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2nd ATS Cataclysmic season winners

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2nd ATS Cataclysmic Season

Started: 8th of May 2018

Ended: 7th of September 2018



Rank 1 (Cataclysmic Gladiator) = Wintrade Team II (Playson, Catchme, Qubzy)

Rank 2 (Gladiator) = boostatlantissdotcom (Kaspiix)

Rank 3 (Duelist) = RMPHEROS (Effrrel, Mackitza, Soulywood)

Rank 4 (Duelist) = Shadow dream (Imbahxoxox)

Rank 5 (Duelist) = SomeBadQ (Xblaz)

Rank 6 (Rival) = TvrdaJeUGlavuKoBosanac (Bestcatadisc, Donlalx)

Rank 7 - 10 = Noone else met requirements.



Rank 1 (Gladiator) = Yikes (Stega, Dkgodx)

Rank 2 (Duelist) = Hulk (Vushapla, Painfull)

Rank 3 (Duelist) = Gragaz (Mackitza)

Rank 4 (Duelist) = Jeabac bide (Smite, Feittan)

Rank 5 (Rival) = Wintrade team (Catchme, Qubzy)

Rank 6 (Rival) = No creche no skill (Pitbite, Nexxy)

Rank 7 (Rival) = vdwadvaw (Constantinn)

Rank 8 (Challenger) = wjmna (Arson)

Rank 9 (Challenger) = dwadaw (Aypeepol)

Rank 10 = Noone else met requirements.


Rated Battleground

No titles this season.


// 3v3 situation //

Aahhj had more rating than Wintrade team II, but because of bug abusing of their leader (Hatedlol) they failed to reach requirements for the title (Hatedlol got banned and noone else from the team had 50% games played). They stated they would get required games if they could que 1 week ago (but they could not because of namechange), but it would not matter because of Hatedlol ban anyways. They stated they were confused by rules on main page, but official rules were already 4 months released on forum, so it is not a valid reason.

Nevertheless, despite all of this, we sympathised with them. They were not being responsible for their team leader ban and we tried to use human approach regarding this issue (outside of the rules) and proposed other members of Aahhj finale vs Wintrade team II for rank 1 on tournament realm. But two people out of three were strongly against it in Wintrade team II... Stating they will not play the games under any circumstances.

For next seasons, we suggest teams to not get their leaders banned and prevent issues that happened this season and last season, both because of people getting banned for abusing.

Why Hatedlol got banned (it was his 3rd ban):  Video here


// Rules changed in "last days" //

Rules were remade May 26th by Lastguardd (link) and they were OFFICIAL. Several mistakes happened during transcription to main page (mostly because of switching to new system -> beta.atlantiss.eu). We were even considering for a few days that we will let those "mistakes be" and allow players with 20% games played take the rewards (instead of 30%), but in the end we decided that rules being official for 99% of the season should not be tempered with at all. Everything will stay exactly the same as stated 4 months ago. No changes. 

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Teams not eligible for title: 


75043 not t Boostedbtw    2391 44 82 2613 (Permabanned + more than 100 personal rating from team rating)
75043 not t Emilr   1960 10 82 2613 (Not enough games played)
75043 not t Benjo   2538 39 82 2613 (Not enough games played)



74048 aahhj Boostedbtw   2220 71 148 2250 (Permabanned + not enough games played) 
74048 aahhj Legitdmgbtw   2240 60 148 2250  (Not enough games played)
74048 aahhj Firemagebtw   2243 64 148 2250 (Not enough games played)
74048 aahhj Toliusana   2202 30 148 2250 (Not enough games played)


Why not eligible for title: 

Team rules released May 26th

#1 = At least 50 games played in the arena season.

#2 = There must be at least one player in the team with at least 50% of the team's matches played and he needs to apply to the condition of personal rating rule.

#3 = At least 2200 rating for ANY title in the 2s bracket and 1850 rating for ANY title in 3s bracket.


Player rules released May 26th

#1 = You must have played in 30% or more of the total games in your team.

#2 = You must have a Personal Rating that is no more than 100 points lower than the Team Rating. (Your Personal Rating, however, may be higher).


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