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Found 30 results

  1. Holiday

    Stuck at realm window

    Hello Atlantiss. It's been a while since I played here, and after few years I decided to get back. But I can't play, 'cause I have a technical problem - can someone please help me? The situation is following: I have downloaded full atlantiss client, logged in with my account, not email (my old account, 7 characters). Then I have lag (not freeze, just 10-15 sec of this picture - https://imgur.com/OZhoWYq). Then it sends me to realm selection (realmlist is correct - https://imgur.com/bxjbFD8). Then, when clicking Ok on Dragonwrath, I see this picture: https://imgur.com/tCSE1sp It hangs for 10-15 sec again, then notification that i'm logging in to game server dissapeares, and I see realm selection window again! Can't load the character list. What should I do? My OS is windows 10. Upd: here is my connection log during this: 2/22 16:39:33.995 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK 2/22 16:39:34.055 GRUNT: state: RESPONSE_CONNECTED result: LOGIN_OK 2/22 16:39:34.096 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_AUTHENTICATING result: LOGIN_OK 2/22 16:39:34.151 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CHECKINGVERSIONS result: LOGIN_OK 2/22 16:39:34.248 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_HANDSHAKING result: LOGIN_OK 2/22 16:39:34.297 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_AUTHENTICATED result: LOGIN_OK 2/22 16:39:34.310 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_CONNECT code=CSTATUS_CONNECTING 2/22 16:39:55.603 ClientConnection Completed: COP_CONNECT code=RESPONSE_FAILED_TO_CONNECT result=FALSE Upd: flushing DNS, antivirus exception, windows 7 compatability mode, updating router firmware, adding wow_434.exe to windows firewall exception, 80, 3724, 8085 port forwarding didn't work.
  2. farana

    I have trouble

    I've lost 14400 gold on main char for mount ,which can't be sentable. Because it's soulbound. I've 95276 gold for now. Please, can u turn back this gold?
  3. Hello all. Dragon Hc came today on Dragonwrath realm. But how many differents are between dragon soul nm vs hc. And my female character won't be able on it because i can't do correct dps on my ilvl. Help
  4. Hello all ppl. I heard about that Dragon Soul is scripted fully now. Deathwing has got 2 parts -spine and madness . How much health will he have ? Please tell me -will he be easy to kill? in %? Greetings .Farana
  5. rosenrytter

    Starting on atlantiss

    Hello people from atlantiss, I would like to join on the cataclysm server. I wrote a ticket (my ticket number is #722) via email 4 days ago, but haven't got any response besides the ticket bot... So, now I hope somebody at this forum can help me, it would be much easier if you can speak german - my english isn't that good - but I'm improving myself. ;) The problem I'm talking about: The torrent download didn't work for me, also is the mini-installer. Now I tried to connect with the folder of warmane wow 4.3.4, because the torrent on their homepage worked out fine. I downloaded the atlantiss wow.exe and put it into warmane wow and changed the realmlist to "set realmlist play.atlantiss.eu". But all that didn't work. It shows me error #134 and I know, a gamemaster made a thread once before about solving that, but I tried serveral things and it didn't change at all. Also it's quite hard to understand for me... Could anybody send me a link for a working atlantiss torrent? Ore maybe you've got the same problem so you can help me fix mine? I really heard nothing but the best about this server and want to join here. Please somebody help me. o/ Also it would be nice if there's a german guild on this server which is okay for me to join in. It must not be necessary a germans-only-guild. But it would be nice if there are some people speaking my mothertongue. :P Greetings and thank you very much for caring! Johannes
  6. Rafforinkile

    Storm Peaks Crash

    Ktoś ma jakiś pomysł jak mi pomóc? otóż ostatnio jak staram się wlecieć do SP momentalnie zawiesza mi całego kompa, trzeba walnąć twardy restart i kupić unstocka w shopie bo nawet podczas logowania do gry dzieje sie tak samo. Problem ten mam tylko w okolicach centrum SP od jakichś 2tyg. wcześniej byłym tam kilka miesiecy temu i wszystko było ok .
  7. Slashner

    How does raids work?

    I assume raid finder doesn't work so Could someone explain to me how to join raid and what are the requirements?
  8. sajid

    [Answered] Need a GM

    Hi, I accidentally abandoned the quest Battle for Guilneas for wargen its a lvl 12 quest and i cant seem to get it back , i need it back. thank you.
  9. This is so so much irritating. I had big big problem on my dk and I had to w8 nearly month before support help me (LOL) i created warlock and wanted to have fun but...? at lvl 19 I get to the hillsbard foothills and strucked at 1 of 1st quest - I was questgiver with yellow > ! < on me. Game crashed, quest didnt finish and when I abandoned it I couldnt get it again, and more.... all NCPs gone (everywhere!), i cant see even mailbox so I cant even read what support msged me LOOL! I created this thing when I wrote to support for help (didnt remember what it is), for 2 times (sthg like 5 days waiting) my topic dissappeard and I get mail on mailbox (i cant see mailboxes, remember?), so I created it again 3 times, i know i need to be online if GM can help me but.... guys I was online sthg like 2 weeks couple of hours per day at different time and noone answered. This is riddicolous! and what? I tried to log in today and what I see? I am banned because (probably) my anger. WTF guys? I thought this is better then every1 say - buglantis. Belmakor 2017-08-18 15:12:27 2017-09-01 15:12:27 Yanvar Offending staff "Dear" Yanvar, Instead of banning me just help me have fun in this game dude! Please unban me (if it is possible) and repair for me this quest. Thats all I ask.
  10. WildBird

    [Answered] How to get ADons?

