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Dear Atlantiss community, we all make mistakes, we are all wrong sometimes and we behave improperly from time to time. 

Getting punished for bad behavior is alright, but we all deserve second chances, don't you think? 

We would like to ask you about your opinion regarding this idea:

Every player that got PERMA BANNED because of PVP RELATED ISSUE before 15. 9. 2018 would get an AMNESTY. Their ban would be fully revoked. What do you think? Do players deserve a 2nd chance?


1) If you will get unbanned (because of amnesty) and you will do literally ANYTHING against the rules, you will get an instant permaban on all your accounts.

2) You have to send mail to [email protected] to get your accounts unbanned. You also have to state you understand rule 1).

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I am fine with it. As long as any future problems will be ‘rewarded’ with a permanent ban as you state.


anyways this poll is kind of a joke. If the ban was correct then keep it, if you guys made a wrong decision, undo it

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That is one of the dumbest idea ever in my opinion.
What about all the people, who got perma banned cause of 2 bans in a row (2x abusing, 2x wintrading, whatsoever....)

They did NOT HAVE a 2nd chance????????????
(1st ban = 1month) and then got banned again.

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Mb they shouldn't have cheated or abused in the first place, ik you friends are losing players but this is not a way to get them back, sorry.

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You can't get those players you have lost by unbanning them. If we are seeking for amnesty, let it be for all those who got permabanned. Otherwise, there is no justice in this voting. Furthermore, it's not only injustice but it also sounds really dumb.

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Hello I'll copy something I just wrote to my dear friend Elan who been banned.

First of all I voted "I agree"

I didn't wanted to go public with that message and actually thought about sending it on email but since this topic is super important, I'll just share my opinion here:

Basically it's suggestion about re-writting the Rules of PvP.

I believe in people and their honesty to play right the game. Atleast that what I expect from myself when I play the game.


I know you perma banned (IP banned even!) few people latest players I can name are Hatedlol, Elan and Arty.

I deeply thought about that perma banning people is way too HARD to go on players.

If I compare it to real world than perma ban is like death sentence in the "virtual world".

We know how important today in present 2k18 the virtual value of people.

We know that people can invest ammense time on their "Virtual things" and there is also "Virtual rights / credits" for virtual things.

I think if we take accounts or characters, than those characters are like "Project" of the People. whom investing hundred, thousand and even more hours on those "projects".

Some people do mistakes that indeed right. But I think perma banning for example in case of

Hatedlol for bombsmoking in Arena. or Elan for Heroic Leap in Arena or Arty which I still don't know what the accusion is about is way too hard.


I think the "system" or "rule system" should has more Sections and be way more FORGIVNESS to players. I remember long time ago I been perma banned in Atlantiss for "Afking in BGs" that was 3 months after I started to play server which really broke me down. But It's past.


Lets talk abou the future:

I think we as Community and you as "Govermenet" of this world(the server) should be given more opportunites to Players. I know PvP is tough and competitve, passionate. and people sometimes do things to make other to get Ban or People cheat. Competition is good but we should remain it HEALTHY!

I also believe that as the "gods" making the choices on the server

you should also has more resposibility for other.

Perma ban should be rarely used.


About the rules:


I thought about system which you as Server need to stand more Man power for it. which might be problem to find the right people to take it on their shoulders.

Maybe more GMs and Investigators etc. I know on other server with lower population they tried everything to keep their players on the server. I think atlatniss need to listen to their community and playerbase otherwise we will see negative immigration and me and also you want to avoid it.


For the rules you need to implementing two things in the server.

Flexiable of the mind is necessary.

the first thing is PvP Arena Spectator which allow people to watch Arena battles like we watch Blizzcon.

It can help to track things and detterencing people of doing wrong things.

The second thing is to implementing PVP History Match in the website similar to Tw!n* server.

Which also allowing you to watch fights of DELETED teams and the players who was in the Fight.

Good way to track Wintraders and other things we want to know.


Ok so now for the rules and will has degrees.

Player found doing something in PVP aspect:

1st time-

1. I think you should edit personal rate + team rate of teams equal to the fights that been found or suspected as "something happened there". You can also add 7d ban. Conquest points remove equal to games played or Items.

2nd time

2. In addtional to "1" - You can disqualifying players or entire teams from winning PVP rewards (same as you did last season). Also disqualifying players or teams from taking part of Arena competitions (The one you do each Friday). extending the time of ban from 7d to 1month up to 3months.

Removing conquest, editing or completly reseting team / personal rate.


3rd time

3. In addtional to "1" & "2" - Longer ban duration and maybe COUNCIL vote (GMs/Admins/Investigators, etc) for option for permanent ban.


4th time

4. In additional to all above - IP ban accounts.


In case of Elan perma ban

you could just delete the rate the team won.

and delete the rate the team that lost.

give elan 7d-30d ban + -180 conq of the win.


Like a re-roll / "going back in time".

Losing such a good friend and player is not happy thing.


I wish you good luck and I hope more people will vote for "I agree"!

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Unban IPs but not the accounts. As other pointed out, this won't bring players back (okay, maybe 2-3) so It's just unnecessary.

"Disagree" from me, cheers.

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I say EVERYONE deserves a 2nd chance 1.0 ! Why only PvPers ((: (tad bit racist there m8) 

1.0 Glory be to Atlantiss 1.0 

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8 hours ago, Dapper said:

I think we as Community and you as "Govermenet" of this world(the server) should be given more opportunites to Players.

If you rule the country and your people move abroad because of economy/war/government being retarded and you want to stop it in terms of demography and keeping general balance in society, you basically have two ways:

- get your shit together so your people will come back - fix class bugs, bring new content, keep your promises;
- get some foreign-born people who lived in worse conditions - 'maybe your TBC server isn't more retarded than ours, but well, we have Cataclysm'

Atlantiss always comes with the best solutions, so if they need more population they just free mentally ill people out of hospitals and criminals out of prisons.

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I must say, I find this poll kinda dumb.

I do get the fact that you want the population to be bigger, but unbanning the players that have been proven to be cheaters is not really the way. Especially not those that got banned for exploiting etc on numerous occassions. And about the second chance, three people so far as a far as I know have been banned for exploiting despite a previous ban, and I think that's their "second chance" being tossed away.

I just think people should experience the consequences of their actions. Think before you do things.

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Seems like desperation a little bit...

Due to fact that community is becoming smaller and smaller it's looks like you are trying to get "new" players by unbanning the ones who abused the rules, not seems like the best idea. On the other hand I think that ppl who got banned a long, long time ago don't even remember about atlantiss.

Anyway, why only "pvp amnesty"? Isn't it a little bit unfair?

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Correct me If I am wrong, but you spoke about second chances. Didn‘t every perma banned player (related to PvP issues) already got atleast one warning, in most cases multiple warnings? 


So we are speaking about 3rd and 4th chances. 


Edit: also how are you gonna justify a PvP Amnesty, but not a PvE Amnesty? 

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