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Low Level Dungeon Impressions

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after being a regular WoW sub for years who was disappointed in WOD, I've decided to give private servers a try and chose this server.
It's been only a couple of days so far, but I have to say that I am impressed: questing in the low level zones is nearly indistinguishable from retail servers.

edit: This is not meant to be a bug report thread, just my impressions of low level dungeons. The dungeons are nearly perfectly blizzlike in my opinion, except for a small issue here and there.
Feel free to share your own impressions if you like, but if you encounter issues, please don't forget to report them in the official bug tracker.

edit²: The devs have already fixed many bugs I've encountered after only a few days (Impressive!). Because this would make my post already pretty outdated after a week now, I've decided to update things that I know have been fixed.

The dungeon finder tool works well. In the evening as a hunter I'll find a group after a couple of minutes which is practically the same waiting time as on Blizzard's servers. Which is impressive because there are more people in Blizzard's LFD, but I guess the tank/healer vs DD ratio is about the same. So no matter where you play, as a DD you'll be waiting for tanks and healers. :D
After a dungeon run, the "leave party" button is missing when you're the last one in the group, but the world chat had a solution for this: type "/script LeaveParty()" in chat, which works fine.

The dungeons I've seen so far are about 90% blizzlike, I'd say. There are still some bugs left here and there, but overall they feel mostly like on retail servers - which is apparently a huge accomplishment for a private server, I've heard.

Being a bit more specific, here are my impressions of the first few dungeons I've encountered:


Ragefire Chasm:
Everything seemed to work without problems.

My first real dungeon on this server. 95% worked very well. The aggro range of the mobs on the ship at the end seemed a bit iffy, also the path finding of my hunter pet. After accidentally pulling half of the ship with my pet, I decided next time it would be better to put my pet away before stepping on the ship.
(Glubtok fire walls: fixed.)

Wailing Caverns:
Just like I remembered it, cool.
(There had been an issue with Lord Pythas, but it is fixed now.)

Shadowfang Keep:
Totally blizzlike.
(OP Commander Springvale: fixed.)

Blackfathom Deeps:
Also nearly exactly like on retail servers.
One thing I've noticed about caster mobs in general: when they can't cast at you because you are out of their line-of-sight or too far away, they should try to run at you until they are able to cast again. However, this doesn't work at the moment apparently: The mobs will just stand there, doing nothing and remain in combat.
This is especially noticable in the one room with a million caster murlocs and a boss: you can't pull them back because they won't come, and if you try to kill them, they do a lot of damage and can wipe the party.
(Graveyard had been pretty far away, Chest respawn time: fixed.)

No problems.

Everything was fine except the walking bombs from the endboss (Thermaplugg) were kinda invisble and there were no buttons to disable them. Boss died fast, though, so no problem.

Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard:
No problems.

Scarlet Monastery - Library:
Everything went fine. There's only one quest where you have to pick up a book which cannot be completed, but it got removed from Blizz anyway.

Scarlet Monastery - Armory:
No problems.

Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral:
Totally blizzlike.

Maraudon - Wicked Grotto
100% blizzlike. Including the confusion after a wipe because we couldn't find the dungeon entrance in that labyrinth. :D

Maraudon - Foulspore Cavern:
No problems, except the Creeping Sludges (very slow, but nasty AoE damage in melee range) had not to be kited, because they only did normal melee hits.

Maraudon - Earthsong Falls:
Everything works fine. I thought Princess Theradras' fear and knockback attacks had a longer range, it seemed to only hit melees, but maybe my memory is wrong on this.

Razorfen Kraul:
Everything behaves exactly like it should.
(Earthgrab totem's strange behaviour: fixed.)

Razorfen Downs:
Good, no problems.

99% blizzlike. 2-manned this (thanks Lillysatou :)), because the rest of the group didn't come back after a server crash, nearly everthing worked well. Every boss worked well, even the "combine staff+medaillon"-event to open Ironaya's door. Only the Sand Storms spawned by the Ancient Stone Keeper didn't look quite right, but the boss was killable.
(Spawning at back entrance: fixed.)

