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Found 1 result

  1. Kirraq

    [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUTâ„¢

    GIT GUT Warning: Casual racism and/or sexism may occur, please reconsider joining if you are: Mongoloid, Negroid, Bisexual, Homosexual or Female The worlds greatest PvP guild is here. Created by the finest of Horde, GIT GUT is here to make Horde GUT. The guild was created on 2nd of June and since then has been activly running Premade BGs. We will continue to run Premades and get prepared for Rated BGs and then proceed to dodge them like every other Horde guild, also will create PvP events in the future. Some of our premades here. We have even encountered an 8 man premade of our friend guild on Alliance - Prostowrjy PvP, needless to say, they too have fallen on ther knees by the power of GIT GUT Forget all of the other guilds! We are everything you need! <Infected> ? More like lolfected, carried by legendaries <Dignity> ? More like dognity, you lasted whole 2 months <Resurrected> ? More like deadussected, where are you now <Prostowrjy PvP> ? More like kurwaPvP, beat your premade, didnt even flex lol <GIT GUT> ? Simply... GUT.. TM DISCLAIMER: This is obviously a joke, no hard feelings towards any of the mentioned guild or their members... Except Infected So, of course, you must know how to join the god guild that is GIT GUT, well our requirments are quite simple: -1300+ Rated BG rating -2200+ in 2v2 -2000+ in 3v3 -If caster, you must have a legendary -If you're a healer you get an instant invite as we are in desperate need of healers -If you're a Blood DK you get ignored -You must be extremely arrogant and obnoxious User experience If you are still not interested in joining our guild, here are some comments from our guildies: Whitesong - "This guild is slowly healing my depression. It is not healing my pathological lying though." Kaspiix - "I was a boy before I joined this guild, I am a man now." Elianor - "This guild got my country Greece out of debt." Fahrad - "I may not be a member, but just by playing with these guys, my penis has doubled in size." Heatz - "I was no GUT before, I am GUT now. Thank you GIT GUT." Alajos - "I was always GUT, idk." Satsuma - "They are doing their best to keep UK in EU. I am very thankful and I think Kirraq is very cool." Blinkmaster - "Hurr Durr iz any1 over 7 rating here xdxd ur buthurt not me xd lol." Pst, if you wanna be added here, /w me ingame GIT GUT Staff List -Whitesong, Hero of the Horde -> The GM -Challenger Alajos -> The Advertiser -Kaspiix, Hero of the Alliance -> But with an x -Heatz -> Translator and doubleagent Please feel free to contact anyone mentioned above, the requirments mentioned may or may not always apply. We hope to see you soon With zero respect: Alajos Changelog: Sponsored by Infected