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Found 8 results

  1. Calmurtits

    Arms Warrior 4.3.4 ULTIMATE PvP GUIDE

    Hello guys, I play Arms warrior since LK, in LK i played also protection in 3v3, cuz it was a hell of a burst and good combo with 2x protection wars and holy pala(2k+ rate EZ) I played retail also from 3.0.6 LK - MoP 5.4.3 . When you count it, it's like 5-6 years of XP. I had also 2.4k rate on AT, i was r1 on some private serves ( i do not wish to advertise,even tho i said AT... :/ ). I decided to make one guide for starters but also for ppl who played but didn't figured out some things.   Introduction and my opinions: After 4.0.6, 4.1. ,4.2 Warriors got slightly nerfed in 4.3.4 patch, but it's still playable if u make it with pressure talents (i'll explain this later). Warriors were beasts back in the 4.0.6, especially Fury who could hit 80k+ in reckburst.Warrior isn't easy to play, i can tell u that. That's one of the hardest classes to master after Locks. Cataclysm is all about succesfull bursting and cc timing. For me, warrior is the class who can beat any class, it doesn't have anti-classes if u know how to play it. Even tho they say hunters and mages are their Anti-class of the warrior. They are biggest threat, i agree but if you play against them with ur brain and if u know what is their rotation, you can counter it. To be succesfull in any class u chose to play, you have to know what ur enemy can do against u, and what is their vulnerabilities. In this guide i'll try to explain you and to teach you something. I would just say that you need to be patient and to have a hard steel nervs if you wish to master this class. Do not switch comps like socks! It takes a while to master a comp and it isn’t easy! This will be a tough patch for us, that means no playing with friends! As tough as it can be, if you want to be successful as a warrior, you cannot play with your friends that play classes which do not simply work with a warrior. If you lose against one comp in arena,DO NOT STOP, que again, PRACTICE! With practice against comps like that, just think, what did they do last time, how did they do it, AND HOW CAN I COUNTER THEM? After few arenas, you will beat that comp, i'm sure of it. Don't be noob and ragequit. Anger will just crush ur brain and u will not think clearly. Be positive,optimistic and have WILL to be the BEST! When u reach that level, you can be the best and u WILL BE THE BEST! If you think you are noob and you will never do something, you'll never do it. You have to have faith in urself in order to succeed IN ANYTHING, even in LIFE! (just some encourage) :P xD Okay, lets get started with stuff i prepared for you guys. TALENTS: I use Pressure talents( HC talents) . They look like this: I use these talents because i'm used to make pressure and when my target is around 50% hp(with or without recklessness, that's your thing, i never use recklessness until my target is 30% and their partner is cced). I use piercing howl mainly because i play with healer and if they want to kill my healer i can slow them both, within Tunder Clap + Demoralizing Shout as a dmg reduction. Or you can use SLAM talents. They look like this: I used to play like this when i just started playing Cata, but there are a lot of better options with it. You can add Drums of War instead of Rude interruption and Piercing Howl. Or instead those two you can put on Incite. Either way it's your own style how u wanna play. There is one more popular thing warriors are playing, it's GAG ORDER. It looks like this: It's really good against casters, so you can silence them from distance. I took 2/2 Cruelty and 1/3 Blood Craze, but you can make what ever u want, you can put 2/2 Blitz and 1/2 Drums of War. What ever is easier and better for you and your style of playing. After you choosed the talents,next step is rotation. ROTATION: For HC PRESSURE i use this rotation: Charge>Rend>Clossus Smash>Mortal Strike>Overpower(if i get proc)/HC>Execute(under 20% hp) You should apply 3x stacks of Slaughter on yourself, cuz' with that buff your Execute,OverPower,Slam and Mortal strike will cause 30% more dmg. You should always keep REND on ur target, even tho Mortal Strike will refresh it instantly after it, but if u get caught in CC and if u lose rend on ur target, you should apply it again. Always hit with MS(Mortal Strike),it's your main spell! In burst you should always burst with CS(Colossus Smash) as first spell of ur rotation and them Mortal Strike within HC and Overpower. For SLAM talent i use this rotation: Charge>Rend>CS>Mortal Strike>SLAM>Overpower/HC>Execute(under 20% hp) As warrior you should always hit with Mortal Strike when it's not on CD, it's your main spell. If you don't have enough rage and u are in burst,use Deadly Calm and just spam MS/HC>SLAM/HC>OVERPOWER/HC. HC is not on GLOBAL COOLDOWN, so u can combine it with ur other spells and also in burst you should always use it even if u didn't make it in 3/3 incite talents. Because it's always good to do 6-7k more dmg in the burst. For GAG ORDER talent the rotation is the same as HC PRESSURE rotation: Charge>Rend>Clossus Smash>Mortal Strike>Overpower(if i get proc)/HC>Execute(under 20% hp) You only have one more CC with Heroic Strike that can silence for 3 seconds and it's cooldown is 45 seconds within the talents. GLYPHS: Prime Glyphs: - Glyph of Mortal Strike (Increases the damage of Mortal Strike by 10%) MS is your main spell, so u gotta have this glyph. - Glyph of Overpower (Increases the damage of Overpower by 10%) - Glyph of Slam/Bladestorm (depends on ur talent tree). I use Bladestorm just to get out of roots in 80% of situations. Glyph of Bladestorm (Reduces the cd on bladestorm by 15 sec.) Glyph of Slam (Increases the critical strike chance of Slam by 5%) Major Glyphs: - Glyph of Colossus Smash ( YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE IT, because it applies 1x sunder armor stack per CS hit on target) - Glyph of Shield Wall (Shield Wall now reduces damage taken by an additional 20%, but its CD is increased by 2 min.) GREAT STUFF! - Glyph of Spell Reflection/Piercing Howl Glyph of Spell Reflection (Reduces the CD on Spell Reflection by 5 sec.) It's not much yousefull against classes that doesn't do magic dmg Glyph of Piercing Howl (Increases the radisu of Piercing Howl by 50%.) Good for kiting NOTE: Major Glyphs varies of what comp do u play, i choose Shield Wall and Spell Reflection because i play with healer. If you play with DPS you would probably want to take Long Charge or Rapid Charge instead of Spell Reflection/Piercing Howl. Minor Glyphs: - Glyph of Battle (Increases the duration by 2 min and area of effect by 50% of your Battle Shout.) - Glyph of Berserker Rage (Berserker Rage generates 5 Rage when used.) - Glyph of Demoralizing Shout (Increases the duration by 15 sec and area of effect by 50% of your Demoralizing Shout.) PROFESSIONS : - Engineering Access to 480 strength proc on gloves: Synapse Springs - Jewelcrafting Access to special gems that give 67 strength: Bold Chimera's Eye. Up to three can be used at the same time. - Alchemy Access to flask that gives 80 strength: Flask of Enhancement. - Tailoring Cloak enchant proc for 1000 attack power: Swordguard Embroidery - Enchanting Access to +40 strength on your rings: Enchant Ring - Strength - Blacksmithing Access to two extra gem slots. One on bracers, one on gloves: Socket Gloves and Socket Bracer - Inscription Access to shoulder enchant adds 130 strength and 25 crit rating: Lionsmane Inscription - Leatherworking Access to 130+ strength to bracers: Draconic Embossment Strength I use BS and Leatherworking, since i got 1K ATT Power from my 2h enchant (Landslide). GEMS : - Meta - Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond - Red - Bold Queen's Garnet - Blue - Etched Shadow Spinel - Yellow - Potent Lava Coral STATUS PRIORITY: Just follow the next pattern. 5% Hit > Strength > Crit/Resilience > Mastery > Haste ENCHANTS: - Head -  Arcanum of Vicious Strength  - Shoulder -  Greater Inscription of Vicious Strength  - Cloak -  Enchant Cloak - Greate r Critical Strike  - Chest - Enchant Chest - Peerles Stats - Bracers - Enchant Bracer - Major Strength - Hands - Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength - Legs - Dragonscale Leg Armor - Boots - Enchant Boots - Lavawalker - Weapon - Enchant Weapon - Landslide MACROS: Focus Target Charge macro: #showtooltip Charge /cancelaura Bladestorm /cast [target=focus,exists] Charge /cast Charge Burst macro: (It's mainly up to you, you can put /cast Recklessness in it if you want to make one shot macro, lolz... /use Dps trinket /cast Deadly Calm Defensive Stance macro: /cast Defensive Stance /equipslot 16 / 1Hander’s Name /equipslot 17 / Shield’s name Spell Reflection macro: #showtooltip Spell Reflection /cast [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Spell Reflection; [stance:3] Defensive Stance /stopmacro [equipped:Shields] /stopcasting /equipslot 16 1Hander’s Name /equipslot 17 Shield’s name Focus Target Throwdown macro: #showtooltip Throwdown /cancelaura Bladestorm /cast [target=focus,exists] Throwdown /cast Throwdown Focus Target Pummel macro: #showtooltip Pummel /cancelaura Bladestorm /cast [target=focus,exists] Pummel /cast Pummel Focus Target Fear macro: #showtooltip Intimidating Shout /cast [target=focus,exists] Intimidating Shout /cast Intimidating Shout Disarm macro: #showtooltip Disarm /cast Defensive Stance /cast Disarm /cast Battle Stance Shield Wall macro: #showtooltip Shield Wall /cast Defensive Stance /equip 1Hander’s Name /equip Shield’s Name /cast Shield wall /cast Battle Stance /equip 2Hander's Name Intervene with charge macro: #showtooltip Intervene /cast Defensive Stance /cast [target=myfriendname] Intervene /cast Battle Stance /cast Charge Heal Macro: #showtooltip Enraged Regeneration /cast Rallying Cry /cast Enraged Regeneration /use healthstone Comps that are good to play in 2v2: Playing with DPS: Warrior is good with Hunter, Feral druid and Retribution paladin, it's not worth playing with mage,lock or ele shamy. Because you will mainly lose. You need someone who's good in cc and hard burst. Playing with HEAL: I would suggest you to play with Disc Priest, because of the dispells and it's easier even tho you both have FEAR so DR(Diminishing Returns) is pain sometimes, but u can maintain your cc rotation either way. But best choice to play 2v2 with healer is Resto Shaman, instant heals and some dispells within buffs isn't so bad after all, since from priest u don't get anything except dispells and shield. Combs that are good to play in 3v3: I would recomend playing WLS (WAR/LOCK/SHAMY) It was one of the best back on the retail, since lock could just put the dots on everyone,peel and burst really good with war in the same time. Also hard to master it. But some ppl play KFC (HUNTER/WAR/AnyHEAL) It's good and easy comp, cuz burst is really good and you gotta have good CC chain in order to win. It's a really nice combination. ALSO TSG (DK/WAR/Holy Paladin) It's huge pressure and healer find hard it to heal because of DK's Necrotic Strike (It deals 100% weapon damage and a heal absorb equal to your AP*0.7. It also applies 30% casting speed increase debuff.) Also this combination is great because everyone in team has a deffensive spells so it's harder to lose and yet pala have bubbles and instant heals. KITTYCLEAVE (WAR/FERAL/AnyHEAL) One of really good comps too, because feral has good defensives and offensive so they would go on you for sure and you'll get soo much rage to spend! NOTE: I would recommend you guys to check ArenaJunkies or some Bajheera 4.3.4 3v3 tip videos, they explain how you move and what u should do in these comps. RECOMMENDED ADDONS: - OmniCC - Tidyplates - Soundalerter - LoseControl - Gladius - Juked - Interrup bar Thank you for reading, i hope i helped. Now go make some warriors and lets get some GLAD TITLES! I'm sorry for my english and that my guide took so long, but i think it's worth it, because it has EVERYTHING U NEED! REMEMBER TO PRACTICE, NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS! After you master WARRIOR you can accomplish some really good results! Peace out, Calmurtits.
