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Attunement on DS access   87 members have voted

  1. 1. Should players have to acquire FL NM clear achievement to access both DS dungeons and DS raid?

    • Yes, but make it account wide
    • Yes, but make it character based
    • Not sure
    • No

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34 minutes ago, Sphinx said:

Do notify that a vast majority of PvE players have their main raiding toon(s) geared way over EoT dungeon gear drops (With a small exceptions of Plater back slots, etc) which T12 Does not really provide much options for.

Those dungeons becoming locked would only prevent the flow of new players to catch up. And I dont know how majority here thinks, but personally, I would not recommend trying to land more obstacles to new players who wish to join in to play. The current population is by far from being overpopulated.

As Hadralt also mentioned, T13 PvE gear is a little out of hand powerful even for PvP. Giving extra restrictions to PvP-ers who do not enjoy PvE part of the game would give another negative blow.

Restricting freedom of choice in games has never been a successful move. One of the trump cards of open world MMORPG is the ability to CHOOSE. Yes, T11 and T12 loot table will become quite a joke. But there will still be lower raids done by those people who enjoy it. Not to mention for Transmog, by some who prefer Cata older tier appearances. Personally, I sometimes join random pug T11 Normals for fun on toons which are above 385. Point is, those who enjoy T11 and T12 will now and then do them regardless of loot.

But having some player iniative to compete versus one another might help revitalize T11, and with the opening of T13 to keep T12 alive as well.

Also a thing that would bring a small spark back to the value of T11 would be if Guild achievements would be fixed :). But this would still only reward a one-time-go. I mean I would even pay guildies for the Dark Pheonix guild achievement if that is what it takes - Being quite a fan of Pheonix mount (Not the Ragnaros one).

But yes, small things to bump up rewards from older tiers, at least in my eyes would be far more efficient. It could even be small things. Like otherwise unobtainable Transmog pieces. Boss dropping more gold? Whatever of the sort - I honestly suck in terms of thinking of rewards... So my ideas usually are, in a word, pathetic.

+1 for fixing raid achievements. Working t11 and t12 guild raid achievements would be cute.

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3 hours ago, Bubalolz said:

I think the idea is a good one, but, it will become a waste of time once well of eternity and end of time are released, player will no longer need to run a full FL raid to get 378 gear, maybe for the 391, but if you think about it , DS is doable with 378 gear, so my answer is no to this pool, though, if people wanna really beat the *** out of ds bosses, it'd be good for them to get 391 gear.

You're missing the point

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