I don't know the old Scholomance very well, only the MoP rework, but stuff seemed to work as expected.
Only the 6 rooms around the endboss seem to have some buggy mob pathing where the trash mobs jump through the floor. But they are still killable.

Dire Maul West:
Pretty much as I remember it, but the crystals were missing, so you could kill the end boss without deactivating them first.

Dire Maul East:
Blizzlike, only Hydrospawn is still afraid of water even after the fix attempt.

Dire Maul North:
Blizzlike I think. The trash mobs hit our tank pretty hard and Captain Kromcrush annihilated our tank. Just as I remember him. :D

100% as I recall it, including the stairway event. Very nice.

Stratholme Main Gate/Service Entrance:
Don't remember the old Stratholme very well, but everything seemed ok to me. One problem were the bajillion caster adds: Since casters don't move and keep you in combat forever until killed at the moment, sooner or later you will stay in fight permanently, so you can't reg mana or rezz.

Sunken Temple:
Works pretty well now after some bugfixes.

Blackrock Depths - Detention Block / Upper City:
The whole instance works fine now after the recent bugfixes. The Mole Machine near the entrance can be used to access later parts of the dungeon if you want to take a shortcut.
(wrong entrance, missing Mole Machines, big wheel/door mechanism, Chest of the Seven: fixed.)

Lower Blackrock Spire:
LBRS works very well. Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin has a bugged "hex" spell which keeps you polymorphed too long, but since it is marked as a buff, you can just right-click to remove it.

Upper Blackrock Spire:
This dungeon is completable by a group of an appropriate level but has some problems. As soon as the first boss Pyroguard Emberseer is engaged, he will call nearly the whole instance for help. You can clear the room before him before enganging him, but he will still call the mobs from later parts of the dungeon. Still we managed to down him, died, ressed and could continue. The arena event where you're supposed to fight 7 waves of mobs spawning inside the "cage" with Rend Blackhand and Gyth seemed a bit buggy also. The endboss General Drakkisath was killable without a problem.
(Spawning at back entrance/in the air, invincible assassins: fixed.)

Burning Crusade

Hellfire Ramparts:
95% blizzlike. The quest where you have to collect some horde supplies doesn't work atm and Nazan, the dragon mount of the endboss stays in the air the whole fight unless you have a DK with death grip. Still killable and lootable though.

The Blood Furnace:
100% blizzlike, up to the last orc rogue in stealth.

Slave Pens:
I was impressed with this one. The trash mobs feared us, the tank died to Rokmar's griveous wound debuff because the healer forgot to heal him to 100%... just like I remember the instance. :D

Everything was fine, except Claw the druid stayed in combat with my pet after turning friendly towards the group. Dismissing my pet fixed that.

Great, totally blizzlike.

Auchenai Crypts:
The trash mobs seem to spawn too many ghosts (but they are weak and die in the AoE instantly), otherwise the dungeon was like I remembered it.

CoT: Old Hillsbrad Foothills (Escape from Durnholde):
Worked pretty well, only some trash groups and other minor details I remember a little bit differently and apparantly you can use 5 bombs on one house instead of 5 different houses right now.

Sethekk Halls:
Great, nearly 100% blizzlike. Only the quest where you have to free the Lakka guy doesn't work atm.

Shadow Labyrinth:
Cannot be completed by a group of an appropriate level at the moment, I think. The 3rd boss Vorpil has some untargetable adds which will just kill your healer and then the rest of the group. You also cannot ignore him because the door behind him won't open until you kill him.

However this is not a tragedy because at level 68 you can also do the first WotLK dungeon Utgarde Keep, which means that the higher-level TBC dungeons are rarely played anyway.

