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22 minutes ago, Quodan said:

Enable maybe crossfaction PVP

everything, but please.. not fuckin crossfaction pvp! 

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2 minutes ago, Phoenixx said:

Well i am sure that if we get the population xfaction bgs idea will just be a joke 😉


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I agree with what Quodan is saying.
If you want your server to remain alive and not see it die slowly, you'll have to change up some things.

There are still many people looking for a good Cata server, and I've played them all, and this is still the best one out there.
You have 3 kinds of people (people on other cata servers that are bored out of their mind, new people that want to come here and Wotlk/TBC/MoP heroes that want a change of scenery) but all of them are reluctant to play here because of the *1 times rates. 

And all of these people aren't kids anymore, with plenty of time on their hands. By the time they are geared, and competitive for either PvE or PvP, its 3 months later.

The race to DS HC is still open, if you create a catch up mechanism, people will come to compete here. And if your PvE scene flourishes, so will your PvP scene.

Much like a proper GM for Pvp, you'll need one to advertise the server, bring in some people. It's definitely not impossible, but you will have to put in some effort. Cause the advertisement for this server is abysmal. And I know it's summer and you automatically have less people playing, but the server is on the point of just fading out.

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On 7/22/2018 at 1:09 PM, Quodan said:

Atlantiss needs to finaly realize that if they want a server with better population and profit they need to step out of the road of Blizzlike.By that I dont mean adding custom retarded stuff but some things that will improve the server and make players enjoy the stay.


Improve Exp rate - Nobody wants to lvl blizzlike its the most retarded thing to do after many years that cataclysm has passed if they want blizzlike enable them the option to pick 1x xp rate:Gm command,NPC ingame , Forum option doesnt rly matter.

Enable transfers from other servers - Why not ? By doing this you will improve the server population becouse people are always looking for new servers to go after they get bored of the old one.IF you think giving people lvl 80 or 85 chars on transfer is bad becouse other people had to lvl for it in my perspective you should be more worried on how to make the server alive not to look to some random people getting mad.Mol10 and Monster did it and nobody bother and they have a good population and no one is complaining.

Improve the shop - Improve the shop put more mounts heirlooms character boost lvl stuff that helps people and things that can make you profit aswell lets face it monsterwow/Warmane has some more advanced shop options and people will always spend money we saw that already from old mol10/Warmane people play there becouse they know they can get easyer lvls and other things by paying.Im not saying you should enable the option for people to get full end gear but something should be added maybe.

Enable maybe crossfaction PVP,PVE - I lvled a warlock alt and it took me some while aswell on RAF becouse the ques on lower lvls was dead.The PVP ques are dead and people would profit on low lvl also bgs and dungeons from it.


Dont take this message as server advertising thx.



I agree.

I've tryed servers with the xp rate command in game, just put a variable rate idk, between for example 1 and 3, and with a simple command everyone can choose how to level. This way who wants to level blizzlike 1x is satisfied and even others. I found this feature very enjoyable.

Also, for low level battlegrounds, are the brackets still going by 4 levels? I remember a few years ago when brackets were 10-19, 20-29 and so on, low-lvl bgs were starting a lot more. Of course they are basically dead mainly because of the population drop, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring them back scaling by 9 to 9. I leveled a few chars only with battlegrounds time ago, it was very fun.




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On 7/26/2018 at 1:11 PM, cmoudo33 said:

Will be avable on the new fresh cataclysm server transfer from czech servera?

which server?

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