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  1. Introduction Hello. In this guide I'll show my ways how to play Feral Druid in Hybrid, which is essential for Ragnaros progression, due to it's raid utility and flexible playstyle, allowing players to always change something, and yet stay relevant. Advantages: -Good management of AoE Aggro (Swipe, Thrash, Challenging Roar, Berserk) -Raid Cooldowns bringing lots of utility (Rebirth, Innervate, Tranquility, Stampeding Roar) -Possibility of entering cat form and doing job of additional DPS -Mobility -Bear Form Dance Disadvantages: -Ferals might struggle a bit with catching adds that are far away for them. Their only tools to do so is Faerie Fire and Growl. -Ferals with hybrid build usually have less mastery, or sacrifice Spell Damage reduce from their talents in order to maximize damage, which makes them more squishy than usual Content table: 1. Talents and Glyphs 2. "Rotation" and Spell priorities 3. Cooldowns 4. Statistics 5. Food, Flasks, Potions 6. Professions 7. BiS List 8. Fight Advices 9. How to Bear the Cat Form 10. Macros 11. Changelog 1. Talents and Glyphs Pure Bear From Major Glyphs it's reccomended to use Glyph of Rebirth and Glyph of Maul, while having 3rd glyph whichever suits you the best. It could be Glyph of Feral Charge, or even Glyph of Faerie Fire. From Minor Glyphs, Dash is optional, while Challenging Road and Unburdened Rebirth are essential. Script allowing to quick learn those talents: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,132,161,172,182,203,211,221,3,22,43,53,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end Fluffy Hybrid Prime Glyphs goal is to increase your Damage Output, through supporting your cat form spells. On fights where you can't use Shred at all, glyph of Mangle is also a decent choice, increasing your filler damage, which could make up for lost Rip ticks. Major Glyphs are only player's preference, though Glyph of Rebirth is the only "must have". Minors Glyphs, as always do not affect your playstyle, and you can choose whichever you prefer. Quick Learn: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,142,161,172,182,192,203,221,3,22,43,52,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end 2. "Rotation" and Priorities Feral Druid is based on priority style rotation, so you don't have to blindly press x 3 times, then y once, and repeat. Key role in Bear's spells is played by Mangle cooldowns refresh from Lacerate and maintaining 9% Critical Chance from Pulverize. Priorities: 1. Demoralizing Roar (You don't have to worry if you're tanking with someone else applying reduced Physical Damage debuff) 2. Mangle (Always when it's available) 3. Lacerate (At least 1 stack, so Mangle has chance to refresh) 4. Thrash 5. Pulverize (Reccomended each 18s, to maintain highest buff uptime. Advised to use on 3 stacks of Lacerate) 6. Lacerate (Maintaining 3 stacks of bleed) 7. Lacerate>Faerie Fire>Swipe (Fillers in order to decrease downtime, increase damage done and absorbs) 8. Maul (Dumping additional Rage) On AoE fights, your main tools to handle AoE aggro will be: 1. Thrash 2. Swipe 3. Challenging Roar 4. Mangle (Only with activated Berserk) It's also useful to switch targets with Tab and apply on each of them at least 1 stack of Lacerate, for free Mangle procs, and additional DoT generating threat. 3. Cooldowns Huge addition to Feral toolkit are flexible raid cooldowns. They make Druid great support, doesn't matter which spec he's using. Personal Cooldowns: 1. Barkskin (20% reduced damage for 8 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown - ADDITIONAL DODGE AFTER REDUCTION WITH 4PT12) 2. Survival Instinct (50% reduced damage for 12 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 3. Frenzied Regeneration (Increase of HP Pool by 30%, healing up to 30% if we're below that number, converting Rage into additional healing (1 rage=0.3% maximum HP, up to 10 rage per second) for 20 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 4. Berserk (Bear's offensive cooldown. Removes Mangle cooldown, and makes it hit up to 3 targets. Lasts 25 seconds, 35 if glyphed. 180 seconds cooldown) 5. Challenging Roar (Druid's only AoE taunt. 150s cooldown) 6. Enrage (Instant 20 rage, 32 with Primal Madness talent, and additional 10 rage over 10 seconds. 60s Cooldown Raid Cooldowns: 1. Tranquility (Channeled heal, leaving HoT effect on raid members. Improved by Nurturing Instinct talent. 480s cooldown) 2. Innervate (5% mana regeneration for targeted player. 180s cooldown) 3. Stampeding Roar (60% movement speed lasting 8s for everyone in 10y range. 