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Found 2 results

  1. Aethas

    Is the Fury Mastery Bugged?

    Hi, There is probably a thread already about this, but I can't personally find it. I was looking through the reasons why warriors do not like Fury PvE, and other from the fact that people keep telling me that it blows, one seem to stand out: Mastery is bugged. Mainly that Mastery does not increase the beneficial abilities create by Enraged. Is this true? I was hoping to roll out a SMF Warrior. Best, Aethas.
  2. Based on both numbers in character sheet, and in-combat testing, neither Precision nor Dual Wield Specialization are granting the damage bonuses indicated by the tooltip.  Autoattack damage is not being amplified, and offhand weapon is receiving 1/2 of dps bonus from Attack Power(should be 3/4). EDIT Further testing suggests, however, that Bloodthirst's damage IS being amplified significantly over what the tooltip indicates.  Was this a deliberate change that just isn't reflected in the tooltips?