  2. 4.3.4 Subtlety Rogue PVP Guide Hello Atlantiss, This will be an Arena Focused guide to 4.3.4 Sub Rogue PvP. I put one of these up around 6 months ago and it was just despicable. I tried to make a guide without knowing my class at all. During the past 6 months I have amassed a lot of experience and feel obligated to update this old guide, as I have many rogues asking me for tips and how to play. In case you were wondering, my experience on rogue is currently almost 2600 in 2v2 and 1800 in 3v3. Just like anyone else who plays wow PvP, I have a lot I could improve on still. That being said, here is a guide to help those with less experience than me. Here is what I will cover: 1. Spec and Glyphs 2. “Rotation” and Abilities 3. Stat Priority, Enchants, Reforges, and Gearing 4. Professions and Their Perks 5. Battle Grounds, Arenas, and Dueling 6. Mechanics, and Tips and Tricks 7. Macros 8. The Addons I Am Using 9. Keybinding Options Specializations: Hemo - This is a tanky spec that sacrifices DPS for survivability. This is especially good for comps like RLS. The name Hemo Spec is because you will be replacing backstab with hemorrhage. Backstab – This is the spec that is most commonly used by rogues and aims to maximize damage. Backstab II – This is currently my favorite spec and is a slightly modified version of the first backstab spec. This exchanges Quickening for Improved Recuperate. What this does is adds more healing and damage reduction at the loss of run speed. Glyphs (Can’t Really Change Much with These): Prime: Glyph of Shadow Dance Glyph of Hemorrhage Glyph of Backstab Major: Glyph of Preparation Glyph of Blind Glyph of Garrote Minor: Glyph of Blurred Speed (BG/Wpvp) or Glyph of Distract (Arena/Duels) Glyph of Poisons (Don’t Change) Glyph of Safe Fall (Up to you) Gearing Stat Priority: Primary Stat = Agility Secondary Stats = Critical Strike>Haste>Mastery (Mastery is useless) Reforging: Get the 5% hit cap then the expertise cap of 20, then go for full critical strike. Gems: Every gem should be +40 agility (even if the socket does not match), with the meta gem being +56 agility and 3% critical strike. Enchants: Head = Arcanum of Vicious Agility From Knight-Lieutenant T’Maire Sydes for honor or the Tol Barad Quartermaster for reputation and Tol Barad Comendations. +60 Agility +35 Resilience Shoulders = Greater Inscription of Vicious Agility From Knight-Lieutenant T’Maire Sydes for honor or the Tol Barad Quartermaster for reputation and Tol Barad Comendations. +50 Agility +25 Resilience Cloak = Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike AH/Enchanter +65 Critical Strike Chest = Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats AH/Enchanter + 20 All Primary Stats Bracers = Enchant Bracer - Agility AH/Enchanter + 50 Agility Gloves = Enchant Gloves – Haste AH/Enchanter +50 Haste Belt = Ebonsteel Belt Buckle AH/Black Smith Adds One Gem Socket to Your Belt Legs = Charscale Leg Armor AH/Leatherworker +145 Stamina +55 Agility Boots= Enchant Boots – Major Agility AH/Enchanter +35 Agility Main Hand = Enchant Weapon – Landslide AH/Enchanter Enchants Weapon to sometimes increase attack power by 1000 for 12 seconds Off Hand = Pyrium Weapon Chain AH/Blacksmith +40 Hit Rating and Reduces Disarm Duration by 60% (You can use a macro with an extra dagger for double Landslide against classes and comps without disarm) Poisons: Main Hand – Wound Poison/Mind Numbing Poison (Situational) Wound Poison unless you are against a caster with no heals or off-heals. Off Hand – Crippling Poison What Best in Slot Gear Looks Like Ruthless Gladiator’s Leather Helm Ruthless Gladiator’s Necklace of Proficiency Ruthless Gladiator’s Leather Spaulders Ruthless Gladiator’s Cape of Cruelty Ruthless Gladiator’s Leather Tunic Ruthless Gladiator’s Arm Wraps of Accuracy Ruthless Gladiator’s Leather Gloves Ruthless Gladiator’s Waistband of Cruelty Ruthless Gladiator’s Leather Legguards Ruthless Gladiator’s Boots of Cruelty Ruthless Gladiator’s Ring of Accuracy Ruthless Gladiator’s Ring of Cruelty Ruthless Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest Matrix Restabilizer Heroic Ruthless Gladiator’s Shanker Elite Ruthless Gladiator’s Shiv Elite Ruthless Gladiator’s Hatchet Elite Arena Comps 2v2 Tier 1 (Strongest): Rogue – Mage (Frost or Fire) Rogue – MM Hunter Rogue – Disc Priest Rogue – Shadow Priest Tier 2: Rogue – Resto Shaman Rogue – Holy Paladin Rogue – Ret Paladin Rogue – Feral Druid Double Rogue (Requires High Skill) Rogue – Destro Lock Tier 3: Rogue – Enhance Shaman Rogue – Resto Druid Since rogue is so over powered right now it can pretty much “work” with anything. 3v3 RMP – Rogue, Mage, Priest RLS – Rogue, Lock, Shaman Thug Cleave – Rogue, MM Hunter, Healer (Preferably Resto Shaman) RMS – Rogue, Mage, Shaman There are more, but these are the strongest! Professions The best professions are tailoring and engineering. Tailoring provides a cloak proc and more agility, while engineering provides an on use, + 480 agility glove enchant. Blacksmithing is a good substitute to gain more agility. Battlegrounds In battlegrounds, the rogue plays the role of a scout. You should be behind enemy lines and reporting your findings back to your teammates. It is also the rogue that is responsible for going for the daring ninja cap which can turn the tide in your team’s favor. In WSG or Twin Peaks your role is to hunt down the EFC and pop a smoke bomb so that healers cannot get to them and you and your teammates can take them down. A single rogue can take down an EFC with enough stacks. The rogue may also perform a quick cap to win a CTF game mode. Mechanics and Abilites DR’s (Diminishing Returns) " When a spell with diminishing returns is used against a target in PvP, the first effect has full duration. The effect then diminishes by 50%, then 75%, then the target becomes immune. Spells must be used on the same target within 15 seconds of the *end* of the duration in order to be diminished. In other words, if a target hasn't had a stun effect active on them for more than 15 seconds, the next stun will have full effect.” -Wowwiki Diminishing returns on Atlantiss are bugged. So instead of the 15 seconds starting at the end of the duration it will start at the beginning of the duration. This is a big deal and I have not met a player who doesn’t abuse this. Here are your abilties and what they share DR’s with. Gouge and Sap share DR’s with each other as well as the paladin’s repentance and mages poly, among other abilities. Blind shares DR’s with fear effects. Cheap shot and Kidney shot share DR’s with each other, and other stun effects. CC (Croud Control) Rogues are all about crowd control. We are the class with the most control in the game, which also makes us the class with the highest PvP skill cap in the game. (Skill cap is the amount of skill required to play your class at its best.) Your crowd control abilities include: Blind – Fear Effect 8 second CC, good to use to force trinkets or after they trinket. Tip: You can sap them with a dance or vanish off this since they go out of combat after just 6 seconds. Sap 8 second CC, target must be out of combat. It is a big advantage if you can sap at the beginning of an arena match. Gouge 4 second CC, good for peeling. Dismantle – Disarm Effect Kick – Interrupt A successful kick will lock the category of the spell being casted for 5 full seconds. Cheapshot – Stun Effect Kidney Shot – Stun Effect Since this lasts for 6 seconds you may also sap off of this but it is trickier. Crippling poison, Waylay, and Deadly Throw – Slows Distract Can be used to change the direction of your enemy and make their pets “distracted” Garrote – Silence Effect Prevents all spell casting, healing, trapping, etc. Smoke bomb Enemy targets cannot cast into or out of smoke bomb. This can be used defensively or offensively. Markers Markers, marks, or target markers are used to mark you and your teammates based on class color so you can always see each other in the arena match. In BG's it is common to mark healers but not DPS. Burst Going all out on damage using your DPS trinket and burst CD’s. As rogue your bursting abilities are: Shadowdance Tricks of The Trade (For Your Partner’s Burst) Shadowstep (For Damage Multiplier on Ambush) Ruthless Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest (More Agility = More Attack Power = More Damage) Ambush Passive trinket procs and landslide help a lot in burst if timed right. (Procs are passive abilities that have a percent chance to activate.) Peeling Peeling is using your CC abilities and damage to keep you and your partner’s alive. Every CC ability has a use in peeling, you just need learn from experience how to use them. Playing Defensively Playing on your half of the arena to stay alive and regain health/CD’s. During this phase of playing you will be using your defensive abilities, peeling, and LoS’ing. (LoS means Line of Sight. You basically use an obstacle to hide from your opponent’s so they cannot cast abilities or catch up to you.) It is common to “Go Defensive” while the opposing team is bursting. Playing Offensively Playing offensively, you will try to use CC abilities to achieve cross CC (Every member of the apposing team is in some type of CC while the kill target is silenced/stunned) You will then use your burst to try to force cool downs or kill someone from the enemy team. This is one of the best times to use smoke bomb. Opening The opening phase begins the second the gates to the arena open. During this phase, you and your partners will try to open on the enemy team and force as many cd’s as you can. In rare cases, you can even score a kill but this is not the goal. As a rogue, you will want to sap one of the opposing players and then stun lock/garrote the kill target. If the opposing team has a better opener you will need to play defensive and try to peel. Some comps are practically designed for this such as RLS, while a comp like RMP is dependent on getting a strong opener and not defending it. Switching Switching is when you switch your focus to another target to create more pressure or score a kill. This is usually done based upon what CD’s (Cool Downs, the abilities which have a timer on them after each use) your opponent has. Switching is also done if you are playing semi defensively and just attacking what you can get to like with RLS. Kill Targets A kill target is the target you and your teammates are actively attacking. The kill target you should have comes from experience and knowledge of the game, as well as awareness of what is going on in your arena. 1v1 Guide Rogue 1v1 Guide to Being a Duelist Difficulty levels: 1 You should never lose 2 Easy 3 Medium 4 Hard 5 You should always lose (Very Hard) I understand openers do not always work but with practice you will be able to adapt when they don’t. Warrior Arms Difficulty Level: 2 (Easy) The Opener: An ideal opener vs an arms warrior is to premediate + recup, cheap shot with full energy. Hemo backstab/ambush into 5 combo point kidney. Then backstab/ambush spam for damage. When you are 5 combo points make sure to refresh a buff/debuff or eviscerate (does more dmg than ambush) If you used dance for ambush vanish with one second left on kidney and run away hard (he will fear/bladestorm to remove stealth if he is good). If you used backstab I recommend pooling the energy to step in front and gouge (WARNING: DO NOT SAP HIM BEFORE OPENER IF YOU PLAN TO DO THIS Gouge Shares DR with Sap) now run away and los/use smoke/kite him for re-stealth. The Strategy: Against an arms warrior it’s pretty straight forward; save blind for after he trinkets, disarm burst and feint during bladestorm or use disarm on bladestorm. Stun every time the DR resets and keep up recup constantly as in ANY fight. WARNING: NEVER trinket fear, EVER. If you do this expect to get one shot in a stun. You will need to trinket his stun when he uses his dps trinket unless your able to get both combat readiness and recup up right before it. Shadow stepping his charge is never a bad idea! Protection Difficulty Level: 1 The Opener: See ARMS The Strategy: Like arms but he has no bladestorm, no burst, and no skill. Don’t expect to one shot him. Play it safe and take your time. Fury Difficulty Level: 1 Same as protection for lack of viability except you need to watch out for burst and be ready to deal with it. Paladin Retribution Difficulty Level: 3 The Opener: Ideally, cheap shot > hemo >backstab/ambush into full kidney leave him with a silence from garrote after the opener, or reverse the order. The Strategy: As rogues, we like to play gay. You just can’t do that vs rets because they will heal while you’re sitting in stealth or behind a tree :/. That does not mean we cannot play gay a little bit. Watch out for his: Bubble and Shield, and DPS cd’s while these are live just run away keeping a 4-9 yard distance. As with warrior fear, NEVER Trinket repentance EVER. Save your trinket for his wings with HoJ, try to cloak or evasion before he uses his cc and he might waste it. Garrote when you need to prevent word of glory, disarm to prevent burst/gaining holy power. Stick on the ret and create lots of pressure. Kicking a heal will spell lock nearly everything he has for 5 seconds. Protection Difficulty: 1 Strategy: Not needed, prot is a joke and will never score a kill. Treat it like a protection warrior with even more heals but less damage. Holy Difficulty: 3 Opener: Prem + recup into Garrote>full kidney while doing damage. Try not to dance/use dps trinket in your opener and instead save it for when he is below 55% and nuke him in a garrote/stun. Straregy: These are incredibly over powered in cataclysm and a skilled player behind this should only die when he gets tired and stops playing. Still, most holy paladins are not a “good” player so here is how it’s done. Don’t blow all your cd’s in opener or you will be doing nothing for the next 2 minutes while he rofl spams word of glory in your face. Only trinket HoJ when you can create vital pressure, otherwise let him heal. Blind after trinket when he is low health, this is sure to force bubble or score a kill. The thing that makes paladins so hard for rogues is that they have WoG procs for 60k just from you attacking them, these have no cooldown and can be spammed infinitely if they are getting holy power. Disarming CAN help when they are trying to use crusaders strike as a method of getting holy power, that does not mean less intelligent players won’t think of you as a newb for disarming a healer. On top of the WoG spam they have 2 invulnerability shields that only have a 60 second de-buff through which they cannot be used. (If he is a prick he also has lay on hands but we won’t go there) Hunter Marksmen Difficulty Level: 4 The Opener: If he is in flare but not camo just shadow step cloak and cheap shot then proceed with the rest, if he is in camo as well sit 5-10 yards away cloak + shadowdance + sprint run in like a retard spamming cheapshot and hope you get him. (Cloak makes you immune to setting of traps) now hemo after the cheap shot and burst with the kidney and all then gouge him and go vanish. If he is mounted treat it like he is not in camo but don’t shadowstep, still use cloak. The Strategy: This matchup is in their favor but a skilled rogue can outplay an MM hunter and win. Try to gouge/stun them on every disengage. Watch out for slippery deterrence’s right before they think you will open . Stay on the hunter, remember you have smoke bomb to avoid some burst. Evasion is your only defensive since readiness shares cd with cloak (if you are not at risk of being trapped and are being bursted on you can readiness), it will give 25% increased dodge vs ranged 50% vs melee. Garrote prevents them from trapping, cloaking prevents traps already set from going off, and also immunes monkey blind. Don’t vanish in flair xD. Beast Mastery Difficulty Level: 5 (Real pain in the ass) The Opener: Same as MM but if you can its really nice to sap his pet (if the MM is bad you can sap his pet as well) The Strategy: These are a real pain in the ass. Watch out for their pet because it is their main source of damage. BM will heal so, so much over time so it’s a hard fight. The strategy is the same as MM but you will never beat a good BM as sub rogue, in fact you won’t even touch him. The good thing is that MM is viable in arena and BM sucks in arena so good players will not be BM. Survival Difficulty Level: 2 The Opener: See MM The Strategy: See MM, but it’s much easier. They have a different burst than MM as its instant and a bit DoT. Priest Shadow Difficulty Level: 3.5 The Opener: Same as a healer, garrote into kidney with your burst/normal opener. Finish with a gouge if you don’t dance. The Strategy: Trinket a fear when it’s a good time to catch them off guard or kill them. Watch out for when they have full orbs (Now is a good time to cloak). Don’t sit in stealth or run too far away, they have better hard casted heals than any dips. Going for stealth without blind or vanish is pointless as they have DoT and mass dispel spam. Evasion when you see their pet proc, it’s not a big difference but there is no reason not to. Discipline Difficulty Level: 3.5 The Opener: Same as Shadow. The Strategy: You will have to take them down over time and catch them at the right time. Only trinket their fear when you know you will be able to force major CD or kill them. It’s all about dmg and CD management. Try not to get juked on a kick or they are full HP instantly. Alternatively, to kicking you can stun, blind, gouge, garrote to prevent healing. Cloak can be used to immune a fear when you know it’s coming. When they use Strength of Soul make sure to gouge/stun them because silences and kicks don’t work. Holy Difficulty Level: 4 The Opener: Same as disc The Strategy: Same as disc but they have their own version of lay on hands which can easily take them back up to full health from almost nothing. Death Knight Unholy Difficulty Level: 1 The Opener and strategy: Prem + Recup then open the standard cheapshot> into a kidney. You will always want to dance + dps trinket in the opener. Finish garrote, dk counts as a melee caster(you don’t want to garrote first or they will get runic for icebound). Burst them down, mouseover kick their gargoyle and cloak it when kick is on cd. Disarm to prevent death strike healing, gouge/garrote/stun/blind to prevent licheborn healing. Frost Difficulty Level: .05 (not joking) The Opener and strategy: Same as UH but don’t ignore their burst! I can beat ANY frost dk with nothing but my weapons equipped the spec is an utter joke in cataclysm PvP. Blood Difficulty Level: .05 (not joking) The Opener: Open the same as the other specs but to top it off make sure you leave him with full bleeds. Basically Cheapshot>Kidney>Disarm over-layed with garrote. The Strategy: I can one shot BDKs by using vanish after my first opener and again after second for a total of three openers, but that’s no fun so to do it without that just keep up your recup and SnD while having a rupture, garrote, and hemo always on the dk. Keep him slowed and kite him so he can’t use death strike. (If they are main spec BDK they are ALWAYS a newb In PvP or there is the off chance they are trolling.) Shaman Enhancement Difficulty Level: 3 The Opener: Garrote > Full Kidney > Finish Disarm or something else to add more pressure and gain advantage The Strategy: Save evasion for wolves, mouse over kick his flametongue totem to destroy it (it does a lot of DPS) Don’t get kited or it’s a sure loss as he will outlast you with heals he can cast while running! Elemental Difficulty Level: 3.5 The Opener: See Enhancement The Strategy: Elemental damage comes from their spell casting. The strategy is mostly the same but watch out for his knockback! He can use this then heal to full, or burst you to the ground. This can be cloaked or you can vanish and sprint to him after its used, but be fast. Restoration Difficulty Level: 4 The Opener: Same as Disc priest and other shaman specs but this is the strongest healer in cataclysm. The Strategy: Same as DP but replace fear with hex. Watch out for shamanistic rage as he becomes immune to most cc. Don’t burst into his defensives, it never works. Mage (Your Nemesis in Duels, BFF in Arena) Rogue vs Mage is a very fast paced and fun duel. Fire Difficulty Level: 4.5 The Opener: 1. If he is not mounted just garrote and damage. 2. If he is mounted then sap him and garrote without breaking sap, into a kidney (Garrote must overlap with kidney) This can be challenging sometimes but basically just garrote with your character sideways to his then turn away to stop auto attack. You will need to double prem for this (Use prem and use the combo points from it right before prem cd resets then prem again and you have an extra two combo points to open with) 3. Open garrote and use dps trinket but not dance. Spam damage and try to get him to blink so you can kidney and dance on him. Fun opener that works for me just to gouge a blink (not practice only for fun) Forget everything above just step right in his face and cheapshot. Anticipate the blink and gouge it GG rank one play. Now you can run up to him and burst while he is in a half duration kidney. (Gouging a blink means when he gets to where he is blinking he is in your gouge! Very hard to do without using this set up to it but it happens sometime if you gouge him coming out of iceblock or just at the right moment The Strategy: Save cloak for combustion!!! Stay on him and do damage. Blind is effective. If for some reason he ice blocks before cauterize cloak when he comes out and you will kill him easily, otherwise save it for combustion. When he iceblocks you can step in front of him and gouge as soon as he exits iceblock, watch out for him trying to DB you at this point. Mages have some annoying self-heals and burst, so choose your trinket wisely. Frost Difficulty Level: 6 (No really, it’s that hard.) The Opener: 1. Prem + Recup, sap the mage and go full burst on his pet. Sap him again off your dance then garrote the mage and use the rest of your burst on him. 2. Use the same double prem technique as for mounted fire mages. Sap the mage keeping enough distance that if he tries to pet freeze you from stealth it won’t work. Garrote without breaking sap and then kidney him. Full burst in the opener. The Strategy: Bottom line is if you open right and save cloak for right after an ice block you will win. This sounds simple but Frost mage is the hardest class for a rogue of any spec to beat. Watch out for self-heals from the mage (Eating and Evocation). Pre-smoke bomb his deep freeze (takes a lot of practice but eventually you get it most of the time). 90% of cata servers are bugged and orb breaks both stealth and improved stealth (from vanish) so watch out! Don’t underestimate orb, if the mage uses orb it’s time for his burst as it procs fingers of frost for his deep freeze, and insane increased dmg on ice lance! Don’t let him Evocation. Use trinket, vanish, and cloak very wisely! If you’re stuck in a deepfreeze and he turns red GET OUT. If he ice blocks then step in front and try to gouge him out of it, you can also kill his pet if he is on his second one which would probably take him out of block a little early. Arcane Difficulty Level: 3 The Opener: Same as fire, exactly the same. The Strategy: Arcane mage is less difficult (much less) to beat than the other two specs, BUT an arcane mage can one shot you, letting him cast is not an option! Watch out for his insane knockback spell. The knockback can be cloaked and works the same as an elemental’s. The hardest part about beating an arcane mage is getting to him, he has blink AND knockback. Same procedure on iceblock as the other specs. Pro Tip: Kicking an arcane blast will spell block his blink, if you can do this and kidney you win! Warlock Destruction Difficulty Level: 5 The Opener: This will be a tricky opener as vs destruction you cannot afford to burn cloak in opener(if he is good). On the lock you will garrote into kidney shot (not overlapping like mages) and proceed to open. Try your best to kick seduction from his pet in the opener, against a good lock this is just going to come down to luck because he will juke cast it. The Strategy: DO NOT let him free cast, and always be on him. Watch out for demonic gateway and chaos bolts. Immolate with corruption will create a lot of DoT and the lock has more cc than you in a 1v1 situation. A good or a bad cloak will win or lose the game. A good lock will also have a shield + health regen from his soul burn and void walker. Kick/gouge his pet as much as you can. Versus a bad lock he may not invis his pet and you can sap it! Overall destro vs rogue vastly favors the lock in a skilled match up. Affliction Difficulty Level: 2 The Opener: Same as destro The Strategy: Same as destroy but he will be easy to beat in comparison. Affliction is not a class for duels. Demonology Difficulty Level: 3 The Opener: Sap his pet then garrote kidney etc The Strategy: Hybrid of BM hunter and destruction warlock. His pet does a lot of damage but so do his burst spells! The warlock may be a caster but his pet isn’t! Use disarm/redirected kidneys/gouges/saps on his pet while you burn him down. Evasion is also very effective. Druid Feral Difficulty Level: 3.5 The Opener: Just open garrote and get full recup, rupture, hemo, and expose armor on him. The Strategy: Bleed kite him until he thinks its fine to exit bear form then instantly stun him and burst. (easier said than done). Feral heals a lot when they clone you and use off heals, this is a good time to trinket and catch him out of form. Feral damage comes from bleeds so they will train you forcing cd’s from you then switch to cat for bleeds and try to kite try to evasion this or do anything to stop him. Watch out for faire fire, it may be tempting to cloak it but it can be a better option to use combat readiness sometimes! Balance Difficulty Level: 3 The Opener: He will sit in bear form so you may be thinking of opening like he is a melee but instead you need to garrote and damage. The Strategy: Save kidney for when he is in any form but bear form. DO NOT stand in his mushroom AOE field without cloak!! He will constantly try to kite you into it. Restoration Difficulty Level: 2-4 depends on their skill as this is a hard spec in cata pvp The Opener: Same as balance druid The Strategy: This is a relatively easy healer to beat 1v1 as their specialty is healing over time and rogue is a burst class. Catch him out of bear form and burst him down. Rogue (My favorite duel of all time, Rogue vs Rogue) Subtelty Difficulty Level: X The Opener: Adaptive, be completely creative. The Strategy: Outplay, outplay, outplay; this matchup is pure skill. Typically, you will gouge each other to open, first to gouge opens off it. Tip: Like stepping a warrior’s charge, little know that you can do the same to another rogue’s shadow step and leave them bewildered when they come out of it and you have traded places. This is especially fun to do! Assasination Difficulty Level: 1 The Opener: X The Strategy: Just keep in mind he only has one vanish, smoke bomb, etc. while you have two. You should never lose to assassination as sub. Combat Difficulty Level: 2 The Opener: X The Strategy: You can lose if you’re not careful! Same as other specs of rogue just watch out for a big killing spree! It is also notable that combat rogues have an 8 second kidney shot xD Some tips would be to just practice, watch retail gladiators, play arena, spam duels. You use every single ability in duels and arena, EVERY single one. Even distract can be used for things like interrupting casts and such. Just experiment! Rogue is about reaction times, outplaying your opponent, and playing gay! Use everything have counter everything they have. Counter their attacks, heals, defensives, cc, etc. And don’t let anyone tell you not to LoS in duels. Tip: If your wanting to really have a challenge and learn to duel faster and better than ever, remove all your gear. Keep your weapons, rings, necklace, and trinket, then duel with nothing else.Why? Well think about it. If your dueling with your gear on and make a mistake, it can be hard to notice. Now if you don't have that gear to cushion you, what happens? You see right away you didn't trinket right, should have re-stealthed, messed up DR's, etc. It's a great tool to become more effective at the rogue play style. You will learn how to trinket, blind, re-stealth, and much more. Macros #showtooltip Blind /cancelaura hand of protections /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Blind; Blind /P BLIND /cast [@focus] dismantle #showtooltip gouge /cancelaura hand of protections /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Gouge; Gouge #showtooltip /castsequence reset=4 Premeditation, Recuperate #showtooltip #showtooltip Sap /cleartarget /targetenemyplayer /cast sap #showtooltip Shadowstep /cancelaura hand of protection /cast shadowstep; Shadowstep #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover] Tricks of the Trade /p Tricks of the trade /p BURSTING! /use Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Conquest #showtooltip #showtooltip /cast [target=focus] kick #showtooltip /cast [target=focus] blind /p BLIND! #showtooltip /cast [target=focus] sap /p FOCUS SAP /cast [mod:alt, @alt] Gouge; Gouge /cast [@mouseover] kick /cast kick /castsequence [@focus] reset=10 Redirect, Kidney Shot /p SMOKE BOMB! #showtooltip /cast smoke bomb #showtooltip /castsequence [@focus] reset=4 Shadowstep, kick #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover] Shadowstep /cast Shadowstep /cleartarget [target=target, dead] /clearfocus [target=focus, dead] /target focus /cleartarget [target=focus, noexists] /targetlasttarget /focus target /targetlasttarget /p TRINKET USED: (your name) #showtooltip /cast Every Man For Himself Arena Targeting Macros: /target arena1 /target arena2 /target arena3 /focus arena1 /focus arena2 /focus arena3 /focus [@mouseover] /focus [@target] Arena Macros: Ideally you will replace focus targeting with /cast [@arena1] (ability) /cast [@arena2] (ability) /cast [@arena3] (ability) But this requires a lot of binds Addons The addons I use are: Bartender4 Diminishing Returns Doom CooldownPulse ExtraCD Gladius Interrupt Bar Elphie’s Interrupt Say LoseControl NugComboBar OmniCC Quartz Recount SafeQueue Tidy Plates If requested in the comments I will explain what each addon and macro does but as of right now I feel like it would take a long time. Keybinding In PvP you must keybind everything. You have your entire keyboard to work with and I would recommend making your most important and frequently used abilities the keys you have the easiest time pressing. You can also add modifiers to create additional keybinds. In the end keybinds come down to what works best for you!
  3. How To Strip Info from Wowhead If you're a scriptor like me, you probably strive to get those tedious projects completed as effectively and efficiently as possible. This guide will show you how to "Strip" data from HTML and apply it to code. After personally experiencing browser crashes and lag fits when opening multiple Wowhead tabs to source information, I decided to search for a solution to end this chaos. This has saved not only my computer, but also the amount of time spent writing code. This solution follows 7 simple steps. Before you get started, you will require: Google Chrome or Firefox and Notepad++. The rest is as easy as copying and pasting from websites such as: Wowhead (For database information), Zubrag (to filter out unnecessary HTML code) and finally DirtyMarkup (to organize the data being used). (Tutorial) Open the spoilers below to see this guide. ▲◆▼ (Step One) ▼◆▲ ▲◆▼ (Step Two) ▼◆▲ ▲◆▼ (Step Three) ▼◆▲ ▲◆▼ (Step Four) ▼◆▲ ▲◆▼ (Step Five) ▼◆▲ ▲◆▼ (Step Six) ▼◆▲ ▲◆▼ (Step Seven) ▼◆▲ This concludes the tutorial. Thank you for reading/watching! If you have any issues understanding something or come across a problem, please post here in this topic for assistance.