Shattered Halls:
Works fine after latest fixes.
Crashes(#870): fixed in rev. 4574

The Steamvault:
90% blizzlike. In the first room mobs have some pathing problems where there's water puddles on the floor, and the endboss doesn't try to drink from his water tanks, making him a simple tank&spank but everything else is fine and works like retail, including the 2 consoles behind boss 1 and 2 you have to use to open the door to boss 3.

The Botanica:
After boss 3 you will Sunseeker Harvesters who will spawn a ton of Mutate Fleshlashers on your head which will wipe the group. Maybe you could try to CC the Harvesters or burn them down fast.

The Mechanar:
This dungeon is completable without problems. Bosses are missing some abilties (1st: floating bombs, 2nd: fire elemental adds, 3rd: adds), which makes the fights more or less tank&spank.

The Arcatraz:
Works pretty well, although there are some floating "Energy Discharges" which do chain lightnings and stress the healer. The endboss Skyriss spawns 2 adds which are unkillable and eventually kill the group, but you can just kill the endboss, loot him, and die like a man to his adds. :D

CoT: The Black Morass:
In 4.2 the attunement process was removed, but right now it's still here on our server, which means that you probably won't find groups for this dungeon. I soloed it later and it works, but the waves do not run to Medivh, they stay near their corresponding portals.

Magister's Terrace:
The dungeon is completable but has some differences to retail which make it pretty hard sometimes. Wretched Bruisers, Husks and Skulkers get a selfbuff which makes them one-shot everybody, including your level 68 tank. The first boss does a full Fel Explosion cycle as soon as you engage him. Vexallus' adds have significantly more HP. Priestess Delrissa's adds can be pulled solo which makes this fight easier.


Utgarde Keep:
Worked fine. I was wondering that you can disable the flame walls in the first room like Spydoc says. I've not seen that on retail, but apparently other people have.

The Nexus:
The trash groups around Anomalus and Ormorok seem to be a little bit different than retail and Keristrasza's tail sweep hits even her sides as Psychodoc already mentioned below, but the dungeon is completable without problems. The quest item on Anomalus' platform I had to use from the inventory - using it from the quest tracker overlay on the right side of the screen didn't work for me.

Worked okay. Some things are a bit different like Hadronox has no adds spawning which he could use for self-heal, but the dungeon is completable without problems. Watcher Gashra from the first boss has a nasty enrage which killed our tank twice, but this is blizzlike I think.

Works well, but you have less time to kill Jedoga Shadowseeker's add before she gets her damage buff and Herold Volazj's adds do crazy damage, up to 2-3k per hit, which makes the last 2 bosses harder than expected. As Spydoc mentioned below: makes sure to kite them.

Drak'Tharon Keep:
The instance worked remarkably well, only the first boss was easier than expected since he didn't seem to use his adds.

The Violet Hold:
The trash is a bit easier than expected, but worked without problems for me. According to the bug tracker the boss Ichoron seems to be problematic, but I haven't encountered him yet.

Very nice. Blizzlike, save for some minor points.

Halls of Stone:
You have to do the bosses in a specific order and Krystallus is a bit harder than expected. Keep your distance to other players and pet classes should put their pets away, then Krystallus is no problem.

Halls of Lightning:
All bosses work well but Loken. You have 3 sec after the pull to stack on his feet or you will die. But even if only the tank survives the boss is killable.

Utgarde Pinnacle:
This instace is nearly indistinguishable from retail apart from 2-3 minor things. I was impressed.

The Oculus:
The probably most hated instance of all WoW is surprisingly well scripted. The dragon mounts feel a little bit clunky on the ground, but in the air everything seems fine.

Trial of the Champion,
The Forge of Souls,
Pit of Saron,
Halls of Reflection:
I couldn't find a RDF group for them because the number of people who are eligible and interested is tiny. You need an itemlevel of 180 (hc: 200) and level 80 for the last three. However when you ding level 81, they vanish from the dungeon finder tool and you can only do Cata dungeons from here on (the lowest needs iLevel 226 to enter). This is no problem of the server however, it's just how Blizz designed it years ago.

