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XP rate optimization

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[Sorry but I cannot create a new topic. Srsly, i dont see any button for this, so if modes can split my comment to a post I will be so happy]

I have question. Why, when online oscilating between 500-700 max, you do not try crossfaction dungs? Its sometimes very annoying when I need to wait 15-20 minutes for hc, one time I waiting 1 hour. This solution has more pluses than minuses and I think isnt hard to implement. I think that its main problem on this server - If new player want to gear up, he need to wait a lot of time to find a dung. Also when somebody want to leveling, there is a lot of level ranges where we cant do any single dung, because at this moment nobody from our faction is online. I know that its not so blizzlike, but at this time, when online is not so high, I think that its a good solution. 

Prove me wrong

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First of all, yes, I know, this is an old topic, but you'll have to bear with me. <shrug>

Secondly, server had the highest population before XP weekends were a thing, and before 4.3 landed, which means, it was at its peak without high rates and other shenanigans.

The reasons for population decline are several, but I guess the main reason for that is 4.3 patch itself, which honestly, is probably one of the least enjoyable patches (if not the least enjoyable of all) ever released, and that is Blizzard's fault. What is certain however, is that Atlantiss has a particularly bad issue with population, and I'm afraid nothing will bring more people back to Dragonwrath as it is. When DS HC failed to do that, which was the final bit of meaningful content, you can obviously see my point.

All the stuff people talk about, cross-faction bgs, cross-faction dungeon finder, even if cross-faction raiding is allowed, will not fix the problem. It's the matter of time before Dragonwrath fades I'm afraid. I hope it doesn't come to that, I've been here for over 3 years and have over 200 days of played time on my main. I liked Atlantiss, I wouldn't wanna see it fall, but, things are as they are.

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