120s cooldown) 4. Rebirth (Combat Resurrection, which with glyphs brings dead player to life with 100% HP and 20% MP. 600s cooldown) 4. Statistics Preferred way to play druid is to change stats, dependant on use. There are statistics better and worse, but remember that even as tank stamina is inferior to everything else. It's also worth mentioning how Bear's mastery work, and why it's important. It simply improves absorbs from our Savage Defense ability, which has 50% chance on Critical Strikes, to give 35% Attack Power as absorb, lasting for 10s. And what mastery has to do with Savage Defense? It greatly raises absorb digits, making Bear fine choice for taking physical damage. Tank: 1. Agility 2. Mastery 3. Critical Strike 4. Dodge 5. Hit Rating until cap = Expertise Rating until cap 6. Haste Hybrid: 1. Agility 2. Hit Rating until cap=Expertise Cap until 20 rating (601) 3. Haste 4. Critical Strike 5. Mastery 6. Dodge Apparently Mastery despite being favoured by T13 2p, loses LOTS OF value under 65% of Boos Health Pool. This way, Haste>Crit>Mastery is still prefered playstyle, which actually gains a lot from Kyroptyric Sigil passive haste, and huge ammounts of agility on use . 5. Food, flasks, potions Druid Feral doesn't have big choice in terms of consumables. The best choice is to maximize your Agility, because it's what makes Bears so great. Food: Skewered Eel or Mysterious Fortune Cookie (+90 Agility, +90 Stamina) Flask: Flask of the Four Winds (+300 Agility) Potion: Potion of Tol'Vir (+1200 Agility for 25 seconds) 6. Professions Professions are just a matter of someone's preference, however some of them are inferior combared to others. Burst professions: -Tailoring (1000 Attack Power enchant for Cloak) -Engineering (480 Agility for 10 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown) -Herbalism (480 haste for 20 seconds. 120 seconds cooldown. Not reccomended for raids) Permanent benefit professions: -Skinning (80 Critical Strike Rating. Personally not worth picking up) -Blacksmithing (2 sockets, one for Gloves, one for Wrists. It will get a lot stronger on DS) -Enchanting (40 Agility enchant for Rings) -Leatherworking (130 Agility enchant for Wrists) -Inscription (125 Agility and 25 Mastery enchant for Shoulders) -Jewelcrafting (3 additional 67 Agility gems. Will get worse with epic gems release on DS) -Mining (120 Stamina. Still inferior compared to other professions) 7. BiS List Tank: Head: [Deep Earth Headpiece] - Warmaster Blackhorn Neck: [Choker of the Vanquished Lord] - Ragnaros HC Shoulder: [Underdweller's Spaulders] - Morchok Back: [Dreadfire Drape] - Rhyolith HC Chest: [Deep Earth Raiment] - Ultraxion Wrist: [Bladeshadow Wristguards] - Leatherworking Weapon: [Spire of Coagulated Globules]- Yor'sahj Relic: [Ripfang Relic]- VP Vendor Gloves: [Deep Earth Grips]- Zon'ozz Belt: [Belt of Hidden Keys] - VP Vendor Legs: [Deep Earth Legguards]- Yor'sahj Boots: [Rooftop Griptoes] - VP Vendor Ring 1: [Emergency Descent Loop] - VP Vendor Ring 2: [Seal of Primordial Shadow] - Dragon Soul Shared Boss Loot Trinket 1: [Kiroptyric Sigil] - VP Vendor Trinket 2: [Matrix Restabilizer] - Ragnaros HC ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Indomitable Pride - DS Shared Boss Loot // Soulshifter Vortex - DS Shared Boss Loot // Vial of the Shadows - DS Shared Boss Loot // The Hungerer - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm HC // Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Mirror of the Broken Images - Exalted with Baradin Wardens, 125 Tol Barad Commendation Hybrid: Head: [Deep Earth Headpiece] - Warmaster Blackhorn Neck: [Choker of the Vanquished Lord] - Ragnaros HC Shoulder: [Deep Earth Spaulders] - Hagara the Stormbinder Back: [Dreadfire Drape] - Rhyolith HC Chest: [Shadowbinder Chestguard] - VP Vendor Wrist: [Bladeshadow Wristguards] - Leatherworking Weapon: [Spire of Coagulated Globules]- Yor'sahj Relic: [Ripfang Relic]- VP Vendor Gloves: [Deep Earth Grips]- Zon'ozz Belt: [Belt of Hidden Keys] - VP Vendor Legs: [Deep Earth Legguards]- Yor'sahj Boots: [Interrogator's Bloody Footpads] - Yor'sahj Ring 1: [Signet of Grasping Mouths] - Hagara the Stormbinder Ring 2: [Seal of Primordial Shadow] - Shared Boss Loot DS Trinket 1: [Kiroptyric Sigil] - VP Vendor Trinket 2: [Matrix Restabilizer] - Ragnaros HC // [Starcatcher Compass] - Warmaster Blackhorn ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Vial of the Shadows - DS Shared Boss Loot // The Hungerer - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm N/HC // Arrow of Time - End Time (Murozond) // Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Essence of the Cyclone - Halfus Wyrmbreaker Heroic // Fluid Death - Justice Points Disclaimer: Starcatcher Compass vs Matrix HC results may still vary, due to how Compass will work on live retail post release. 8. Fight Advices Beth'Tilac: As Feral you will usually go up. Remember that you can AoE taunt the Spinners, so they come down from theirs' web. Don't be afraid to use Tranquility in second phase, but before getting boss on yourself once again, get into bear form and stack some Savage Defense absorb. Shannox: When tanking the boss, remember to use your Movement Speed bosts in order to drop Jagged Tear stacks. Wait with berserk until second tank runs away with dogs, because holding aggro of Riplimb and Shannox might give you some nasty bleeding. Lord Rhyolith: Always pick up Fragments of Rhyolith, so other DPS can easily AoE them down. If you have to steer the boss in cat form, remember to maintain 100% uptime of Savage Roar buff, and attack legs ONLY with Shred, Rake and Ferocious Bite. Alysrazor: Always