  4. Why am i making a guide? Well, first of all, i do not consider myself to be a good player. I'm sort of a"meh" guy, decent at best, but i happen do be playing with some amazing players and people, and thus have experience with all the content available( we did 9/13 hc on t11 before FL, and the rest after, cleared 7/7 firelands heroic). My desire to not let my team down has had me study the class i am playing and try to be the best tank i can be. And so, i decided to share my thoughts and experience with you guys, and maybe get some improvements and new ideas going. I'd like to note on the start, that due to the nature of the class, i will not be able to give you a formula such as "Do this, then that, and you will perform well". Blood death knights are about the freedom to pick an approach depending on the fight, of your preference, and for your healers, and that's why i find it so amazing. I will give pointers and general directions, and will add as much info about how stuff works, to keep you informed, but you will have to make the desicions at the end. So... Here goes. Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Races 3 Talents 4. Glyphs 5. Spells and priorities 6. Cooldowns 7. Stat priorities 8. Items 9. Enchants 10. Gemming 11. Consumables 12. Fight tips 13. Add-ons 14. Macros 1. Introduction The death knight is a trully different type of tank. By default, we are a lot less sturdy than the other tank classes, and constantly have to act and make proactive and reactive decisions to stay alive. The blood death knight is often described as the most "manual" tank. What comes as automatic to other classes, we often have to do ourselves. This, of course, has pros and cons. We are all about control, and making the right choice at the right time. If you do so correctly, you can perform amazingly. However, mistakes will strain your healers, make your HP spike a lot, and potentially get you killed. Our mastery is sort of a replacement for the lack of block, but it offers amazing fluidity and the ability to adjust to each and every fight. In general, the DK works well as a single target tank, has great control, unmatched self healing and is capable of taking extreme amounts of magic damage without trouble. On the downside, we are not ideal for AoE tanking and kiting, and we lack avoidance. It's not that you can not kite as a DK, it's just that other classes will do it better with less effort. I would also like to note that here, on Atlantiss, we're taking advantage of all the 4.3.4 changes to the class, removing a lot of the problems we had to face on 4.2. The current patch and content combination is highly favourable to us, and it is rather easy to get good results with a DK tank, even if you are far from being optimal both in gear and skill. 2. Races. I've never been a fan of picking a race on what is optimal. For me, to have fun in this game, you must actually like how your character looks, and the racial bonuses are mostly not decisive. Still, if you want to be optimal as a DK tank, you should probably pick a tauren on horde(+ 5% base hp, and an AoE stun) and a dwarf(stoneform) or a night elf ( 2% dodge) on alliance. 3. Talents. This is my prefered spec for maximising survivability (the actual tank spec). Talents are chosen with regard to keeping you alive and minimising the damage you take, and with disregard of DPS done. Let me list some of the optional ones. · Scent of blood: gives you a chance to generate extra runic power. Its useful to get you some more PR, which can in turn be used for some defensive cd's and/or some more runestrikes, which in turn can give you more DS due to the runic empowerement. Its a good talent to have, but you can also go without it. · Blood-caked blade Tiny DPS increase. Really tiny. Not worth it. · Abomination's might: you should only take this talent if no one in your raid can provide the 10% increased attack power(unlikely). You should take it if you are trying to max out your dps too, since it will give you 2 % STR. · Crimson Scourge increases the damage dealt by blood boil and gives you a chance to gain cost-free Blood Boils. Damage is bad, its only good if you have agro issues while you AoE tank, and the little downtime we do have is already used for Horn of Winter, so there is not much point in getting it just for the free casts either. · Epidemic :increases the duration of our DoTs for 4 sec per talent point. It saves us runes by allowing us to keep DoTs up only via outbreak. · Endless Winter, which makes your interrupt free of runic power cost; It was mandatory on t11, mostly useless on FL. Edit: The lichboune spec is not really mandatory, you can function well without it and do higher dps if you do not have it. However, its a really strong self heal on demand and i advice to spec for it. The fucking bloodworms like pulling. A lot. Everything. All the time. It sickens me. You can remove them if it bothers you too much, and if you want to skip a lot of trash, but keep in mind they are still very helpful to have on actual raid bosses. 4. Glyphs: Prime: - Death Coil: Better self heals with it. Its a MUST if you are using the Lichbonre spec, and as i said, i believe you should. It scales with AP, and can heal up really, really well. - Rune Strike: More damage, better aggro - Heart Strike: More damage, better aggro If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick : - Death and Decay( longer duration- more damage- more threat) You might want to take Death strike glyph if you want some extra dps here and there, but it wont do much, since you will rarely have a lot of RP. Major: - Vamp Blood 40% increase to healing on you, but you lose the hit points gained. I glyph this in and out according to the fight we're progressing. If you want to support your healers in a tough spot, glyph it. If you feel like for some reason they won't be able to heal you for a while and you prefer to have a hp+ on demand, don't glyph it. I still prefer it glyphed on most fights, since it buffs up self healing too. - Rune Tap: helps with healing a bit. Was amazing on Chim hc back in the day. - Anti magic shell +2 sec duration. Helps with consistent magic damage, useless if it only comes in burst on the fight Dancing Rune Weapon: 50 % more threat while it’s on. Has some uses, nothing impressive. If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick: - Pestilence: To increase the range at which you spread diseases - Blood Boil: To increase the range of your Blood Boil Minor: Blood tap is okay, it won't cost you hp anymore. (by default its 6 % of base hp, which doesn't really matter, but oh well, it's something.). The rest are all meh, pick whatever. 5. Spells and priorities. Cata doesn't have rotations, you have priority systems. Here's yours. Single Target 1) Outbreak on cooldown, keep STD’s up if you can afford it 2) Death Strike 3) Rune Strike 4) Rune Tap on cooldown (if 90% health or less) 5) Horn of Winter 6) Heart Strike Lets get into detail about each one here. 1. Outbreak- Doing it to keep your DoTs on the boss, since they apply the standard tank debuffs, and of course, you need those. Here are the benefits of having them up. A) They do damage B ) They cause Heart Strike to do more damage C) Frost Fever slows attack speed, Blood Plague reduces damage by 10% You still need to be smart about it, of course. While you would want 100 % uptime of your DoTs, if for some reason you have to apply them not via Outbreak, it wil cost you the runes for a DS, which keeps you alive. If you need to survive now, prioritise that DS over some uptime of the DoTs. 2. Death Strike- Functionally, this is your top priority, as it is our main survival mechanic. Lets talk about it more. First of all, lets clearly explain how does DS work. You use it, then: 1. First, the server calculates the damage you have taken in the previous 5 seconds. 2. Next, the server takes 29% of this value. (20%*145%=29%). 3. This calculated value is compared to 7% of your HP. a. If 7% of your HP is greater than the calculated value, the server will set your heal to be 7% of your maximum HP. b. If 7% of your HP is less than the calculated value, the server will set your heal to be the calculated value. 4. Heal value is set and used for Blood Shield. Blood shield is applied. 5. Any healing addition/reduction is applied to the heal value. 6. You are healed for that amount. Things to note: Blood shield will not protect us from magic. More Stamina will mean better heals, only if they are the minimal 7% value. in a 5 second window, you will most likely get 3 swings against you(average boss attack timer is 1.8 sec), and one of them will likely be dodge/parried. So how do we time our DS's then? There are 2 ways people tend to go about it. Some players prefer to time every DS perfectly, maximising the damage they take, therefore the healing they get, therefore the value of the shield. Get the maximum out of each strike, spread your shields out.The drawback here is that waiting too much might mean you do less DS's overall, which can become a loss at the end. Other players tend to try to maximise the number of DS's they do, going for pure quantity and generally, never waiting more than 2sec on a DS. Problem with that is that DS's will often "clip" eachother, with you absorbing the damage from the bosses attack, thus making the next DS's heal and shield weaker. Also, if those DS's are not timed with a damage spike, you might end up in a bad situation with less resourses to go out of it. You also need to note that you can really overgear the current encounters, in which point bosses won't be able to break your Blood shield easily, and waiting on DS for too long will surely net a loss. So what should you do? I can't give a formula or say an approach is better. What works for one player might not work for another, what works for one fight might not work for another, what works in a partnership with some healer might not work with another. You need to be able to adapt and decide on the spot, the class offers this amazing fluidity and that's that's the beauty of it. 3. Rune strike. I'd be honest, i dislike the rune system, we're one of the few classes that uses so many different resourses, and its all a result of Blizz not being sure if they wanted to make a Necromancer, a Runemaster or a Death knight... so they ended up just shoving all their ideas into one class. Still, how you manage your stupid runes is vital for your performance as a DK. We have 6 of them, 2 frost, 2 unholy, and 2 blood runes, and some mechanics change them to death runes, which can be used for everything. We use runestrike for the threat it generates, but also because of the runic empowerement- the chance that it will restore a fully depleted rune. As Blood death knights, our job is to make sure we get more Death strikes, so we will aim to get back the runes needed for it- frost and unholy. Which means we will always try to have only 1 blood rune out, so it cannot be a target of the runic empowerement. 4. Rune tap. Why are we using a cooldown on our priority-rotation thingy? Will of the Necropolis- That's why. It will get reseted if we need it, so we can go crazy with it every time we can. The only rule here- don't overheal yourself with it. If you're at 90 % HP or less, use it. 5. Horn of winter- free RP, and STR( which means parry and more threat). It also looks cool. Not much to add about it, other than you should keep using it for those reasons, even if your group already has the buff. Its for those moments in which you have nothing else to do. 6. Heart Strike Clears up a blood rune, helps with aggro and damage. Multi-target: 1) Death and Decay 2) Outbreak, if possible 3) Pestilence if you used Outbreak, otherwise to hell with this. 4) Death Strike 5) Rune Strike 6) Blood Boil / Heart Strike- aggro and damage reasons. 3 or less- Heart Strike. More- Blood boil. 6. Cooldowns: Tanks use CD's to stay alive(duh). We are the class with the most. Lets look into them all. Proactive Cooldowns Anti-Magic Shell Reduces all magic damage taken by 75% (up to a maximum of 50% of your maximum health- note this- more stamina- stronger AMS). Also prevents most magic debuffs from being applied on you- awesome for avoiding some mechanics. It allowed us to solo BH's new boss for a long time, till they worked on it. In general. it's one of our signature skills, and its amazing, allowing us to survive heavy magic attacks with ease. The thing about it, though, is that you need to time it right. Need to use it just before the magic damage hits you, so you have to be aware of the bosses cast times. If you feel you're bad at it, or if you play with high latency, you might want to glyph this for extra 2 sec duration. Icebound Fortitude Grants you a 50% damage taken reduction from all sources. Plain and simple, really useful and strong cooldown. It will protect you against all damage and you can use it a couple of times in the fight. Use it before the damage comes. Dancing Rune Weapon Grants +20% chance to parry. It's nice and give us some avoidance- something we really lack. Our t12 bonus improves on this, giving us 15 % parry for a few more sec after the buff expires. Issue with this is that it just takes too much runic power, and you will need to pool some to use it. You can use it to lower the damage you will take, or to avoid getting stacks that come with attacks which actually hit you. Again, try to use it before the damage comes. Need to also note that it can increase threat generation with Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon). I have recently started using this glyph, after an accident on Sinestra in which our mage was bursting for 80k and i lost aggro, resulting in his death. It felt obsolete and unneeded before that, but if your DPS players are doing high numbers(only an issue if the fight starts with a burst phase) and you fear losing aggro, glyph it. Army of the Dead This is often overlooked as a defensive cooldown. It can actually protect you quite well. While you channel it, you will take less damage, equal to the sum of your parry and dodge. This will be around 35-38% with good gear, most likely. As you channel, you will not be able to dodge or parry, so this is only a good cooldown against magic damage. You can always use Death pact on one of the adds later. Oh, they also taunt when they spawn. Didn't until recently, when it was fixed. So if you're dealing with adds, it will also give you a few seconds to catch your breath while the adds die out. Bone Shield 20 % less damage taken, 6 charges, +2% damage done. You will also move faster if you glyph it. Keep it up as much as you can. Try to have it both up and ready to use again on the start of the fight. Reactive cooldowns; Those are are the ones you need to use after you've been hit, mostly to heal back up. Lichborne For 10 seconds, your Death Coil is empowered with self-healing capabilities and only costs Runic Power. Really strong self heal here, especially if you pool a lot of RP before you use it. It will also remove fears and shit. Death Pact Heals you for 25% of your maximum health after sacrificing a ghoul (from raise dead or army of the dead). Nice self healing, keep in mind Death Pact costs runic power too. Rune Tap Converts a Blood rune into 10% of your health (remember that the 30-second cooldown of Rune Tap is sometimes reset by Will of the Necropolis when your health drops below 35%) As we talked before, use it on cooldown, as long as it's not overhealing you. Other Cooldowns Vampiric Blood Grants you 15% additional health, increases the healing you receive by 25 % .With Glyph of Vampiric Blood, you gain no health but the healing you receive is increased by an additional 15% . Decide if you want to glyph is or not, i'd reccomend glyphing it for most of the fights. Empower Rune Weapon Instantly regenerates all runes and grants 25 Runic Power, sort of an emergency if you find yourself facing high damage with no resourses left. Big cooldown, though, usually 1 use per fight, rarely 2 Blood Tap Instantly regenerates a Blood rune and converts it into a Death Rune for the next 20 seconds. Perfect for an extra DS, Rune tap, or even to refresh your bone shield. As you can see, we have a shitton of cooldowns to use. Now, a few macros here and there will help you(will list mine at the end), but in general, i'd advice to keybind them all separately. Sometimes you might want to combine Vamp blood with Lichbone, or Dancing rune weapon with Army of the dead, to deal with magic damage, but at other time such actions might be huge overkill. Mix and match cd's according to what you face, but at the same time don't go crazy burning too many on 1 damage spike. Just don't create lazy, lame panic macros that burn half the stuff you got in 1 sec. 7. STAT PRIORITY: 1. Stamina. It translates to HP. We need enough to not get oneshot and that is our top priority, afterwards it no longer is. We have a few other benefits from it, as death knights. - Our Blood shield is capped at our HP value. - our AMS will absorb 50 % of our hp - Our 7 % (minimal) DS's heals are improved by it. Still, you should never go out of your way