    Hey guys i need your help! I'm trying to put some AD-ons in to my game (Better actionbars, shadowbars, HP-bars.) Only if i put them, i get the error that they are all out of date. Please help me out! Sorry for my broken English xd -WildBird-
  12. Kinng332

    [Answered] Magma Monarch quest

    I'm having trouble with the Magma Monarch quest in Mt. Hyjal. When i summon Tortolla he just stands there doing nothing and i can spam the drums so that he duplicates. The music also stays there after Tortolla disappears. I would really like some help.
  13. Hello, What you think about Sub Forum for Macros & Scripts? It's nice Idea I'm up with it for like few days.   I tried to search for good macros for my class. And all around the Interent there is nice macros, but many of them not working and outdated. Also many of us not experienced on making our own macros (or scripts!)   So It would be nice to see Sub Forum under "PvP" or "Classes" for Macro or Script requests!     P.S If there is any place to ask for Scripts or Macros. Tell me where & close this topic.  
  14. Drews

    [Answered] Bad aura

    Hello atlantiss stuff, can you help me? I killed npc Artruis the Heartless 1 or 2 hour ago but aura not cancleted. Please cancel this aura. Have nice day and good luck :) P.S. My nickname Bondrews
  15. Satanicus

    [Answered] Cheating

    Hi recently i saw a lots of Alliance players use a cheats like teleport or walk through sky,water and stuf..i reported several players,but a week past i saw them play again.. I LIKE this server very much..i play on it 1yr..so i HATE CHEATING!!!! So please remove permantly cheaters from server...    Thnx! best regratz (sory for my english)
  16. Erikdevilsen

    Problem with Tame pet

    Hi there! Resently i tamed a pet on my hunter. I Tamed the rare gorilla from strangletorn vale, but when tamed the gorilla was named "Wolf" and it also have wolf abilities. Tried to abandon the pet and tame it again but the problem still remians. This also happens with other animals such as cats. They appare as a cat but the name and abilities is as of a wolf. Anyone ells experienced this? Any solutions?
  17. MatthewFT

    [Answered] A Ritual of Flame

    Hello. Im stuck on the quest "Ritual of Flame", I did everything, killed the mobs, filled the bar and nothing happens. I tried to abandon the quest but nothing happened either. What do I do?
  18. So i just started playing on this server and this crash "#134" keeps bugging me. I tried the unstuck but you have to use vote points for that and you can only vote once every 12 hours. So can somebody please help me. I also have a picture of the crash.
  19. Hi, i deleted character from which i send mail (heirlooms) and before i have opened mail on new character, i deleted char that i were sending from and the stuff were lost. Is there any way to restore this char or get stuff from him? My forum name and game login are different if it matters but i assume if restoration would be possible someone would contact me.
  20. sydney21

    [Answered] ban for pets buffs

    Hey, Yesterday I got banned from Rannor  for using buffs of pet in the arena, I wish the ban was removed because it is my pet and my buf, like others they use their buffs so I am using from the pet, if it is a bug for which he was banned, please fix this and please unlock  my account... Now I know its bug , and i will not do it again.   account; sydney21 nick      ; ostrabanka lvl             ; 85   
  21. Penguin

    Can't stable my pet

    So I talk to the stable master, click on the "stable pet yada yada", and nothing happens. Literally nothing. Help?
  22. kwasnygrzyb

    [Answered] change character name

    Hello ! I am new and in the future i want to join PROjectWS and if i want to join them i need to change my character name. Is it possible ? If it is please tell me how.  
  23. Erni123

    [Answered] DK problem resp HELP !

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0II3UJ4TbHw    Nothing I can do even go on ultrasound and Inst. If you want to help me, please leave a comment. Thank you in advance and best regards.........:) Wow cata 4.3.4 atlantiss Whats the matter is as follows: I moved myself dk of the Sunwell here, and I have to do all the initial quests for dk, but during one zq (flying the blue sphere) blew me online when I logged in again it was like the ball, but in his body, and now I do not see any NPC, I can not go perform q, or do anything relog does not work, it unstuck if it is possible help from the Administration?      Nic nie mogę zrobić nawet iść na bg i inste. Jeżeli chcesz mi pomóc to proszę o zostawienie komentarza. Z góry dziękuje i pozdrawiam.........:) Wow cata 4.3.4 atlantiss  Siema, sprawa wygląda następująco: Przeniosłem sobie dk z sunwella tutaj, i muszę zrobić wszystkie początkowe questy dla dk, lecz podczas wykonywania jednego z q(latanie taką niebieską kulą) wywaliło mi internet, gdy zalogowałem się ponownie to byłem jakby tą kulą, ale w swoim ciele, i teraz nie widzę żadnych npc, nie mogę lecieć wykonać q, ani nic zrobić, relog nie działa, unstuck też, czy jest możliwa pomoc ze strony Administracji?  
  24. NightFuryV7

    [Answered] I cant respawn in iron forge

    I need help because i jumped into lava in iron forge and i cant respawn or return to graveyard. what can i do? ( exepct creating new hero) nick of my champion= Ragnarv 
  25. Shalvi324

    [Answered] Atlantis laggs

    I played 2 month and suddenly the wow starting the get laggy to me. I dont know why but i see players are going forward and back forward and back while they are going only forward ,And thats really annoying. I noticed when there's 1500 players online i don't have laggs.But when there's 2500+ i'm starting to get laggs like hell ! And its not happens to me its also happens to my friends and alot of people in the server. Please Help Guys  Thanks.