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Abusive chat, insulting death wishes

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I dont really know whereput this kind of topics, but id like to report this generic player. Well i think Atlantiss staff should do something with this kind of people


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Forum is not a place to report players/gms, you need to send an email to complains or open a ticket or via discord.

Also this 1 screenshot alone doesnt show the whole picture, i can tell this guy is very angry, nothing justify what he says but he is angry for a reason i could assume?


he says "wtf is wrong with you?" it could be that you were not very innocent either?

I'd recommend you to use the ignore feature/tool and than you wont be able to hear him again.

Also you seem to be having a lot of trouble with a lot of players and GMS its pretty ironic that you all of sudden play innocent and report someone for vulgar language.

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