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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I have purchased "Character Rename" and i sent as gift to my alternate account. Gift arrived properly and i used it to my druid (currently named Treehugz). Rename unfortunatly did not appeared available even after game reset multiple time. Any advice highly appriciated. Tree EDIT: Solved.
  2. deadbite

    [Answered] Rename old character

    Hello there, I just found out recently of this server, and immediately started to play since i loved Cataclysm, it's the expansion that i started playing on. The first thing after i downloaded the game and created my account was to create a character and choose it's name.  As you can see, i use the name "Deadbite" on the forum, and i also use it on a lot of other servers that i play on, including retail. But, to my horror, the name was taken ingame, on the Dragonwrath realm, by a level 1 shaman, that has no activity since 24'th of February 2014, so almost 3 years. http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/346122#view-page I also saw on the forum that there is the possibility to rename character, but i didn't look too much on it.  My question is: Is there any chance to get the name of that character modified, so i may be able to use it on a new toon?   I always was and still am "Deadbite" on any server that i played on, so it's a bit sad to see my name on a character that hasn't been used since 3 years ago.   I will wait for an answer, thank you.