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List of working dungeons

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Blackrock Caverns (N/HC)
Deadmines (HC)
Grim Batol (N/HC)
Halls of Origination (N/HC)
Lost City of the Tol'vir (N/HC)
Shadowfang Keep (HC)
The Stonecore (N/HC)
The Vortex Pinnacle (N/HC)
Throne of the Tides (N/HC)
Zul'Aman (HC)
Zul'Gurub (HC)
Hour of Twilight (HC) (available for testing)
Well of Eternity (HC) (available for testing)
End Time (HC) (available for testing)

*Wrath of the Lich King*
Drak'Tharon Keep (N/HC)
Gundrak (N/HC)
Trial of the Champion (N/HC)
Violet Hold (N/HC)
Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (N/HC)
Azjol-Nerub (N/HC)
The Culling of Stratholme (N/HC)
Halls of Reflection (N/HC)
Pit of Saron (N/HC)
The Forge of Souls (N/HC)
The Nexus (N/HC)
The Oculus (N/HC)
Halls of Lightning (N/HC)
Halls of Stone (N/HC)
Utgarde Keep (N/HC)
Utgarde Pinnacle (N/HC)

*Burning Crusade*
Magister's Terrace (N/HC)
Auchenai Crypts (N/HC)
Mana Tombs (N/HC)
Sethekk Halls (N/HC)
Shadow Labyrinth (N/HC)
Opening of the Dark Portal (N/HC)
The Escape from Durnholde (N/HC)
The Slave Pens (N/HC)
The Steamvault (N/HC)
The Underbog (N/HC)
Hellfire Ramparts (N/HC)
The Blood Furnace (N/HC)
The Shattered Halls (N/HC)
The Arcatraz (N/HC)
The Botanica (N/HC)
The Mechanar (N/HC)

Blackfathom Deeps (N)
Blackrock Depths (N)
Deadmines (N)
Dire Maul (N)
Gnomeregan (N)
Lower Blackrock Spire (N)
Maraudon (N)
Ragefire Chasm (N)
Razorfen Downs (N)
Razorfen Kraul (N)
Scarlet Halls (N)
Scarlet Monastery (N)
Scholomance (N)
Shadowfang Keep (N)
Stormwind Stockade (N)
Stratholme (N)
Sunken Temple (N)
Uldaman (N)
Wailing Caverns (N)
Zul'Farrak (N)

green - completable without major problems
orange - some encounters have major bugs
red - closed

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This topic has been updated.
Stratholme has been open for quite a while now.
4.3 dungeons are live on PTR and available for testing.

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