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Found 9 results

  1. Kirraq

    [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUT™

    GIT GUT Warning: Casual racism and/or sexism may occur, please reconsider joining if you are: Mongoloid, Negroid, Bisexual, Homosexual or Female The worlds greatest PvP guild is here. Created by the finest of Horde, GIT GUT is here to make Horde GUT. The guild was created on 2nd of June and since then has been activly running Premade BGs. We will continue to run Premades and get prepared for Rated BGs and then proceed to dodge them like every other Horde guild, also will create PvP events in the future. Some of our premades here. We have even encountered an 8 man premade of our friend guild on Alliance - Prostowrjy PvP, needless to say, they too have fallen on ther knees by the power of GIT GUT Forget all of the other guilds! We are everything you need! <Infected> ? More like lolfected, carried by legendaries <Dignity> ? More like dognity, you lasted whole 2 months <Resurrected> ? More like deadussected, where are you now <Prostowrjy PvP> ? More like kurwaPvP, beat your premade, didnt even flex lol <GIT GUT> ? Simply... GUT.. TM DISCLAIMER: This is obviously a joke, no hard feelings towards any of the mentioned guild or their members... Except Infected So, of course, you must know how to join the god guild that is GIT GUT, well our requirments are quite simple: -1300+ Rated BG rating -2200+ in 2v2 -2000+ in 3v3 -If caster, you must have a legendary -If you're a healer you get an instant invite as we are in desperate need of healers -If you're a Blood DK you get ignored -You must be extremely arrogant and obnoxious User experience If you are still not interested in joining our guild, here are some comments from our guildies: Whitesong - "This guild is slowly healing my depression. It is not healing my pathological lying though." Kaspiix - "I was a boy before I joined this guild, I am a man now." Elianor - "This guild got my country Greece out of debt." Fahrad - "I may not be a member, but just by playing with these guys, my penis has doubled in size." Heatz - "I was no GUT before, I am GUT now. Thank you GIT GUT." Alajos - "I was always GUT, idk." Satsuma - "They are doing their best to keep UK in EU. I am very thankful and I think Kirraq is very cool." Blinkmaster - "Hurr Durr iz any1 over 7 rating here xdxd ur buthurt not me xd lol." Pst, if you wanna be added here, /w me ingame GIT GUT Staff List -Whitesong, Hero of the Horde -> The GM -Challenger Alajos -> The Advertiser -Kaspiix, Hero of the Alliance -> But with an x -Heatz -> Translator and doubleagent Please feel free to contact anyone mentioned above, the requirments mentioned may or may not always apply. We hope to see you soon With zero respect: Alajos Changelog: Sponsored by Infected
  2. Beyler

    [ES/PVE] Taco Wipefest

    Taco Wipefest [H] (Edit: 06 Julio, 2017) Taco Wipefest es una guild hispanohablante de la Horda, conformado por un grupo de amigos ambiciosos y motivados, con el fin de avanzar y descubrir todo lo que este juego nos ofrece. Están invitados todos aquellos de habla hispana de cualquier nivel. Ayudamos a aquellos nuevos en el servidor dando consejos sobre profesiones, talentos, glifos, encantamientos y demás. Prestamos apoyo para las RDF y RHC, y regularmente hacemos raids Tier 12 y Tier 13. Todo preparando a los miembros de guild para los distintos grupos de la raid HC del parche 4.3: Dragon Soul. Se buscan líderes de raid para Firelands y Dragon Soul. Obtenemos los siguientes logros en raids de Cataclysm: * Baradin Hold: Pit Lord Argaloth. (N) Occu'thar. (N) * The Bastion of Twilight: Halfus Wyrmbreaker (N/HC) Theralion y Valiona (N/HC) Ascendant Council (N/HC) Cho'gall (N/HC) Sinestra * Blackwing Descent: Magmaw (N/H) Omnotron Defense System (N/HC) Chimareon (N/HC) Atramedes (N/HC) Maloriak (N) Nefarian (N) * Throne of the Four Winds: The Conclave of Winds (N/HC) Al'Akir (N/HC) * Firelands: Beth'lilac (N/HC) Lord Rhyolith (N/HC) Alysrazor (N/HC) Baleroc (N/HC) Shannox (N/HC) Majordomo Staghelm (N/HC) Ragnaros (N/HC) * Dragon Soul: Morchok Warlord Zon'ozz Yorsahj the Unsleeper Hagara Ultraxion Warmaster Blackhorn Spine of Deathwing Madness of Deathwing ______________________________________________________________________________ Buscamos gente para Avance de nuestros grupos de Dragon Soul y crecimiento de nuestro roster para todo tipo de raids de 10 jugadores ademas de terminar los progresos en las raids heroicas Tier 11. BoT, BWD y To4W. Somos jugadores muy activos, hay miembros que suelen buscar logros, crear grupos en momentos de aburrimiento para hacer dungeons y raids de expansiones pasadas: Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Black Temple, Magtheridon's Lair, Grull's Lair, Tempest Keep, Karazhan, Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, Icecrown Citadel y demás. Somos un grupo de personas que juegan desde hace mucho tiempo y mantienen relaciones de confianza y amistad, y se mantiene el respeto ante los demás, el personal está enteramente dedicado y comprometido a hacer que todos los jugadores avancen progresivamente y, de una manera óptima. Estamos ayudando y vamos a ayudar a nuestros compañeros de la guild para aprender y perfeccionar sus clases. Todo lo que necesita es estar motivado para dar el 200% de lo que su clase puede hacer. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¿Cómo raideamos? Para hacer alguna raid dentro de la guild, se exige tener: Gear completamente encantado. Gear completamente gemado. Tener el mínimo de Item Level requerido para dichas raids. Uso obligatorio de nuestro servidor de Discord - El canal se encuentra en la información de la guild. No importa si no tienes micrófono, al menos podrás escuchar nuestras tácticas y aprender el cómo hacemos nuestras raids para minimizar errores. Para Enchants/Gemas, ayudamos dentro de la misma guild. Así que no dude en preguntar y obtener ayuda de nosotros. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¿Cómo unirse? Dentro de la guild tenemos varios oficiales, sólo deberás whispearles, en cualquier momento del día: Lalatína (GM) Akkø Ëmi Sëphi Ahagon Anthäräs Casteer Serval Krashna Sumail Zeethlock ______________________________________________________________________________ Esperemos que dentro de la guild, su estancia sea agradable, bromeamos, contamos chistes y demás. -- NUESTRO DISCORD https://discord.gg/Hera8JH
  3. Djwrox94

