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Server restarts/updates

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From what we saw a few weeks ago with the Hagara release, it can be a bit problematic releasing content so suddenly. (For us, we had to make 2 Hagara only runs). Also, sometimes it feels like it truly takes forever to fixes or updates to hit the server. Hence why I have this suggestion.

What about you implement scheduled restarts? One together with ID resets and perhaps one during the night saturday/sunday? (sunday one only if there are things to be applied). This way we know when something will hit, and no more "Restart in 10 minutes" or w/e when you're about to pull a boss. And also, major things such as new bosses, should always be done when ID resets. 

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I'm actually up for this. 


Release content with raid lockout resets. Makes the transition much easier for basically everyone. 

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