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Found 1 result

  1. Sathus

    LFM for weekly Ulduar 25

    So, we at Symphony of war decided to go ahead and get all the legendaries, for the achievement, for the glory, and because we don't really have that much to do in here anymore. As a part of that, we've started organising a weekly run of Ulduar 25 for the mace. We'll probably have to make a lot more runs than what we would like, since some chests are broken and some bosses are bugged, but we are up for it and we will do as many as it takes. After we downgraded and our guild never has 25 ppl online at the same time anymore, we're pugging at least 10-15 people for those runs. Writing all this to invite anyone interested to join us, and get a title, some mogs, some achievements, or whatever else one might want in there. We're making the runs at sundays, at around 7 pm server time. We guarantee a full run. The legendary fragments, of course, will be reserved, but all the items will be rolled for. Come join us. Every max level is welcome. Write me a mail if you want to tag along and i will look for you when it's time for the run.