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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am Uradopted on the server and I want to share the ability of adding items into macros. This is a very old trick but is still uncommon. Step up your marketing game with some custom selling macros! I am posting this in the Support Q/A thread as a result of the chance people looking for someone else who has already asked this question. To add an item into a macro, 1) Open the macro dialogue box by typing /m, or by pressing the esc key and clicking "Macros". 2) create your selling macro slot by clicking "New" and choose a name and icon for your macro! 3) with your macro selected, enter the command "/script MacroFrameText:Insert("YourItem")" without quotation marks. (YourItem is where you link the item you wish to add into the macro, do this by shift + left clicking the item) ##Please note that you enter the command in a general chat box, such as say, guild, party, raid, battleground, etc. In addition, to deselect the "enter macro commands" box, simply press the esc key. It should look like this whilst creating the macro! Please note in my screenshot that there are still quotation marks around the item.
  2. Hello, What you think about Sub Forum for Macros & Scripts? It's nice Idea I'm up with it for like few days.   I tried to search for good macros for my class. And all around the Interent there is nice macros, but many of them not working and outdated. Also many of us not experienced on making our own macros (or scripts!)   So It would be nice to see Sub Forum under "PvP" or "Classes" for Macro or Script requests!     P.S If there is any place to ask for Scripts or Macros. Tell me where & close this topic.