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WTS account 5x 85

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I want to sell this account, because as you can see in "Recent Activity" of these characters i don't play on them at all.

384 ilvl PvP balance
377 ilvl PvE balance
379 ilvl PvP feral druid

381 ilvl PvP Holy
387 ilvl PvP Retribution

381 ilvl PvP Restoration
381 ilvl PvP Elemental

367 ilvl PvP Discipline

356 ilvl PvP Subtlety

332 ilvl Twink Blood Death Knight (84 lvl) + 81 lvl hunter

All characters on one account, coming without email because it's my private email.
I am waiting for the offers here or PM

cheers 😉 


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