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One or more dungeon was not valid.

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Does not sound like a "Random Cataclysm Heroic" in the LFG tool, but instead the "Specific Dungeon" selection. Correct?

Option A is that you are trying to do Hour of Twilight random, and your character is bugged out. If so, just manually queue for those. 

Option B is an item level issue. You have a dungeon selected, for which you currently do not have the required items, (ilvl 353 for HoTs, something else for random heroic dungeon). In that case, equip whatever highest item level gear you had (since at some time it was queueable for you personally), then unselect all dungeons. Go back your normal gear, close and open the tool again (press "I" by default), and you will see what dungeons are available to ya.

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