    Toxic Players

    I have come accross some toxic players using racism, encouraging suicide and one down right using hacks here are the screens https://prnt.sc/hrn3gz https://prnt.sc/hrn4f2 https://prnt.sc/hrn4pc https://prnt.sc/hrn4w7 https://prnt.sc/hrn52n https://prnt.sc/hrn596 ... Shared Now for the hacker earlier this morning, clearly as you can see this level 1 Alliance mage has been using some no clip hack been aggroing the ah npcs to mess with us https://prnt.sc/hrn5j0 https://prnt.sc/hrn5rj https://prnt.sc/hrn5we Thank you and congrats to the toxic players you are now famous :3
  4. Ganksterz

    Fur the Herd!

    The Herd stampeded anudder successful ally annihilation today! *warning, these images may appear brutal at timez ;D
  5. Polytra

    Faction Please ? :)

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this server and I like it already, but I'm not new to WoW, neither to Cataclysm All I want is an honest opinion about the guilds in each faction here overall and for the deathknight I'm going to level up shall I go for the Alliance or the Horde ? So I have to tell that I used to play both PvP and PvE, but here I want to focus more on PvE, I want to find the old days especially in FL and DS (when available). So which faction shall I join for better PvE activity with overall better guilds ? Thanks,
  6. robsen

    [H] Druid looking for pve guild

    Hello, my name is Djangø. I'm looking for a nice pve horde guild which is progressing firelands mostly during sundays. I feel comfortable in mid size communities. I'm experienced raider from previous expansions, mostly wotlk (ICC 25HC 11/12). At cata I only cleaned Firelands several times with PUG and right now I want to start my real adventure in raiding. I've been playing as feral druid for over 7 years. But also I can play as balance, coz this spec is real fun here Which spec I choose depends on your needs (feral dps/balance dps). Both around 375ilvl with several pvp items(boosts stats better). I speak fluent English and Polish. Got Team Speak. Current dps as feral fl 10: ~22k; balance: ~20k Looking forward to your reply. I'd like to know your current progress, raiding days, number of groups raiding (appreciated 1, max 2). And nickname to contact in game Greetings, Djangø
  7. Momentine

    New Progression Guild (Hore-NA)

    Hey all, We are a group of 9 friends who finished up on a wrath server doing the entire progression from Naxx to Icc. We have started on Atlantis and are looking for a couple more people to join the guild. The most dedicated will earn the last spot in our main raid. We have not established a raid schedule yet, however Wednesday-Thursday 7-10pm EST is most likely what we will go with. If interested leave a comment here or message Momentine in game. The rules are simple. Do all the content in order using the appropriate gear. I will explain our rules in further detail if inquired.
  8. pestisorudeaur

    [Answered] I'm slightly retarded :D

    Hello , I just started playing on this server and I start to enjoy it . My question would be : If I started a hunter on horde .. and I want to lvl it up to 55 to be able to create a deathknight ... can I create my deathknight on alliance? sorry for the stupid question but on internet I found many things related to PVE and PVP server rules...  
  9. I seem to have a problem with the "Taming the Beast" quest for Hunters. I recently made a Blood Elf Hunter, but can't seem to tame a pet at lvl 10, due to the fact that the quest never showed. I tried making a Troll Hunter as well and a Tauren, but those, too, seem to have the same problem. Whenever I reach lvl 10 on any of the chars, I go to my trainer to get the "tame beast" ability, press 'train', but never get the quest.    Please can someone help me with this? It's super frustrating.