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Found 5 results

  1. Zombinizmatic

    Best profession for feral cat

    Looking for the best possible profession combinations to maximize dps. Which professions are at the top for druids feral in cata? 
  2. Hello all I have a little trouble with archelology. I had finished Outland atrifacts .For doing Outland's atrifacts i needed 130 Draenei /Orc Archelology Fragment. If i had 130 fragments to do in Outland then How much will i need on Northrend? And on Uldum? Help please
  3. Hello Yesterday i wanted to learn appertience enchanter but i couldn't . Why? Maybe dks can't have enchanting? I can be found in game as Farana greetings
  4. First to all :Happy New Year I wish everything which is the best and do NOT stress. I will try. Second : That profession has not that choose which i wrote. So,please correct my mistake if I'm going to bad think.
  5. wojtekwax

    prot/ret professions

    Hi. have a little problem with profession for my pal. Have tank and dps spec but i don't know what profession is best for this setup, On main char (priest) have mining and jc, so i don't want to do this spec again. Now on pal have BS on ~~200 lvl and have problem with take other profession. I think about enchanting, tailor or eng(mining on main char so no problem with this) but I don't know that eng is useful for pve game (I prefer pve than pvp). What do you think dear ATS players? :> and yeah i know... my english su*k :D