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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. Could you please increase drop ratio for items from trash in Firelands. I think some of those items are past their prime but are needed as starter items for low level geared players. Moreover it is not quite casual friendly to buy some trinket from trash for 1mln gold from auction house. How any player who has 2 h a day to play get those items in his lifetime. It is even hard to see apparatus on auction house, i am not even talking about buying it. So please think that through and make a good decision. Bye
  2. Nayabingi

    Pre Raid BIS Lists

    Hello, while i am going to play on this server, i started searching info about class i want to play and other usefull stuff. Through my search i have found interesting spreedsheat about Pre Raid BIS items for each class. According to the title it should be correct to 2.1 patch. I havent checked it yet but at first glance it looks ok. Below i put a link to this because i think it is worth sharing. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1olXAtAugoQ4-Vb_e-jEH7NNe6eJBS93gMl10BaBRzeo/edit#gid=1973734125
  3. cartofiordulce

    [Answered] About the LFR items

    Hy! I really like this server, cause it's very good scripted. Keep the good work up ^^   I want to suggest something, an idea that I must say it's not mine, it's the idea of another server whom name i cant spell * * *cough ... freakz... cough cough* * * We can't get the LFR items. This way, we loose some points in our way to get our BIS items, and some good looking transmogs too. I mean, i think everyone loves the blue weapons of Dragon soul lfr <3   The idea is simple: What if, the quest designers will make a *Class PVE quest* , that requires 15 RDF to be completed. As reward, we get a box with 1-2 LFR items. Of course, the quest will have something like a weekly reset, so you can take it only once per week. I personally think is a quite ingenious idea. And i really hope you will consider this :D       I'm so hungry... :c
  4. Good evening!   I'll start by saying I have already contacted support by opening a ticket twice so far, but my problem still isn't solved.   My problem is: I made a character named Plam and sent Plam 3 heirloom items. I leveled up once with Plam, and send the 3 items to another character. Wihout opening the mail with the other character, I deleted Plam. When I logged in with that other character, I had mail from "Unknown" without any items attached. Obviously there is a bug when a character that sends you stuff gets deleted while the mail is unopened. Now my items are lost and I don't know what to do.   First ticket response: "If the char you deleted was level 10 or higher you can send an email to [email protected] and he can restore the deleted char and you can resend your heirlooms." But Plam was only level 2 when I deleted her. Also the items had already been sent. They were not in my inventory when I deleted her.   Second ticket response (I made it clear that she was only level 2 in the second ticket): "The issue could be fixed, but we can only restore a char once it reaches level 10. I suggest do not delete looms till you have received them out the mail in the future."   Both tickets were closed. Can the issue still be solved? I can provide more info like item names + character names if necessary.   Thanks in advance.