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[A][ENG][PVE] Dragon Descendant

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Alliance - 25lvl - 10m HC raiding guild

Created 27. 1. 2015

Core group

Lead by - Catchme

Core raiders - Swifters, Ursache, Unil, Schneepius, Caprage, Windys, Xillean, Stormhammer, Axelito (trial)

Progression - Firelands HC 7/7, Dragon soul N 8/8

Raid time - Sunday 7PM ST + Wednesday 7PM ST for DS HC progression

Communication - TS, ENG


Group 2

Lead by - Skruffy

Raiders - Thedreul, Shunky, Sosso, Ske, Dreger, Unil, Pom, Refrigerator

Progression - Firelands HC 6/7, Dragon soul N 8/8

Raid time - Saturday 5PM ST

Communication - TS, Discord, ENG

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