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Found 3 results

  1. Hi today some players were insulting Jesus and random tank in Wotlk dungeon range, Volimije/Volime (same player on multibox): said " Jesus love my coks" , "FU*K U TANK" , "FU*K U FOR LIFE" , "DPS QUE WOTLK RDF kur*wa dps ftw" He was swearing a lot on world chat aswell. Chapakokslok: "Wotlk tank please die already irl" "Who is that fuck*er", "73+/- tank who keep queing & declining i hope you and your closest ones die in painful death" , "youre a fag", Also swearing and insulting All screenshots here https://imgur.com/a/NW7Mq I think behaviors like this should be shut down instantly. And players should be muted or even banned from the server. I can understand swear once but wishing painful death is too much...
  2. anemistiras

    Early Lvl PvP

    So, Hey guys, I have a lvl 32 char now and I've been trying to play pvp for a few days now, since I was lvl 15 I think, and it doesn't seem to work! Is there not early game pvp on this server? (Warsong Gulch)
  3. Me and my friend started playing on Atlantiss yesterday. We're on horde side. We'll be taking things slow and picking up professions as we level up. I emphasize on community building, we will be having a guild. I am looking for people who would like to join the ride with us and do dungeons with us while leveling. After we reach max level, I will be hosting raids with the guild.