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Found 3 results

  1. i am looking for an addon that do that, but the only similar ive found was spell flash, but looks like a rotation addon and i just want the sw: death an priest execute ability to glow when under 25% someone knows something like that?
  2. Szamanuw Krul

    [7385][Spell] Priest T12 4P

    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/7385 (see Kozakko's comment) Describe your fix: Priest's T12 4P has 0 internal cooldown, should have 45, does absurd amount of healing Account name: hadeis1 Comment (optional): This has been bugged for the longest time. I'm a priest by the way, but I feel that this should be fixed. It has less of an importance when you're geared, but at lower gear this can do ~20% of your total healing. I think the database lacks an entry for that proc, so I add it: DELETE FROM `spell_proc_event` WHERE `entry` = 99135 INSERT INTO `spell_proc_event` (`entry`, `SchoolMask`, `SpellFamilyName`, `SpellFamilyMask0`, `SpellFamilyMask1`, `SpellFamilyMask2`, `procFlags`, `procEx`, `ppmRate`, `CustomChance`, `Cooldown`) VALUES ('99135', '1', '6', '0', '0', '0', '16384', '0', '0', '5', '45') From retail info, the ICD should be 45 seconds. All the other data is from the .dbc taken from Atlantiss forums. Here is a screenshot from Spellwork:
  3. wojtekwax

    shadow priest and mana

    hi. this is my first topic and i want you to comunicate: my english su*k ;] back to topic i have a one important question: Did shadow priest* (sprej or spriest) in 85 lvl and high gear (ilvl) have problem with mana? I read a lot of topic, watch a lot of movie and I don't find answer to my question... for now have 85 spriest, low gear (ilvl ~~~328) and have a big trouble with mana, for example in normal dung one elite mob (single rotation) spend my half or 3/4 mana, with a lot of mobs spam "mind sear" spend 75-80% mana. This is a big impediment for me because i must often take a rest for mana req. When I will have a better gear this problem will be solved? or you have some tips for fresh shadow noob... sorry... shadow priest ? :D Thx and sorry for my english ;]