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Found 3 results

  1. Hi today some players were insulting Jesus and random tank in Wotlk dungeon range, Volimije/Volime (same player on multibox): said " Jesus love my coks" , "FU*K U TANK" , "FU*K U FOR LIFE" , "DPS QUE WOTLK RDF kur*wa dps ftw" He was swearing a lot on world chat aswell. Chapakokslok: "Wotlk tank please die already irl" "Who is that fuck*er", "73+/- tank who keep queing & declining i hope you and your closest ones die in painful death" , "youre a fag", Also swearing and insulting All screenshots here https://imgur.com/a/NW7Mq I think behaviors like this should be shut down instantly. And players should be muted or even banned from the server. I can understand swear once but wishing painful death is too much...
  2. Djwrox94

    Toxic Players

    I have come accross some toxic players using racism, encouraging suicide and one down right using hacks here are the screens https://prnt.sc/hrn3gz https://prnt.sc/hrn4f2 https://prnt.sc/hrn4pc https://prnt.sc/hrn4w7 https://prnt.sc/hrn52n https://prnt.sc/hrn596 ... Shared Now for the hacker earlier this morning, clearly as you can see this level 1 Alliance mage has been using some no clip hack been aggroing the ah npcs to mess with us https://prnt.sc/hrn5j0 https://prnt.sc/hrn5rj https://prnt.sc/hrn5we Thank you and congrats to the toxic players you are now famous :3
  3. krynio

    Gdzie mogę zareportowac gracza?

    Gość 2 razy wyrzucił mnie z dungeona powiedzial zebym nie wchodzil jako dps. Gdyby kulturalnie poprosił wszedł bym magiem, ale ta łajza kinknęła i nazwyzywała. Jak zaznaczył rzeczywiście bylem na dole jesli chodzi o dps, ale ta miarka- nie wiem co to jest nie bierze pod uwagę że różni gracze mają różną umiejętność używania skilli. Pozatym to było przed zarzuceniem elixirów no i mam 13 % crit. co to do cholery jest. 1k smitem na hellfire ramparts ty w moim przekonaniu wystarczajaco. nick gościa esdéath