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Arena Season end

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It is finally time to reward the best of the best PvP players for their performances. On 2nd of May, the arena ladders will be saved at 23:59 CEST and the rewards will be given according to these rules:

The difference between Personal and Team Rating cannot exceed 100. (For example, Team Rating is 2200, player's Personal Rating is 2100 - player will receive reward).

Team rules:

The arena team must have at least 20 games played during the entire season.
There must be at least one player in the team with at least 20% of the team's matches played AND he needs to apply to the condition of Personal Rating rule.

Players will receive their titles according to previous rules AND their team's position in each PvP Bracket:

2 vs 2

Rank 1: Duelist
Rank 2: Rival
Ranks 3-5: Challenger

3 vs 3

Rank 1: Ruthless Gladiator
Rank 2: Gladiator
Ranks 3-5: Duelist
Ranks 6-8: Rival
Ranks 9-10: Challenger

5 vs 5 & Rated Battleground

Without rewards

Additional info:

On 2nd of May 2017 at 23:59 CEST Team, Personal and MatchMaker Ratings will be reset, which means beginning of the next 10th season.
Players with Ruthless Gladiator and Gladiator titles will receive Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake mount, which will be sent to them via in-game mail.
Titles from previous season, such as Gladiator, Duelist, Rival and Challenger will be deleted in the day of giving new titles for the current season.

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Winners will also be inspected and their logs will be checked in order to make sure they are eligable for the rewards.


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