to get stamina, you will get enough from your gear and from those enchants you have no other options on. 2. Mastery. Bigger blood shields. Smoother damage intake, completely dependant on you, completely under your control. It's amazing and its your actual most prioritised stat. Now, unlike dodge and parry, mastery doesn't have diminishing returns. Still, in practice, the more of it you get, the bigger your shields become, the more damage is absorbed and the less you selfheal, making your next shield weaker too. Even so, mastery remains your best stat by far. All your reforges, enchants and gems should aim for it. 3. Dodge and Parry. Your avoidance. We want to keep those equal, because of the diminishing returns, and we will usually have more parry, due to the fact that we get 27 % of our STR as parry. Alternate DPS tanking spec: If you are somehow lacking DPS in your raid but have very strong healers, or if you have a huge ego and want to fight for a top DPS spot as a tank(lets face it, its usually the ego thing), then you should be happy because that is also possible as a Blood death knight. If you're aiming for DPS, you should first get your caps, expertise and hit, to ensure you will not be missing, or the boss wont be dodging your attacks. Parry is still an issue, since there is no way to go behind the boss as you tank it, but there is not much we can do about that. Afterwards, you can aim for either a Crit>Haste build, or a Haste>Crit build, mastery always comes last. I've seen people do well by going for either haste or crit, so i suppose it is up to your preference. Crit will give you high numbers, DS has a high crit chance anyways and when you stack more, it will crit often, but haste will provide you with more runes, therefore more DS's overall, therefore making you sturdier. I prefer the haste build, but you can try for yourself, i've noticed crit does better on some fights DPS-wise. Never forget, though, you will be taking a lot more damage this way. Your improved DPS is something your healers suffer for. Consider all of this well. 8. Items Can't say we have a specific BiS list, its often a matter of choice and personal preference. Do you want to max mastery out at the expense of some avoidance, or do you want to go point for point, avoiding getting anything with hit or expertise on it? Not so easy to say. My personal preference is to go for mastery all the way, yet I’ve made some compromises with it. I currently have around 4100 mastery, but it’s possible to get more, at the cost of stamina, dodge and parry. I will list the available options, you will decide what you want to pick. Head Helm of Blazing Glory with parry and mastery. Point for point it's the best one. Drops from Baleroc. Elementium Deathplate Faceguard is our tier 12 helm and requires a token off of Ragnaros. It has huge parry on it, but also expertise, which you don't want. Even the parry isn’t so great, since your parry will suprass your dodge by a lot anyways. Neck Firebound Gorget is the zone drop option from Firelands. Has great mastery, but also expertise. Is the mastery worth it? My answer is yes, but you decide for yourself. Caelestrasz's Will – is a drop from Sinestra. Pretty good. Stoneheart Necklace for VP. Good stats, nothing wrong with it. Shoulders Pauldrons of Roaring Flame - Mastery and Dodge. Too much dodge, though, and too little mastery. Yet point for point, its the best choice. Highest item level too, if you want to ilvl whore. It drops from Rag. Elementium Deathplate Shoulderguards are your tier 12 shoulders. Mastery, great. Hit...not so great. But that mastery though. Drops from Staghelm. Spaulders of Recurring Flame dodge and parry, pretty balanced. No mastery though. Chest The Elementium Deathplate Chestguard, which can be purchased with VP, has a nice little balance of dodge and parry. No mastery though. The Carapace of Imbibed Flame has mastery and dodge, which is nice Back Ruthless Gladiator's Cloak of Prowess - mastery and ressilence. Its pvp, of course, but it looks better than the pve options, since it has mastery, and the pve one has hit, which is also worthless. Might be good to pick up this one, even if it means you have to do some pvp for it. Durable Flamewrath Greatcloak has parry and hit. It's okay, and it's extremely easy to get. Wrist Bracers of the Fiery Path Mastery and parry, pretty nice. A lot of it is wasted on STR though. The heroic version is the best choice, but the normal might be inferior to the VP option due to all the itemization wasted on STR. Bracers of Regal Force are your VP option, with lots of dodge rating and a bit of parry rating. Vp, and you can buy it with an alt or for some gold. No mastery, though. Gigantiform Bracers you can wear this DPS bracer, i guess, if you want the mastery and the majordomo one doesn't drop. I wouldn't reccomend it, though. Hands Elementium Deathplate Handguards Nice stats, set bonus, easily BiS item with no discussions. Fireskin Gauntlets Mastery and hit, no set bonus. Tier one is better for sure. Name sounds too much like foreskin gauntlets, which is also a big minus. Flickering Handguards - random stats, you might get lucky, i guess. Belt Uncrushable Belt of Fury Lots of mastery, which is great. Expertise with it again though. We really gotta pay if we want our mastery maxed out on this tier, it seems. Girdle of the Indomitable Flame Rep one, easy to get, decent stats, no mastery. Legs Elementium Deathplate Legguards Mastery and parry, and tier bonus. Perfect. Lavaworm Legplates too much hit. They are okay, but go for tier as soon as you can. Legplates of Frenzied Devotion no mastery, but otherwise okay. Feet War-Torn_Crushers drop from sinestra. They don’t have mastery, but they do have 2 sockets, so that’s 80 mastery right there. With the reforges, you minimize the mastery loss, while getting a lot of avoidance out of them. Best choice in my opinion. Mirrored Boots great stats, and you can create/buy them. You should. Cracked Obsidian Stompers Lotta dodge, but expertise with it again. I wouldn’t even take the heroic version. But oh well, if you don't have anything better, it's something. Fingers I consider those 2 BiS right now. Too lazy to list other options. Adamantine Signet of the Avengers Don't know what's up with those dodge/hit rings in cata. Welp, it is the highest ilvl item you can get, and at least you can gem it for some mastery. Deflecting Brimstone Band VP one. Good stats, get it. Trinket I didn't bother to list t11 items, since most of them have better, easier to get alternatives. With the trinkets, that's not the case, and you might want to farm some of the older ones. Mirror of broken images - Tol Barad tank trinket. Its great. It's better than anything else you can get. The effect is a strong anti-magic cooldown. Wanna take even more magic damage with ease? Wanna laugh as the bosses’s pathethic magic betrays them? Want to be the god of taking magic damage? Go farm it. It also has mastery on it. You farming it yet? Stop reading now and go do the dailies. I can't stress how good this one is. Symbiotic worm heroic- great stamina trinket, with a mastery proc. It will activate when you're low on hp, giving you a stronger shield just when you need it most. Works really nice for us. Drops from Magmaw hc. Vial of Stolen memories - drops from Valiona heroic. Stamina + a lot of dodge on activation. Not especially our thing, but on a few encounters we can use the avoidance. Might be worth getting it. Fl trinkets are bad. Better stats, of course, but underwhelming effects. Listing them in no particular order. Spidersilk Spindle drops from Beth'tilac, (duh). If we only look at the mastery, it's amazing. Im picking it up on most fights. The effect is bad, though. 17k shield makes no difference at all. Stay of Execution A lot of dodge. Okay, but not a priority for us. The effect is weird, trading damage now for damage later. You can use it to deal with a spike of damage, but...you have better options in your arsenal. I consider this rather useless for us. Scales of Life lot of stamina, and a self heal on demand. We can use the self heal, and we will have it ready for use at all times, but one heal for less than 20k is not a big deal. I'd value both t11 stamina trinkets more than this one. Pick your trinkets for the fight. Think what you can use and what will be of most help. In general ,you might use more stamina on high magic damage fights. However, i would prefer the TB trinket above those, since the on use effect is amazing. Weapons: Can you dual wield? No, fuck you for even asking. There is no reason to, other than "it looks cool". And if you're the type of person that will screw himself and his group out of vanity, then well, fuck you. You will do less aggro and pugs will kick you. You deserve it. You suck. Sulfuras: - its your best option so far, due to the 2 sockets- 80 more mastery right there. Skullstealer Greataxe - has mastery, and of all the useless stats, haste is the least useless one. Sulfuras is better than the HC one as well. Akirus the worm-breaker: Nice stats, lower ilvl. Zoid's Firelit Greatsword - no mastery, you don't want this one. I suppose you can pick it, if you got nothing else, and want some extra aggro. Also, it works pretty well if you're going for a blood dps spec. The molten front BS weapon is nice to start with, and doesn't cost too much. 9. Enchants: Boooring. Just gonna list them Head: Arcanum of the Earthen Ring Shoulder: Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz Cloak: Protection Chest: Greater Stamina Bracers: Dodge Gloves: Greater Mastery Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Legplates: Charscale Leg Armor Boots: Earthen Vitality / Lavawalker / Mastery Weapon: Rune of Swordshattering / Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle You will usually prefer Swordshattering. Can pick Stoneskin too, of course, especially when the fight you're doing has a lot of magic damage. 10. Gems: Meta: Austere Shadowspirit Diamond 81 stamina, 2 % armor OR Effulgent Shadowspirit Diamond- 81 stamina, - 2 % spell damage taken (credit goes to Kejmil for pointing out this one). Once i saw a guy with the 1% block gem. Don't be that guy. Yellow Socket Fractured Amberjewel- 40 mastery Blue Socket Puissant Dream Emerald -20 mastery, 30 stamina Red Socket Fine Ember Topaz 20 mastery, 20 parry Most of the time, you would want to just get 40 mastery everywhere, especially if you are already making some compromises with it by getting dodge/parry items. I actually have a 40 mastery gem on every single slot. 11. Consumables. I'm bored of this, so will make it short- Eat mastery food, use matery potion + prismatic elixir. Fuck the cauldron and the flasks. Food: Lavascale Minestrone - 90 Stamina/90 Mastery Battle Elixir: Elixir of the Master - 225 Mastery Guardian Elixir: Prismatic Elixir - 90 Resistance to all schools of magic Potion: Golemblood Potion - 1600 Strength for 25 seconds 12. Fight tips: Now, most of the time, standard tanking guides will cover everything. So i won't go in details here, just a few words on each boss, in case there are some DK specific tips. t11 Heroic: BWD: Magmaw: If you're the boss tank, just rotate your cd's. Keep in mind the armor loss as the fight progresses, and burn cd's as intended. If you're on the adds, glyph your death grip. If you're having aggro problems, spam the skill on each new skeleton until they get to you and you can get proper aggro. If you have to run in the fire to get a skeleton, use AMS. ODS: Simple fight, only issue for you as a DK will be that you cannot attack the boss you tank while his shield is up. Be prepared for that, and for dealing with damage while you cannot DS. You can talent for interrupts here, and help the group with chains of ice on the poisonous adds. Chimaeron Loved this fight as a DK tank. We are great during the first phase, allowing us to max out our shields with massive self healing after the attack that leaves everyone on 1hp. Time your DS's well here, it makes a huge difference. On the second phase, though, we cannot self heal. That leaves us at a disadvantage. If your tank partner is a druid, hope he tanks first. They are a lot better than us here, being able to dodge stuff all day. To help our situation, go crazy on the shields( they still work, even though you cannot heal up), stack them the hell up, kepp them up and try not to die. Pop up your Dancing rune weapon as soon as possible, keep your shield up in any way you can (Empower rune weapon, blood tap). It's still worth it to keep the bone shield up too. Atramedes: Simple, really easy fight. You probably won't need to use many cd's, the tank damage isn't high. You can strangulate the adds. Do so. Maloriak: You can do a pretty good job on the boss during the black phase. Keep in mind the aoe on the ground, and think about where you stand. If you fuck up, you won't be able to reach the boss for DS's, and you're going to be in trouble. Still, we have a lot of antimagic cd's to rotate. Talent for interrupts, if you will be dealing with releasing and interrupting the adds. You can also do great on the black phase adds. Take a few seconds to get decent aggro when you take them, spread diseases, pop Death and Decay up. Rotate cd's, keeping something up at all times. The damage is serious, especially if that one special dps insists to walk on your path and cover it with black sludge. If you're to take the regular adds, disable your mic on TS/discord, so your team can't hear you cry. When a lot of them spawn, you won't be able to go to them to DS, so here goes most of your defensive power. Grip any adds that come to the group. You can set up DnD to get them up too. One fuck up and it's a wipe. All the other tank classes are going to be better than you at this, with warrior arguably being the best. If you have to do it, it might be better to just do it with frost spec. Nefarian: Nothing too special we can do here. Rotate cd's properly and you should be fine. You can do interrupts on a platform by yourself with no backup needed- if you have to jump out due to the debuff, you can still interrupt from range with Strangulate. BoT: Halfus: Easy fight, you can take both boss or adds. Interrupt the novas, pop Dancing rune weapon to avoid stacking up the debuff too fast, yell at your team to release the Nether Drake. Valiona: You can transfer diseases via pestilence if the bosses are right under eachother. Be a man and stack with the group for the blackout, you can take it with AMS or TB trinket or whatever. Help the group when you go into the realm, kill a couple of adds. You can take the damage, you're a DK. Council: Ignatious is your preffered boss on the 1st phase, you can deal with his fire breath easily. Interrupt the shield. If you're on Feludius, do your interrupts and ask for a ranged interrupt right after the first Glaciate. If you're on the lighting guy, Aerion or whatever, he will teleport away and cast a skill on you. AMS It out, it will do heavy damage. Cho'gall We're good at doing the adds here, you can grip them away to move them fast. AMS blocks out one of the debuffs from Cho. Otherwise, it's pretty basic. Sinestra: You should be the boss tank here. Rotate cd's properly, have something up for each breath. Save something big for Wrack+Breath. 