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Rules update

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The following rules changes will come into effect on 23.09.2016

2. Email address used during account registration process is bound to it permanently and cannot be changed. It is player's responsibility to make sure it's active and is not accessible by any other person.

5. Any objections and appeals must be reported within 1 month (determined by the date of Atlantiss Team receiving it) by an Email Message to Administration: [email protected] (we require a strong proof and screens/videos). Complaints written on the forum are going to be deleted.

1. Rules regarding screenshots being used as evidence:

  • In-game chat must be extended to its maximum to provide access to a full message context.
  • It is not allowed to modify the screenshot in ANY way. Atlantiss Team will provide full anonimity to the person reporting the offense.

    2. The administration staff does not have to show proofs regarding a case. All punishments are discussed earlier, the proofs are checked in a in-depth manner and the punishment is adequate to the violation.


7. GMs/Admins do not change the race/class/sex of a character, they do not change a nickname nor make character transfers, do not move/exchange/give items/gold, do not complete quests for any players (it can be done only in cases with no other way) and do not give back items/honor/ap/rating/gold etc lost because of dc/player's fault/technical problems/actions by a third party.*

  • Server Administration does not delete inactive characters in order free a nickname or gain any profits.
  • Server Administration does not delete characters on demand - this action can only be done by the character's owner.
  • Server Administration can demand a player to change the nickname of his character if it doesn't respect character naming rules or does not meet community standards. If the player does not comply, his character's nickname will be changed to a random one, and the player will receive a 7 day ban.

Administrators will not undone or reverse the following actions:

  • Using a Scroll of Ressurection (SoR) on a wrong character.
  • Linking a wrong account to Recruit-A-Friend program.
  • Using or sending an item to a wrong character.
  • It is not possible to receive a higher character level or have its level decreased.

Administrators will not return the following:

  • Used Vote Points (VP) or Premium Points (PP).
  • Purchased items or services from the account panel.

*Only in some cases we consider giving back things, which have made a permanent track in the database and could not be deleted or given away in any way by the player (e.g. reputations, quest rewards (not daily). We do not consider item/gold/achievements.

8. Multiboxing is forbidden in PvP (for example being in a queue for battleground in Alliance as well as in Horde). Those rules only apply to arena and battleground PvP.

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