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WTS Shop Items (Transfer,Mounts,Tmog,Fun)

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Took me awhile to find out you had to post 5 times to get permission to make a topic so here you go sorry for the wait:

Conversion Rate: (Gold/=PP) .75pp = 1,000g

Specials: (7/1-8/1)

Darkspear Pride (Horde)  : 9.7kK

Character Rename: 18.9k

Character Transfer (Faction) Horde to Alliance: 50k

Mount of the Month: Blazing Hippogryph: 70k


Prices Guarantee: Active

Shop: Open


Due to the economy Conversion rate of my currency to PP Changes. The one listed is subject to change without notice.

If you where quoted before Conversion Change, you will NOT be charged more, even if value of PP has increased.

Want to make gold? Have an account with VP/PP? A character you want to sell? Want to sell it for In game Gold? Reply/Post your offer in the Market.


Although listed items on specials, are shown at a lower amount compared to conversion rate, that does not mean the Conversion rate has decreased.

In the event of a scam, I hold the right to proceed and take action via the scamming policy provided by Atlantiss.

In the event of Item being, but not limited to, Stolen, Sent to Wrong account, Misused, wrongly Requested (ex. wanting to go from A>H, but requesting H>A), account banned, or deleted via ingame, we are not required to provide compensation for time, money, or reimbursement. Unless required by staff and/or administration.


Trades are limited to Characters, Mounts, Materials (Epic Gems, BoE, Misc), Gear

Payment for All Transactions is UPFRONT, there are no partial paymanets, or downpayments, or IOU's.

These terms and conditions are due to change, replying to this post means you understand that transactions can only be taken place here on Forum. all Transactions are screenshot and recorded through all phases until delivery. 


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i want the shamman transmog set, earthshatterer i think is called, how much for it???

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