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Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

Regarding PvE items use in PvP  

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  1. 1. What do you want to be done regarding PvE items?

    • Yes, I want the items below to be banned from PvP
    • No, I want not item bans in PvP
    • I have no opinion on this matter

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Emtec'z Heading on this Thread is:

"Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)"


I wish to vote Rated Battlegrounds also in the exclusion of certain trinkz & weaponz.

Dislike arena, I'm a beegee babe.

Shank yu Emtec

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Why the he'll wouldn't you include rated Battlegrounds? You do realize they will just take the items and use them there don't you? 

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First of all, removing all of the PvE items would make some classes more powerfull than other since damage is still overscaled as fuck or the resilience isn't working as it should be, PvE items such as trinkets and weapons (THAT WORK CORRECTLY WITHOUT OVERSCALED DAMAGE/HEALING) are not bad for cata pvp. My personal preference is normal DS gear in PvP so i would vote for it, but at the end of the day if the developers can't balance trinkets such as bonelink (which is the only one i know to be broken on rogues at the moment) which hits disgusting numbers, they should remove specific PvE items from arenas. It has been done earlier by one server so people wouldnt abuse overscaled items. Or you could just fix it so HC Bonelink on rogues wouldnt hit 50k's

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first thing u cant add on this list the Legendary daggers .. 

daggers doesnt work like staff proc  chance on every  spell 

and they are not Op as legendary staff put this in mind 

they give you like 500-600 agility and a proc after 30second or more depends on attack rate 

u can eviscerat 4 time doesnt make them  like mages use 1 pyro and get 4 

thats why blizzard didnt want to daggers copy stabs or ambushs 



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