death&Decay), etc...)

Some advantages and disadvantages of using this method to keybind (not just for mouse, but for keyboard too):

  • There are no limits, unlike keybinding with the Blizzard feature, here you don't need to add the ability/macro/item to the action bar, so there's no space problems.
  • It's faster to keybind using these commands than using Blizzard feat. No need to count the actionbar's slots to modify the keybind.


  • If you have the ability/macro/item on your action bar, after using the command to bind it to a key, it won't show the keybind on the icon.


First, you can't bind those buttons (left+right) using the blizzard feature "KeyBindings".
There are some Addons that let you to do that, for example, Bartender, using its "/kb" command.

But if you don't use addons, there's still a way, the best way actually.
You'll use some commands that are implemented in WoW and here they are:

SetBindingSpell("KEY", "SPELL")

SetBindingMacro("KEY", "MACRO")

SetBindingItem("KEY", "ITEM")


/*Binding Frostbolt to "T":*/
/script SetBindingSpell("T", "Frostbolt");

/*Binding "randomMount" (name of the macro) to shift+right-click mouse button:*/
/script SetBindingMacro("SHIFT-BUTTON2", "randomMount");

/*Binding PvP Trinket to ctrl+left-click mouse button:*/
/script SetBindingItem("CTRL-BUTTON1", "Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity");

In the end, you need one last command to save your keybinds:

/*Use one of the following:*/

/script SaveBindings(1); /*if you want to save for all your characters in that account*/

/script SaveBindings(2); /*if you want to save those keybinds just for that character*/


Screenshot Guide




So, now that you should be able to use your mouse to its full potential!

Good luck and have fun,



Version History
[spoiler]v1.0 - 12/02/2015 - First release :D
v1.1 - 12/02/2015 - Added Advantages & Disadvantages and colored some text
v1.2 - 13/02/2015 - Changed title and added an image
v1.3 - 13/02/2015 - Added To-Do List
v1.3.1 - 15/02/2015 - Added "progress info" & release date of final version
v1.4 - 22/02/2015 - Added video + screenshot guide + titles' image[/spoiler]

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[quote name="Varchord"]You can albo use addon called clique[/quote]
I guess Clique only works with mouseovers (unitframes + npcs [not sure]).
A lot of stuff don't require targets, like trinkets, self-buffs, AoE "target" spells, etc.

[quote name="Pirulito"]I, for one, welcome our new mouse binding overlords.[/quote]
I just want to help those poor players who still click on icons.
Mousebinds are great for everyone!

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and how to unbind that?;d

To remove all binds from a key or combination (in this case, Left-Button mouse):

/script SetBinding("BUTTON1");
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im kind of curious. i have mouse genesis gm56x and it have additional button like double fire ( which i cant bind in wow ) and DPI changer which i also cannot bind.

now : is there a way to unbind those 2 mouse clicks from their functions from windows side ? ( this mouse doesnt have specific software to do it ) and also - can i bind those mousebinds using the technique provided by you??

I think WoW only goes to "Button5" - Button4 and 5 should be those buttons on the side, and I guess WoW lets you keybind those without a problem.


About DPI and DoubleFire buttons. Maybe with AutoHotkey, it lets you remap keys and execute scripts when pressing buttons. Worth checking.

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Jst noticed this topic, if you ever wish to use SetBindingSpell , just know that it doesn't work with function that casts spells on key press instead just on key release

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