2nd phase, Grip that drake next to the boss, so you don't have to turn your back to anything. If they decide to put you on the adds, keep aggro on them with Blood Boil. Forget about DS's, they die really fast, and you don't want them dead until the time is right. Your defense will be crippled, try your best to deal. Blame it on the healers when you die. Throne of the 4 winds: Boring raid.Boring bosses. Who wants to fight air? Pfff. Conclave: Do whatever you're asked to do. Nothing special to do as a DK. You might want to be on Nezir, you can take a lot of magic damage. Al'Akir: A lot of damage coming, rotate your cd's properly. Plan for the stacking debuff on 2nd phase. No matter how much you need to pick up the add or move away of the tornadoes, don't turn your back on the boss. I did once and i'm still ashamed. Firelands heroic: Shannox: Your DS is strong enough to break facerage. Make extensive use of chains of ice to keep them dogs slowed. Baleroc: This is your boss. You were made to tank it. Our defenses scale with the damage we take, AMS is based on our HP, so are the blood shields. The only defense we lose is the lichbone healing, since it’s AP based. Rotates cd’s like a boss and take less damage than any other tank. Link the recount healing after the fight and pretend you’re a pro. Note after the fix, TB trinket only helps on the fire blade. Use it on every single one. If you use AMS on the start of each blade, you will have it up on the next as well. Bethílac: You can deathgrip all the adds on the webs if you’re down. You have so many cd’s to take the magic damage with, rotate them properly during phase 2, and never pull the boss with no cd. On 20+ stacks, you might be oneshot if you are not careful. Rhyolith: Spam death grip on the Sparks, then take good aggro when they come close. DnD on the little adds. Nothing else special as a DK comes to mind. Alysrazor: Nothing really interesting as a tank. You can survive the firestorm if you fuck up, use AMS and the TB trinket. You can interrupt the add on 3rd phase with : your interrupt (duh), death grip, strangulate. You will be able to get 4 or 5 interrupts before the next phase. Majordomo: If you are low geared, tanking boss in cat form and an add at the same time might be a problem, so if you're in danger of dying, spam grip on the cat and kite it away in the oposite direction of the one in which the boss is jumping. Add will die before Staghelm goes back. Make extensive use of AMS. Ragnaros: I honestly really hate to say it, but you should put all your dps gear with Str>hit/exp>haste>crit priority and go dps the boss as a tank. The tank damage he does is so low its boring, and with the other tank giving you 6-7 stacks( with care, you will die on more) you can push great numbers. Its really anticlimactic as a tank to have such a boss as the last one, and with the buffs on Atlantiss it might be one of the few ways to push last phase with only 1 metors. If your parthner tank is a hybrid feral, even better. Still, fuck all of this for being non tanky. Detailed info of Rag hc fight and what you should do there: Your Stat priority should be STR>Hit and expertise to cap>Haste> Crit>Mastery. I know it was stated that Crit> Haste is better, but now that i have tested it for myself, haste is by far the better option, providing you with a lot of DPS as well as with more defence. You should also use the Death strike glyph, since a lot of haste will provide you with a lot of RP. Using all the dps gear available, i got 2600 haste unbuffed, i am missing items though, so more is possible. This provides you with a lot of runic power and your runes come back quite fast as well. As for trinkets, i use Apparatus and the Rep one. Two on-activation effects, it is weird, i know. But you dont want them simply for the burst, you want them because they provide both offensive and defensive value. As the fight starts, prepot, use your rep trinket, wait for procs from your weapon enchant and whatever else you have and pop your ghoul. Save AMS for every trap, once you get 10+ stacks you will likely die unless you AMS the trap damage. Rotate your other cds and use apparatus during the 1st phase for the haste bonus both for damage and to increase your regeneration. The incoming damage will be crazy at the end, if your raid has other CD's, ask for help ( Our paladin helped me here with Sacrifice). Yell out for healing as you rush to kill transition adds or just use your lichbone if you have it. My dps on the end of phase one looked like this(on a really good attempt) Keep in mind the actual DPS players are not trying hard on this phase, they are all capable of a lot more. The screenshot is not from the kill night, we had a feral here and didnt have one for the kill. During the transition, you are capable of killing adds easily, especially if your stacks havent expired yet( in that case, you can 2shot an add). During the 2nd phase, dont forget about AMS-ing the traps, but start saving cd's for the 3rd, especially your trinkets. You can and should reset your stacks at some point, our Arms warrior helped me by taunting for 1-2 sec after the first seeds. You probably wont need to reset more than once, i had around 9-12 stacks on reaching 2nd transition. 2nd transition is tricky, since you will likely need to kill an add and take both scions within a few seconds. I was killing an add close to the hammer as i take aggro of the scion next to the hammer, then run and death grip the other scion, pop Dancing rune weapon ( you need it now, never on 3rd phase), and kill the adds asap. Ideally both of them should be dead before Rag comes back up, but one dead will also do. If they are all alive, pop cd's and hope you dont die( they do a lot of damage and you are not a tank, not really). During the 3rd phase, your dps will likely not match what you are doing on the 1st phase. There is just too much stuff the boss is casting, so a lot of downtime on the tank damage, your Vengeance might drop, your stacks are likely to expire, and so on. On my best tries i was doing 40k there, but on average, it was closer to 30-32, which would put me last on dps( But hey, last with over 30k is not that bad). 4th phase can be scary. You have to do the usual tactics, while also tanking the boss alone. I had our Arms warrior help me here again by leaping away and putting the boss in the first roots. This will likely help your stacks reseting, but if unlucky, they just wont. Another issues is our lack of mobility, if the roots spawn too far. Ask a raid member for a speed buff and make sure you have bone shield up and glyphed. AMS and Lichboune can save your ass as you run in and out of the frost patch. If your stacks dont reset, remember your rotations from phase 1, use both trinkets as defensive CD's as well. Unlike p3, you want to use Dancing rune weapon too. I did die last night, near the end of the fight, with 19 stacks, after our healers put insane efforts to keep me alive. After all, dont forget that doing the big dps and solo tanking is more to the healer's credit, than due to your skill. Thank them for keeping your paper ass alive, they deserve it. Video of one of my first kills: 13. Addons: Only listing some addons, specific for a DK, that will help you do better as blood. 1.Blood shield tracker: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/blood-shield-tracker It’s awesome, it’s vital, get it. It will show you information for your death strike- estimated heals and shield. Really helps to time those Death Strikes and smoothen you damage intake. 2.Magic runes: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/magicrunes Bigger, better display for your stupid runes, so you can be more efficient in your stupid rune management. God I hate the runes. Anyways, this helps. There are a million of alternatives for it, I just use this one. You can look around if you don’t like it. 3.Devoured by vermin: http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/6351-addon-devouredbyvermin/ Ever wanted to know how many worms you have, and how much they can heal for? Now you can. Will it help? Not all that much, but it’s still good to know. Lanrutcon made it. 4. Bloody addon- sooo pretty. http://expirebox.com...d89a39304e.html Lanrutcon fixed it for cata, credit goes for him again 14. Macros: As I said, you don’t want to macro too much. Here is what I have. 1. Mouse over battle ress: #showtooltip Raise Ally /cast [target=mouseover,help][target=target]Raise Ally Point to the dead scrub, push the button- he’s alive again. 2. Lichbone: #showtooltip Lichborne /cast Lichborne /cast [target=player] Death Coil First press activate Lichborne, every next one casts death coil on you. Spam it, pretty much. 3. Death Pact /castsequence reset=30 Raise Dead, Death Pact One button for summoning a ghoul and eating it. Press twice Damn, you actually read the whole thing. Thank you. Hope it was useful for you.
  5. Hey , lads ! I am Allasth , mainly known by my friends in-game as Alla , but you may find me on Nirin/Bainark. I'll cover all the things mentioned below and the guide will be kept brief and sensible. Spells Talents/Glyphs Stats and Regorges Gems and Enchants Possibly Bis for FL patch Macros Introduction Hpalas are super fun , I've played every other healing class and I have had most fun with paladins. They specialise in Tank healing , mana balance and in very well stacked/grouped healing. 1 Spells -Holy light: this is your butter spell , when you are low-geared you will have problems healing well dungeons/raids , because you will not have enough Spell power and you will have a lack of haste , meaning that you will heal slowlier with less power. But when you get decent gear and you get some spell power+haste the only spell that you will use 70% of the time is holy light , due to its mana efficiency and op scale with spell power. -Divine Light: Hell , yeah , that's the bomb of light that we use on dying targets. It costs a lot of mana , do not overuse it ,because your mana is not eternal. Gives 1 Holy power if used on the guy with Beacon of Light due to Tower of Radiance. -Flash of Light: I do not use this heal often , it is only used when you are in need of a fast moderate heal that should save somebody. It is not cost efficient and it will drain your mana pool really really really fast. I see paladins using it quite often, and if i compare myself to them , I heal more and I use a ton less mana than them. For example they get OOM when im at 80% mana and i have nearly healed 70% of their total healing , meaning that in the next 10-20 seconds ill have healed more and i'll have like ~70% mana more. Gives 1 Holy power if used on the guy with Beacon of Light due to Tower of Radiance -Holy Radiance:It is your AoE heal , big mana cost , really worth tbh for like healing 6 people+ and this thing causes your HPS to raise up in the skies where no other healer can go. Gives 1 Holy Power from the talent Tower of Radiance. -Holy Shock:This is your second butter spell , its like nearly 0 mana ( ) and it gives you 1 holy power + it may proc Infusion of Light talent. Use it on CD -Word of Glory:This is almost as strong as your Divine light (if you use the glyph for it) and it is really cool , it is like a 40-50k crit on a low hp target . And it has increased crit on targets below 35% life due to the talent Last Word ( SIMPLY AMAZING ) -Light of Dawn: In encounters like Majordomo where the raid takes severe aoe damage , you use Holy Radiance , which gives you holy power and as a filler for aoe healing you use this spell. BTW, this thing actually healing a lot the beaconed target if it heals a lot of people , keep that in mind. -Beacon of Light:A tank is happy to have this on him + it gives Holy Power when you use some of the aforementioned spells. -Divine Favour:Really good spell , many hpalas dont use often , which is , oh well , kinda fine i guess , but it helps a lot. Reduces the cast time of your healing spells and increases its critical chance by 20% use it for hard aoe spam or for heavy and constant 1 target damage. -Avenging Wrath:Wings ... fucking op angel style . Increases healing , you can use it at the beginning of a fight or whenever you need it. Do not combine it with Divine Plea, because it is a waste of power. -Guardian of Ancient Kings: Hello , do i see people dying that are not stacked ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Use this and use 2-3 Flash of lights => profit everybody is on 100% hp. This thing heals guys for 10% of the heal casted on a target , meaning it makes it aoe LOL -Hand of Sacrafice:You take 30% of the targeted guy , it is useful , use it , but dont ever use it if you are taking damage severe damage. -Judgement:I am stressing this A LOT : use this 100% its up it always procs your seal of insight and it gives you mana+ the talented buff for 30% more spirit and 3% more haste ( USE IT USE IT) -Crusader Strike:I use this everysooften , but it is not really needed , i mean if you want to be the best paladin every you may want to use it if you are silenced for example. -Seal of Insight:You always use this, it increases your healing by 5%. -Hand of Protection:Cool spell , but for the Firelands patch it is not that usefu due to bosses doing mostly (90%) magic damage. It absorbs only Physical damage and the target cannot use physical damage abilities. -Lay on Hands:You can only use this once per fight , if you feel like using it , use it. It does not matter when really. It is a cool oh-shit-button. -Cleanse:As every other healing in cata , it removes everything , use it always to remove bad effects(if you are assigned to doing this , ofc). -Divine Plea:It restores huge amounts of mana, combine it with a volcanic potion(gives 1200 int) , because it restore 18% of your TOTAL mana meaning buffs of your mana count in as well. -Hammer of justice:Stuns a guy for 5 seconds , cool. -Aura Mastery:Use this ALWAYS when there is heavy magical AOE damage incoming, paladins dont abuse this spell , but it makes them really shine above other healers. -Divine Shield:Hell ,yeah, im not dying if my mates are dying , use it if you need it. Dont missclick please. Btw if your tank days and the boss goes berserk , you can use this with a Taunt , which will provide the raid enough time to finish him(probably). It removes CC as well. -Hand of Freedom:I mainly use it for me, beacuse bosses cast some nasty aoe thing on the ground that do a lot of dmg and slow you , welp , with this spell i can ,at least, not be slowed. -Rebuke:Interrupt on every 8 seconds, use it if you have incompetent dpses. -BoM/BoK:Simply , Use BOK ,unless there is a druid , then use Might(Bom) -Aura: Always Resistance aura , unless you are in a stupid dungeon where the tank only gets damaged by physical damage. -Turn evil:You can use it on some encounters just to CC a demon or an undead. 2 Talents/Glyphs I will cover only the pve part here. So i mainly use this one , meaning 97% of the time. http://freecode.hu/wowtal/eng/?PA#03331001221131312311302.18-31.17-!-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1 ( sorry for the link ) Glyphs are : Prime:Glyph of Insight (Used always, it increases your healing with 5%) Glyph of Holy Shock(Used always , because of the procs of Infusion of Light) Glyph of Divine Favor(I use this instead of Glyph of Glory , just because adding 10 seconds to a 20 seconds buff that is op , is huge) Major:Glyph of Divinity Glyph of Lay on Hands (you may actually use loh twice XD) Glyph of Divine Plea Minor:Glyph of Blessing of Kings Glyph of Blessing of Might Glyph of Insight 3 Stats and Reforges So , stats are really straightforward. As a healer you need insurance(no crit) that you will be healing non-stop(spirit), because people do not stop taking damage ( I am looking at you , guildies) Additionally, you need strong heals. This leads us into one conclusion: Intellect>Spirit>Haste>Crit>Mastery (crit is better than mastery just because mastery puts a stupid shield on your target that is easily blown up, while crit doubles your heal ) One thing here , at one point you will not be heaving any problems on mana preservation , so just change the priority list like this int>haste>spirit (this is only if you have like ~2.2k spirit , if you are more experienced the minimum cap can be lowered to like ~2k spirit) For reforging , do this. Pick plate pieces with Intellect and reforge mastery>crit into spirit or haste, depending on what you need more. 4 Gems and Enchants First , when to gem properly . Since INT is your main stat, you want it the most. You gem only red sockets unless the socket bonus is at least +20 intellect, then you use 20int+20 haste/20 spirit for yellow/blue. If you have a piece with 2 yellow/2 blue sockets and it gives you less than 30 int , just gem 2x 40 int. Enchants Head: Arcanum of Hyjal Shoulders: Greater Inscription of Charged Loadstone Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect Chest: Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats Wrists: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Pants: Powerful Ghostly Spellthread Boots: Enchant Boots - Lavawalker Main Hand: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent Off Hand: Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect And please , do not be greedy , spend some gold on that Power Torrent , it helps a lot. 5 BIS for FL Patch This is something i shouldn't and i won't. BUT i will tell you what bis in fact means. Bis is a piece that has the main stats that you need ,without it being reforged. For example , a BIS item would be: Cluth of the Fire mother, dropped by Alysrazor, it has int and spirit + haste , everything else thought should be from the VP vendor in order ot get the 4th piece bonus. Dont neglect the 4th piece bonus please. I must say though 1 thing about the trinkets, your bis trinkets are Darkmoon card:Tsunami . which gives 400 spirit and 321 intellect , pure madness + Jaws of defeat , which is one amazing trinket if used properly (use your Radiance with it===> infinite profit) 6 Macros #showtooltip Judgement /cast [nodead,harm] [@targettarget,nodead,harm] [@focustarget,nodead,harm] [@targettargettarget,nodead,harm] [] Judgement This eases your healing , it makes your judgment hit the target of your target #show Avenging Wrath /cast Avenging Wrath /use 14 This should be used if you have a proc trinket that gives intellect or spell power #showtooltip Divine Plea /use Volcanic Potion /cast Divine Plea Use the macro like this. If you have a trinket that gives you intellect , just use "/14" before "/cast Divine Plea" Last words from Allasth As last words I must say that i have had a blast with my guild and that they have helped me more than i have ever expected. They made me who i am (in wow) , they supported me and this guide wouldn't be possible without them. For ever one from the Sons of Valhalla <3 <3 <3 | | Thank you for reading this brief guide , it is my first that i have ever done , apologies for the errors done while writing it!