Soo... all the issues I encountered are already in the bug tracker (if they were not, I did report them), and since the devs fix a lot of stuff nearly every day according to the changelog, I'm sure they will get sorted out eventually.
Overall I think it's really remarkable how much they have already accomplished, though. I've heard that on other private servers many instances are not even open, and here nearly everything already works pretty well.
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I would also like to share some impressions about the WotLK dungeons.

[u]Utgarde Keep:[/u]

At the start of the instance, you can pull the adds that are on the left section of the furnace room and the flaming wall, which separates the entrance and the door to the next room, disappears. I guess these flaming walls need to not give LoS to targets, who are on the opposite side, in order to prevent these kind of pulls from happening.

[u]The Nexus:[/u]

The knockback skill Tail Sweep on the last boss Keristrasza seems to knock you back from everywhere, except if you're standing right in front of her. I've stood on all of her sides and she constantly manages to knock me back, while the tank is perfectly able to stay in one place. Almost all dragon boss mechanics, which have a tail knockback effect, should only affect those, who are standing behind the boss.


The three guardians in front of the first boss seem to be doing way too much damage. We even had a tank with 15k health and his health kept dropping from 100% to almost zero in a matter of a global cooldown against only one guardian. Needless to say, we've been wiping a couple of times on this trash every run.


The phased event on the last boss Herald Volazj, where he spawns 4 adds, which look like your party members, seem to not be working properly. First of all, they shouldn't be auto-attacking constantly, let alone deal in average 2k damage per attack, but they should be casting spells, corresponding to their class. At least their health pools seem to be correct, so in order to not die here, you need to kite these adds and damage them from afar. In case you don't have ranged damaging skills, then you need to wait for your party members to enter your phase.

I could be wrong about some of the things, which I've mentioned above, so I'll need a confirmation that they're indeed bugged. As Tj has stated, spell casters do in fact not run to your LoS if they have no visibility of you and they simply stand in one place, not doing anything and keeping you in combat. Another issue with path finding is that on some terrains, where a mob is impossible to reach you, they either bug out and are not attackable at all, or they are attackable but as I wrote, they can't reach you. An example for this is in Mana Tombs, where some adds are placed on top of tombs for some reason and since they don't have a path to drop down from the tombs, they simply stand on top of them. Occasionally they're also not attackable and leave you in combat bug forever, or until you all die.
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[quote name="Varchord"]UK pulling through flame wall is blizzlike[/quote]
Are you sure? I've played on retail servers for years, not once have I seen a group taking the short route. Every run I've seen you had to go counterclockwise, killing all adds to open the corresponding flame walls in the room.

[quote]Deadmines glubtok flame wall is present. Just invisible xd[/quote]
Ah... ok. :D

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So I'm level 40 now, and played for a couple of days.


Some further thoughts:

- The dungeons so far have been enjoyable and 95% blizzlike I'd say. If I encountered any bugs, I put them in the bug tracker, but mostly they were very minor things.
(Speaking of bugs: I have two pet peeves here. One is that the spell queue is not working at the moment I think, which essentially means that your spell casts just feel not as 'smooth' as with the spell queue. The other thing is that caster mobs which can't cast because they are out of range/LOS/silenced don't move, but you stay in combat with them, which for example makes pulling caster mobs back around corners in dungeons not possible. But it's not a big deal and I'm sure will eventually get sorted out. (late edit: ok, apparently no pserver got the spell queue thingy working. Oh well.))

