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Found 2 results

  1. Tona

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    Hy guys,  Let's make one topic about best BG score.... Fell free to post your SS, and comments :D I will start with this ones:          Spread love, not hate <3 Tona out :D
  2. Sir Seager

    [Answered] Random Queue Rewards

    Hi, some time ago I started my adventure with Atlantiss. Going from 1 to 85 was a lot of fun (although felt far too fast for a blizzlike), but at 85 I started to notice something wired. So lets move to the point:   A fresh 85 character in theory wants two thinghs: -PVE items and progress -PVP items and progress   With PVE it should be gained trough the random dungeon and random heroics later on. Then joining a guild and starting 10 and 25man riding. Possibly involving professions somewhere in between. I'm not sure about the later progress but joining random dungeon finder promises extra 140 points (if I'm not mistaken) maximum of 6 times (if I'm not mistaken again) and 33 points per boss. But right now on Attantiss, a player is able to get tht 140 points bonus infinite amount of times. Killing 3-4 bosses in a super easy dungeon (for a 82-85 party) takes about 15minutes (as long as the cooldown) or less and equals 99 or 132 plus 140 BONUS! infinite ammount of times. Then it is possible to swap points gathered for the honor. Yeah.   Now to PVP. A starting 85 character, who wants PVP gear will go to random queue BG. If he's horde, he will lose 9 out of 10 BG's getting 45 honor winning bonus and from 0 to 50? honor points during the battleground that takes at least twenty-thirty minutes. Quick calculation shows that it is way better to do dungeons and exchange points than actual PVPing for honor. It kills BG's.   Problem with random BG queue is similar. You are supposed to get only 50 conquest points per day after winning daily battleground (with increased honor bonus), but in reality you are getting this bonus constantly.   Random dungeon bonus kills BG and random BG bonus kills Arenas. That is how I see it. Not sure if it's a bug or made in purpose but it makes no sense and should get fixed. Thanks.