  6. Taith

    Battleground Guide

    Battle Ground Guide By: Taith Before I start, it's come to my knowledge that not a lot of players tend to follow the battle-ground standards when they join. It may or may not be due to the fact that they have no experience in that Battleground because of multiple reasons such as, just now joining WoW or what ever the case may be. So I have decided to write this guide in order to teach players the objective of each Battleground, and tactics to go with it. To the players who believe this guide is helpful to anyone new, give me a shout out, to anyone who thinks it was a waste of time.. Jokes on you, you took the time to read it anyway. Mind you, there will be a few of the "Cataclysm Expansion" Battlegrounds that are not listed due to the fact that they are not currently working. So in this guide, I will touch on the basic battlegrounds. Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks, Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, The Battle for Gilneas, and Alterac Valley. I will also explain the main concept of Tol Barad, Winter-grasp is never active, so I wont really touch that explanation.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting off simple. Warsong Gulch Capture the flag is the main objective. Players must work together as a team to capture the enemies flag while at the same time defending their own. The flag is placed at each end of the map in the opposing factions bases. The flags can each be identified as the color of the flag matches the color of the faction. E.G: Red = Horde ; Blue = Alliance. Tactics (Warsong Gulch) 1.) Move as a group... What I mean by that is do not run off on your own to engage the enemy thinking that you're rambo. Moving as a group is the most efficient way to win this battle-ground because you're stronger in numbers than you are alone... Unless this is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon... Then by all means, go off alone... 2.) Let the tanks do their job... Letting a tank specified player hold the flag for running purposes is the better idea of all the others. Not only do they do more damage, but they are specced specifically to take.. Guess what? A LOT OF DAMAGE... Never let a healer take the flag.. You want them to survive so they can heal you.. (Other tactics you learn on your own as you play with team-members and begin to form strategies with your team) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twin Peaks Capture the flag is the main objective. Players must work together as a team to capture the enemies flag while at the same time defending their own. The flag is placed at each end of the map in the opposing factions bases. The flags can each be identified as the color of the flag matches the color of the faction. E.G: Red = Horde ; Blue = Alliance. 1.) Move as a group... What I mean by that is do not run off on your own to engage the enemy thinking that you're rambo. Moving as a group is the most efficient way to win this battle-ground because you're stronger in numbers than you are alone... Unless this is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon... Then by all means, go off alone... 2.) Let the tanks do their job... Letting a tank specified player hold the flag for running purposes is the better idea of all the others. Not only do they do more damage, but they are specced specifically to take.. Guess what? A LOT OF DAMAGE... Never let a healer take the flag.. You want them to survive so they can heal you.. (Other tactics you learn on your own as you play with team-members and begin to form strategies with your team) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arathi Basin Arathi Basin is a 15 vs 15 domination battleground, where each side attempts to control the Stables, Blacksmith, Mine, Lumber-mill and Farm for as long as possible. Tactics 1.) Never leave a base without someone to defend it. Don't leave a healer to defend a base... 9 times out of 10 everyone else suffers from it. 2.) Call out your positioning. If you're defending a base, let your group members know... Also, if you have incoming enemies, let your group members know... 3.) Fight on the Flags Fighting on the flags makes it difficult for someone from the opposing team to capture it / defend it. It causes a stir of AoE damage that no player wants to be the center of. Unless you're a tank... (Other tactics you learn on your own as you play with team-members and begin to form strategies with your team) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm is a 15 vs 15 domination battleground, where each side attempts to control the Mage Tower, Fel Reaver Ruins, Blood Elf Tower, and Draenei Ruins for as long as possible. Tactics 1.) Never leave a base without someone to defend it. Don't leave a healer to defend a base... 9 times out of 10 everyone else suffers from it. 2.) Call out your positioning. If you're defending a base, let your group members know... Also, if you have incoming enemies, let your group members know... 3.) Fight at the base. Fighting on the base while trying to defend / attack it will help your team out. While on the base, you're still attempting to capture that base. And as long as you have 1 more person within the capture range it will begin to flip the base into your teams control. (Other tactics you learn on your own as you play with team-members and begin to form strategies with your team) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Battle for Gilneas The Battle for Gilneas is a 10 vs 10 battleground, where each faction attempts to control the Mine, Lighthouse, and Waterworks for as long as possible. Tactics 1.) Never leave a base without someone to defend it. Don't leave a healer to defend a base... 9 times out of 10 everyone else suffers from it. 2.) Call out your positioning. If you're defending a base, let your group members know... Also, if you have incoming enemies, let your group members know... 3.) Fight on the Flags Fighting on the flags makes it difficult for someone from the opposing team to capture it / defend it. It causes a stir of AoE damage that no player wants to be the center of. Unless you're a tank... People hate tanks... (Other tactics you learn on your own as you play with team-members and begin to form strategies with your team) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alterac Valley Typically Alterac Valley is fought with some-what 20+ more people on each team. It is a large-scale battlegroung where each faction moves North if you're horde, or South if you're Alliance in the attempt to destroy the opposing factions Towers, Graveyards, mini-bosses to achieve victory. ((Lord knows the pain anyone who played the original Alterac Valley felt when they got swarmed by 30 something players and died instantly..)) Tactics... (Oh god..) 1.) DO NOT STRAY AWAY FROM THE GROUP.. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.... this is not for my health when I say this, this is for yours.. If you want to keep your measly 120k - 240k HP.. You better stay with the group. 2.) Do not leave a tower after you have burned it, (Attacked it). it is most likely that some enemy is randomly turning around to come defend it and they will, "Ninja cap" it from you after you leave. 3.) Kill the mini bosses. If your team happens to be strong enough and you are able to avoid, or defeat the opposing faction in an open ground battle. Kill the mini boss, it wont hurt you to do it.. It only hurts the enemy.. 4.) Protect your healers at all costs no matter what the price is. If your healers die, you have a very high chance of following in their foot-steps... 5.) Run together Like I stated in the tactics for Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks, never run alone.. This isn't a movie, Disney did not create this game... You will die.. (Other tactics you learn on your own as you play with team-members and begin to form strategies with your team) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tol Barad So, unlike the other battle-grounds this one is a fight for the famous Baradins Hold, a PvE raid at level 85 that players happen to need Tol-barad under their factions control in order to enter. Tol Barad is a fight similar to Alterac Valley except without the full-blown, "Hey I want to eat your soul" kind of feeling.. There are 2 sides to Tol Barad, Attacking and Defending -Attacking : attacking faction has to take the 3 bases and hold them for only a split second to win. -Defending : Defenders must defend at least 1 of the 3 bases in order to achieve victory. Neutral (Attackers) : There are 3 towers that the defenders must defend as well, but is not a guaranteed "Hey you will win if you defend this tower" kind of deal. The towers, after destroyed by the attackers, grant a plus to the time. Making it an over-all 25 minute battle if the attackers were to destroy all 3 towers. Tactics (Defending) 1.) Never leave a base un-defended You are literally doing 1 thing, attacking or defending... Do your job... 2.) Have at least 1 healer at each base It's easier this way... You have heals spread out around the board so you generally have a better chance of winning. 3.) This tactic is called a "Turtle" tactic. Rushing to the base that is farthest away from the attackers graveyard and bolstering a single defense to stop anyone who may try to enter... Focusing all your fire-power and will power into protecting that ONE base. Because you do not need all 3 in order to win. Tactics (Attacking) 1.) Run together, it is likely that the defenders will just post up a defense and try to win like that... 2.) Keep your healers alive... (Enough said) That's pretty much it for attackers.. (Other tactics you learn on your own as you play with team-members and begin to form strategies with your team) To everyone who read this guide I thank you for taking the time to look over it. If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments and I will make more guides! To anyone who believes the information I gave is wrong or not completely up to date, let me know your suggestions and I will edit the post and add your, 1.) Tactic , 2.) Forum name (Credit) , 3.) Game Name. I hope you all enjoyed this guide! -Taith Kynrieth / Wildsky (Alliance)
  7. Hello! And welcome to my prot warrior guide!   Table of content: 1. Overview and basics 2. Races 3. Professions 4. Talents and glyphs 5. Spells, cooldowns and rotation 6. Buffs and debuffs 7. Stats 8. Reforging 9. Enchants 10. Gemming 11. Consumables 12. Add-ons 13. After CTC cap     1. Overview:      In my opinion, Warrior is the most fun and versatile class to tank with. What we lack in terms of an aspect of an encounter we can compensate through choosing various specs and talens. In the right hands, I'd dare to say, Warrior can be the best tank of them all. We have very steady and smooth threat generation and DPS and consistent damage reduction thanks to our mastery, which increases our block chance. With the recent changes to the block % calculations and the Shield Block fix, we are slowly making our way back to the top.      As a class that wears shields we mitigate damage by blocking with our shield and thanks to our mastery, those blocks can be sometimes critical blocks. I will go over this in details in the stats section.   2. Races:      In WoW we have 12 races to choose from, which, actually all can be warriors. If you have any preferences towards a specific race, feel free to skip this part.   2.1 Alliance:      - Draenei - A small heal over 15 seconds and 1% hit - IMO the heal is too small to make a big difference and we already have a pretty solid HoT in our spellbook.    - Dwarf - Stoneform - Removes poison/bleed/disease effects and reduces damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. This is, hands down, the best tanking racial in the game.    - Gnome - No!!!    - Human - PvP trinket, extra expertise with swords and maces. Excellent if you like PvPing from time to time, but it doesn't really bring any benefits in a raid enviroment.    - Night Elf - 2% dodge and some nature resistance.    - Worgen - Darkflight - Short movement speed boost, more mobility never hurts. You also get 1% passive crit.   2.2 Horde:      - Blood elf - Arcane Torrent - AoE interrupt and mini rage generator, small amount of arcane resistance. Not worth looking like a gaylord.    - Forsaken - Will of the forsaken - Removes sleep/charm/fear effects, some shadow resistance.    - Goblin - Some additional mobility never hurts, 1% increased attack speed.    - Orc - DPS on-use racial and expertise with axes.    - Tauren - 5% increased base HP, AoE casted stun    - Troll - Reduced effect of movement impairing effects, small amount of regen persists in combat and a haste cooldown.   The best choices would be Tauren for horde and Dwarf for Alliance.   3. Professions:      Professions are another factor based on personal preference, but their impact is a lot bigger than the race choice.   3.1 Gathering:      - Mining - 120 Stamina, goes well with Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting/Engineering    - Skinning - 80 Crit rating, goes well with Leatherworking    - Herbalism - Useless cooldown, pairs well with Inscription/Alchemy   3.2 Crafting:      - Alchemy - 40 extra Mastery and 15 extra resistance from your elixirs combo and an excellent ilvl 359 trinket    - Blacksmithing - One of the most versatile professions out there. Its bonus is implemented via additional gem sockets on gloves and bracers, thus letting you choose bonus to your liking. The best choices are 80 Mastery or 120 Stamina.    - Enchanting - 120 Stamina in the form of ring enchants.    - Engineering - This profession is too inconsistent for my liking so I generally avoid it. I have to admit, though, you get a lot of cool toys as an engineer.    - Inscription - 120 Stamina in the shape of an improved shoulder enchant.    - Jewelcrafting - Another very versatile profession, its bonus comes in the shape of 3 Jewelcrafting only, epic quality gems. I'd go for 81 Mastery or 123 Stamina or a mix of the two stats.    - Leatherworking - a 195 stamina bracer enchant, 155 more than the existing one. Excellent profession if you like Stamina.    - Tailoring - A DPS oriented cloak enchant, something we are not interested in.      Untill Dragon Soul comes around and we are wearing full epic gems, Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting is the best combo we can go for. Beware, though, that those professions can be a real pain in the rear side to level if you don't have deep pockets or an alt with mining.   4. Talents and glyphs      This is one of the parts where we have a lot more choices than other tank classes. We can pick between AoE, single target or try to find that sweet balance between the two.   4.1 The "Skeleton"      The skeleton of our build is basically our core talents which make tanking possible.         In this picture I have marked our core talents with green and our situational talents with red. Below I will try to explain what each one of them does for our spec and which should we focus on.   4.1.1 Core:      - Toughness 3/3 - Extra armor. Armor is the best source of physical damage reduction and we want as much as possible.    - Shield Specialization */3 - Our most consistent source of rage generation. This is what converts our mastery to threat. Put as many points as you wish, depending on the amount of adds present. I recommend 1 point for heavy AoE and 3 points for single target.    - Shield Mastery 3/3 - Reduces CD on Shield Wall and Shield Block and also causes it to reduce magic damage. Definite 3/3.    - Hold the Line 2/2 - Has a chance on parry to give us a threat/defense boost for 10 sec.    - Last Stand 1/1 - 30% of max HP for 20 sec. A talent point well spent.    - Concussion Blow 1/1 - A decent threat ability and a stun. A decent choice for 1 talent point and it unlocks Vigilance.    - Bastion of Defense 2/2 - Makes us immune to crits and gives a small threat boost, mandatory talent.    - Warbringer 1/1 - Allows us to to be mobile in our main tanking stance, which allows us to pull while having more rage which reduces the chance we will lose aggro.    - Improved Revenge 2/2 - Our Revenge is now a cleave and does more damage. More DPS = happy raid leader.    - Devastate 1/1 - This is our main filler ability and it does decent damage. Also causes the Sunder Armor debuff.    - Vigilance 1/1 - This gives us more threat if we are currently not tanking anything (Magmaw or Cho'Gall come to mind) and lowers the cooldown of Taunt.    - Heavy Repercussions 2/2 - 100% more damage on SS while SB is active, yes pls.    - Sword and Board 3/3 - Just... take it, it's that amazing.    - Shockwave 1/1 - Amazing threat spell, since it can't be dodged. Usefull in both single target and AoE.    - Cruelty 2/2 - A pretty effective threat talent.    - War Paint 2/2 - A very good survival talent which makes our healers' job easier.   4.1.2 Optional:       - Incite */3 - A very good threat talent if you find your self using HS often. I prefer using it in single target specs.    - Blood and Thunder 2/2 - Apart from sounding awesome this is a must-have talent in an AoE spec as this is our biggest source of AoE threat.    - Gag Order 2/2 - An extra interrupt that can find its tight niche in raiding. Can be usefull on bosses like Cho'Gall.    - Thunderstruck 2/2 - Apart from being another song reference it's a direct boost to our AoE threat. A must have in all AoE specs.    - Safeguard 2/2 - A decent talent if you expect your Intervene target to take heavy damage.    - Blood Craze */3 - A niche talent that can be usefull in AoE tanking as it will proc pretty often.    - Piercing Howl 1/1 - A very good AoE talent when we need to kite adds (Maloriak, Nefarian)    - War academy */3 - Talent that boosts the damage of our main filler ability. I would take 3/3 for single target.    - Deep Wounds */3 - Filler talent that serves the purpose of more TPS. Has a decent uptime due to the high critical strike chance of Devastate.   4.2 Exaple Single target spec      This is, IMO, the best single target spec.     4.3 Example AoE spec      One of the many AoE specs, but this is the one I like the most.     4.4 A balanced spec      You can always try to build a well-balanced hybrid spec that can serve both purposes if you want to keep an active dps spec or you are just too lazy to manage 2 specs.     4.5 Glyphs      Most of our glyphs will stay the same throughout numerous fights but some are quite situational.   4.5.1 Prime glyphs - Those glyphs should never leave their spots once placed     - Glyph of Shield Slam - A direct damage boost to our most important threat ability. Yes, please!     - Glyph of Revenge - A very usefull glyph and a direct TPS boost. It is worth noting that this glyph is very cheap (3-5 on the AH) and you can pick it up relatively early.     - Glyph of Devastate - A boost to our main filler ability.   4.5.2 Major glyphs      Doesn't matter the situation, we always want to use:     - Glyph of Shockwave - CD reduction on a very good threat ability. We will use this in both single target and AoE fights.      For AoE I also like to take:    - Glyph of Cleaving - An extra target to our cleave, helps with equally distributing AoE threat.    - Glyph of Resonating Power - Our Thunderclap now costs 5 less rage. It can greatly help with rage efficiency over the course of the fight. That's about an extra cleave every 36 seconds, which technically can be a TPS increase. If however you need some extra range for those pesky adds that are out of your reach, feel free to use Glyph of Thunder Clap.    For single target, honestly you can take whatever you feel is best, as there aren't too many good choices.   4.5.3 Minor glyphs      Nothing really to choose from here, except a few QoL changes.    - Glyph of Battle/Glyph of Command - Double duration on our shouts which means we will have to waste less GCDs during a fight to refresh them. Use glyph for whatever buff your raid is missing.    - Glyph of Demoralizing Shout - Increases the duration of our physical damage, which again will save us a few GCDs throughout the course of a fight.    - Glyph of Berserker Rage - Use this spell on cooldown for a little bit of extra rage, unless you are expecting heavy incoming damage or healer is dead, then save it for BR+ER combo which I'll explain a little bit later.   5. Spells, cooldowns and rotation   5.1 Main abilities:      - Shield Slam - Our most iconic spell. It does a very high amount of damage and dispells one buff from it's target.    - Revenge - Decent and extremely cheap cleave-like ability, use this if SS is on Cooldown.    - Rend - A DoT effect, ticking every 3 seconds and does decent damage.    - Devastate - Our main filler ability, has a pretty high critical strike chance, thus generates a high amount of threat and it applies the Sunder Armor debuff.    - Concussion Blow - A stun and another decent filler ability.    - Shockwave - High threat ability which can not be dodged or parried and hits everything in a cone infront of you.    - Thunder Clap - AoE move which on it self does pretty low damage, but spreads Rend to all targets it hits.     - Taunt - Does exactly what it sounds like.    - Charge - Our signature ability, nothing feels cooler than charging at a giant boss. Use this in the beggining to generate rage and close the gap between you and the boss.    - Intercept - A worse version of charge. Use it when charge is already on cooldown and you need to charge at an add to take aggro or similar situations.    - Intervene - Another charge-like ability. If a DPS somehow takes aggro at the other end of the room or you need to move and your other mobility spells are on cooldown, use this on a nearby person.    - Heroic Leap - Even more mobility. You can use this for literally whatever you want. Reposition a boss, avoid falling damage, you name it.    - Pummel - Our interrupt. Use this to uhhh... interrupt spells maybe?    - Victory Rush - A niche but effective self-heal ability. Use it whenever it is available.   5.2 Dumping rage      Sometimes we end up with an amount of rage too high to spend with our main abilities and you should look forward to dump it when you exceed 50 rage. We have 2 good ways to dump rage:       - Heroic Strike - Usefull for dumping rage and maintaining single target threat, especially if specced for it.    - Cleave - Our AoE rage dumpster, if glyphed this can do a lot of damage.    5.3 Cooldowns      Warriors don't have a lot of cooldowns to use, so using them at the right time is what matters.      - Shield Block - Our bread and butter defensive ability. Use this whenever is not on cooldown, unless you are expecting heavy damage.    - Shield Wall - Good old flat damage reduction. Use this when things go bad or you are expecting very heavy damage.    - Last Stand + Enraged Regeneration - A very good combo, since Last Stand boosts the healing by a decent amount.      - Last Stand - You can use this on its own as a health buffer which will allow you to survive unavoidable damage. (example: Crackle + Breath on Nefarian.)    - Inner rage - When you exceed 70 rage you should pop this so you can dump it a lot quicker. You might find yourself using this often in AoE fights.    - Retaliation - Best used on a big pack of mobs at a pull. Be carefull when you use it since it takes up a GCD    - Recklessness - You should only, ONLY use this at the pull. The extra damage taken will ensure you get vengeance faster and the extra crit will let you hold aggro a lot better.     5.4 Rotation     Instead of a set rotation we follow a priority, which is quite basic and easy to remember.   5.4.1 The pull - As a warrior, you need to let your DPS know that you will need 4-5 seconds of freedom in the beggining of the fight, so you can freely apply debuffs and generate a small threat buffer, so you won't drop aggro if an ability misses early on.      - Single target pull - Battle shout -> Berserker Rage -> Recklessness -> Shoot/Throw -> Heroic Throw -> Charge -> Heroic Leap -> Shield Block -> Shield Slam -> Devastate x3 -> Shield Slam -> Apply debuffs -> follow single target priority      - Aoe Pull - Battle shout -> Berserker Rage -> Shoot/Throw -> Retaliation -> Charge -> Heroic Leap -> Shockwave-> Rend -> Thunder Clap -> Demoralizing shout -> AoE priority      (For AoE try to use Shield Block right before the shockwave stun expires on the adds.)   5.4.2 Spell priority      - Single Target - Shield Slam > Revenge > Rend > Devastate (if <3 stacks or debuff is about to expire) > Shockwave > Concussion Blow > Devastate      - AoE - Shockwave (3x Thunderstruck stacks) > Thunderclap > Shockwave (If <3 stacks) > Shield Slam (If Shield Block is active) > Revenge > Shield Slam   6. Buffs and debuffs       - Buffs - As warriors we have 2 buffs which we can provide to choose from - 549 Strength and Agility or 585 Stamina. Use a shout depenidng on what buff the raid is missing. As a side note Mark of the wild/Blessing of Kings and Battle Shout/Horn of winter will give you a decent amount of parry, thus giving us higher CTC.      - Debuffs - We have 3 buffs to maintain on the boss - Sunder Armor x3 (through Devastate), Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap. When they are about to expire simply just refresh them instead of using an ability low on the priority list.   7. Stats      - Stamina* > Mastery > Parry ≥ Dodge > Exp > Stamina (past our threshold) > Hit        - Stamina is stamina. Makes us fluffier, not much else. You will want a decent amount before you move on to other stats. ~8k is enough for normal mode Firelands content. You need to make sure you have enough in order to survive unavoidable abilities and magic damage. If you find yourself getting one-shot by a boss, swap to a Stamina trinket. I, myself, have never had to gem for stamina while progressing through t11 heroic mode.      - Mastery - After we have enough Stamina, this is our best stat to go to. It provides unmatched damage reduction and threat through the Shield Specialization talent. Each Mastery point gives us 1.5% block chance and 1.5% critical block chance. A block reduces 30% of the damage of the boss' melee swing, and critical block - 60%. This is the stat that lets us become an unstoppable hulking machine of death. We will gem for it and reforge for it, enchant for it, simply everything we can do to get more untill the 102.4% CTC cap.     - Parry - A stat that completely negates the damage from a boss' melee swing. What makes it inferior to mastery is that it has diminishing returns (we need more and more rating to get 1% of parry the more parry we have). On paper it is superior to dodge, because of the HTL talent, but again, it's affected by diminishing returns and you should generally aim to have your parry 2-2.5% higher than dodge.     - Dodge - Pretty much the same as parry, no need to explain again.     - Expertise - Our best threat statistic. It reduces the chance our attacks will be dodged or parried. Untill its soft cap of 26 (781 rating) this will give us the highest TPS and DPS increase. You don't need threat stats to hold aggro, but sometimes a large streak of parries can be pretty bad. My personal advice is to aim for 10-15 exp for a minor DPS increase after we have reached the CTC cap. (which might be impossible this tier)     - Hit - Reduces the chance you will miss. You shouldn't ever need to reforge for this stat. If you have to, you are doing something wrong. Provides a decent threat increase untill its cap of 8% (961 rating)   7.1 CTC and being "Unhittable"     I was originally going to write a huge wall of text about this but I found a Video that will explain it a lot better than me.   8. Reforging     Somewhat similar to the previous part, reforging will help us squeeze every little bit of CTC from our gear.     If piece of gear doesn't have Mastery -> Reforge the highest stat to Mastery (If there is hit or exp on the piece, reforge that instead, It's still a CTC gain)   If piece of gear has exp or hit -> Reforge to Dodge   *If piece of gear has Mastery/Parry -> Reforge Parry to Dodge   If you need threat -> Reforge Parry to Expertise instead of Dodge.     *Try to keep Your Parry/Dodge ratio to a state similar to what we talked about before.   9. Enchants:   Since I'm too lazy to make links now, I will just write down the enchant, what it does and Its source.      - Head: Arcanum of the Earthen Ring - 90 Stamina, 35 Dodge - Revered with the Earthen Ring    - Shoulder: Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz - 75 Stamina, 25 Dodge - Exalted with Therazane    - Back: Enchant Cloak - Protection - 250 Armor    - Chest: Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina - 75 Stamina    - Wrist: Enchant Bracer - Superior Dodge - 50 Dodge    - Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery - 65 Mastery    - Waist: Ebonsteel Belt buckle - Extra socket    - Legs: Drakehide Leg Armor - 145 Stamina, 55 Dodge    - Feet: Enchant Boots - Lavawalker - 35 Mastery, 8% movement speed    - Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk - Chance on hit for 15% movement speed and 600 dodge rating for 10 seconds    - Off-hand: Enchant Shield - Mastery - 50 Mastery   10. Gemming      - Meta: Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond - 81 Stamina and 1% increased block value    - Blue: Puissant Dream Emerald - 30 Stamina/20 Mastery    - Yellow: Fractured Amberjewel - 40 Mastery    - Red: Fine Ember Topaz - 20 Parry/20 Mastery OR Keen Ember Topaz - 20 Expertise/20 Mastery in case you need threat.      As a tank, I would avoid ignoring socket bonuses.   11. Consumables      Food: Lavascale Minestrone - 90 Stamina/90 Mastery    Battle Elixir: Elixir of the Master - 225 Mastery    Guardian Elixir: Prismatic Elixir - 90 Resistance to all schools of magic OR Elixir of Deep Earth - 900 Armor    *Potion: Golemblood Potion - 1600 Strength for 25 seconds      I prefer using the elixir combo over a flask because of the higher CTC, but if you have a lot of Steelskin flasks laying around or there is a guild cauldron, feel free to use those instead.      *This is a personal preference because, again, more CTC for 25 seconds. A lot cheaper alternative would be the Earthen Potion - 4800 armor for 25 seconds.   12. Usefull Add-ons:      - Omen - Threat meter, pretty handy to see if a fire mage going crazy is about to take aggro.    - Rating Buster - You can break down every statistic on your gear and see exactly what it gives.    - Raid Defense Stats - Saves time opening your calculator every time you aquire an upgrade, shows your CTC in the character tab.    - RSA - Major cooldowns announcer, my guildies love it when this thing spams chat 24/7.    - DBM - Knows everything about every boss in the game.   13. After CTC cap - What do we do after CTC cap?       This is a very subjective question. You can go for Stamina, more Mastery or get more threat stats. Let us see what each of these gives us.    - Stamina - Larger health pool, allowing us to survive huge amounts of magic damage easier. (Baleroc for example)    - Mastery - Further improves our shield block and our physical damage mitigation abilities. If you stack enough mastery to get 50% critical block, Shield Block will make you crit-block capped. (Shield block gives 25% block and crit block and it converts the block that's over the CTC cap to crit block. Since all of the block will be excess at CTC cap, 25+25=50% extra crit block.)    - Exp/Hit - More DPS -> boss dies faster -> you take less damage.      I have not yet reached the cap, even though I'm close. Even with the big amounts of magic damage in Firelands, I will still be opting for for the mastery route while carrying a Stamina trinket in my back pocket in case of  needing stamina on magic damage fights.     See you on the battlefield!
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