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nveri's | mevso - fl 7/7 hc

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Every saturday at 1200 server time I am assembling and leading group for FL hc. Although its classic pug - there are plenty of regulars. Currently hold up is raid composition. Last time I had to heal and as many fans below will assure you - that I am even worse as healer than I am as dps.

Since people have alts - I am pretty flexible as to whom can get slot. However here are core requirements:
- achievement for 6/7 but not  7/7hc
- 380+ ilvl
- ts, at least ability to hear and understand english.
- stable connection
- 4 hours to raid.

there are plenty boring people for whom something is impossible etc etc. basically they are always the same... you cant kill kael with pug, you cant kill illidari council with pug, you cant do sunwell plateau [...] you cant kill putricide with pug, and definetly you cant kill him on hc with pug... you cant you cant you cant. And they are always wrong. yet I always proved them wrong (and then they swtiched to whining i got boosted, so its expected. As i said - boring people).

And since I am sure fans will show up to talk about "can't-ism". Discuss this:


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