- Queue times are really not that bad, I'd say as a DPS you're waiting like 5-10 minutes in the prime time. That's on par with retail servers. I guess at the moment there is quite a number of new people on the server who are low level and so the dungeon finder is pretty populated. For me it often looks like this, so I guess as a tank or healer you get nearly instant invites:

- The community has been very helpful so far. I don't often encounter other players while questing in Kalimdor (been killed only once by someone from the other side), but the world chat channel is nice for communicating with other people, and the dungeons runs have been pretty enjoyable thus far. People talk either english or say nothing, so I have no trouble understanding them.
A little bit of trouble I have with the bug tracker (because not every bug report is in english, so I have to use Google translate at times to try to guess if my issue is related to the already existing issue), and also with the privstat addon comments, because they are mostly polish, but I asked the world channel once for a translation and they helped me.
Playing here also is truly an international experience: my last random dungeon group I asked had players from PL, Czech, Ger, Denmark and Singapore. I've also encountered people from the US, Canada, the UK... it's really nice.

- DCs. At the moment I'm encountering several DCs per evening, but I've been told that the server was really stable last patch and since this is the new pre patch, some things have still to be ironed out.

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[quote name="Tj20"]- DCs. At the moment I'm encountering several DCs per evening, but I've been told that the server was really stable last patch and since this is the new pre patch, some things have still to be ironed out.[/quote]

As I suppose. There are still crash bugs, and administration will fix the shit up from those bugs. I mean They will break their damn spines with theirs scripting skills in no time. I suppose...

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[u][b]Shadowfang Keep:[/b][/u] After defeating Lord Walden, if you turn in your quest while the quest NPC walks to the door, he'll be stuck and will not complete the scripted part where he opens the door to get to Godfrey.

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For the record, as soon as the newest revision is patched, the Wailing Caverns will be completeable.

Source; changelog :D

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i can confirm that wailing caverns quests are doable, rlly nice server btw :)
1 question: the commander boss in shadowfang keep hits too hard, is it normal or is my group too weak?

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Well, if the dmg is wrong you can report it on the bugtracker and we'll fix it. Just make sure that it really is a bug (watch some retail videos, read comments etc.) and give us the proof.

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According to wow wiki and wowhead, he is that strong, he officers are supposed to be that strong too. He is hard to beat but is doable.

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Today we played both parts of Blackrock Depths (Detention Block/Upper City) and found that most parts of the Instance are inaccessible at the moment. Since you don't spawn at the front entrance but at the Molten Core portal behind a locked door, you can only kill Magmus and Emperator Thaurissian (It's already in the bug tracker).

Nevertheless I think the developers did an amazing job with all the instances and I'm impressed by their dedication. Blizz should hire you guys! :D

(Btw, the forum doesn't let me write "Molten Core" with a capital "M". I think I found an easter egg or something. :D)

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i can confirm that its rlly doable, just need to have a good group :) in blackfathom deepths when my group died because of murlocs, when we enter the dung again some mobs are respawned. is it normal or is it a bug? also the 1st comment said that if youre alliance you die far away, from the times my group died due to murlocs we respawn rlly near the door

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Sunken Temple: Way too many mobs. It looks like the DBs from Vanilla and Cata were overlapped on this as we see mobs and bosses from both versions in there.

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I don't know about the trash mobs, there were quite a lot of dragonkin groups on retail servers if I remember correctly.

However we encountered double Dreamscythe & Weavers (1 pair right at the beginning, another after defeating Jammal'an) and also 2 Avatars of Hakkar once (did a bug report about both issues).

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Soo, I think I've did every classic dungeon at least once now. To put my experiences in a nutshell:

I think the devs did a terrific job. Most dungeons are nearly completely blizzlike.
Wailing Caverns had a problems which was fixed 2 days later, so now the only 2 classic dungeons with severe problems seem to be Blackrock Depths (you can only do 2 bosses in the Dungeon Finder) and Lower/Upper Blackrock Spire (there are some invincible mobs who kill your group shortly after entering the dungeon). But it's not that big of a deal because at level 57 you can already do the dungeons of the next expansion (Burning Crusade: Hellfire Ramparts).

So: thank you at all the people who are working on this server.
Although there's still an issue here and there, I think you did an awesome job so far and I'm impressed by your dedication and hard work!

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