on the beggining of fight, try to interrupt the first Blazing Talon Initiate. It will let your DPS to save interrupt for other Fieroblasts. Try to support healers on Firestorms, share Stampeding Roar happiness with your fellow raid members, and use Feral Charge to get to your side quicker (If there are any Initiates left, of course). Baleroc: When DPSing, taking first Shard of Torment will be your job. Be prepared to take it without any switching. Use your Barkskin around 8th stack, and Survival Instinct around 15th. If you're a tank, always use Barkskin 8 seconds before Inferno, or Decimation Blade. Additional 12% of Dodge will greatly raise your avoidance, and in advance you will be able to dodge some nasty hits. Majordomo Fandral Staghelm: Scorpion phase brings nothing in particular for ferals. Hold aggro, use cooldowns, don't leave bear form, and just throw in Stampeding Roar when spreading. The best way to catch Spirit of the Flame is using Growl+Faerie Fire+Maul in the same moment. Remember that Spirits often deal more damage than boss, and if DPS can't manage to handle them quick enough, just rotate your cooldowns and communicate with healers. Ragnaros: Our favourite Firelord is the reason, why Ferals are so essential for Firelands. Always begin 1st phase in Cat Form, and DPS until the other tank asks you to take the boss. Don't bother with finding position to shred, just play it safe. After initial burst in Cat Form, you will switch on 4-5 stacks of Burning Wound, or when debuff drops, depending how you communicated about that with healers and other tank. The best way to handle Transition Phases is bear form. Open your Son of Flame with Faerie Fire+Mangle+Maul. Then Lacerate+Maul, until your Mangle refreshes. Thrash is also a great addition, because of bleed. If Son of Flame comes too close to Sulfuras, just Feral Charge or Skull Bash to it, and stun with Bash. The second phase will begin with other tank, so once again you can get back into Cat Form and scratch Ragnaros a bit more. Remember to have enough Energy/Rage to use Stampeding Roar on 1st and 3rd pack of Molten Seeds. On Second Transition phase you grab your Lava Scion with Growl+Faerie Fire, and apply Lacerate on it. Why? Because it can refresh your Mangle, so it will be easier to handle Son of Flame, and stack Lava Scions earlier. Usually the other tank will take both Scions, so as Feral you just have to go Cat and Bite them until they fall. 3rd phase is a pure DPS check. The other tank, usually DK or Paladin will stand on one side of platform, and tank the boss alone. Your job in that moment is to stand on the other side, and do as much damage as you can. Tiger's Fury, Berserk, Rake, Rip, Shred, etc. After you push him into 4th phase, try to cast Stampeding Roar on as much people as you can, in order to make going into Breadth of Frost faster. Once you get on your position, support healers with Innervate and Tranquility. When kiting the boss into Entrapping Roots cast Growl+Faerie Fire, and run as fast into them as you can in Cat Form, preferably with Dash enabled. Once boss is in Roots, and your Superheated starts rising, get back into Bear Form. Morchok: Tank and spank. Stack together with your MT/OT in order to reduce stomp damage, switch usually on 2 stacks of Crush Armor, hide behind the spikes on Black Blood of the Earth Warlord Zon'ozz: Start the fight stacked with melee DPS. When he summons first Void of the Unmaking go a bit to the side, so Psychic Drain hits only you, reducing raid damage taken, and health restored by the boss. After raid is done with bouncing, and Zon'ozz starts applying Black Blood of Go'rath stack with everyone in order to make healing easier. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping: Tank the boss preferably in the middle, when globues come out switch into cat form to help with DPSing them down. Remember to keep your cooldowns for Void Bolts, since they might hurt on higher ammount of stacks. 9. How to Bear the Cat Form Cat Form is one of the biggest reasons what makes Feral so strong. In this section I'll do my best to explain basics, how to DPS as Cat. Take into consideration that this isn't Feral DPS guide, and I'll skip some more advanced things. DPSing in Cat Form is heavily influenced by your ability to maintime uptime of two bleeds - Rake and Rip, and one Self Buff - Savage Roar. To maximize your output as Feral, even best guide won't help you. The best thing to do so, is to fight on Dummy, do RHCs, BH, until you really understand the energy, Combo Points, and get used to the playstyle 9.1 Priorities Cat Form isn't different than other specs in terms of "rotation". Making it priority based forces player to pay bigger atention to what he clicks, and when he clicks. Maintaining Bleed Damage Taken debuff from Mangle (Also applied by hunters and warriors) Rake Ferocious Bite (Under 25% of Boss HP. Preferably used on 5CP and 60 energy, but can also be cast earlier, so you don't have to refresh Rip) Rip Savage Roar Ferocious Bite (When boss has over 25% HP. Only when @60 Energy, 5 Combo Points and Rip+Savage Roar both have more than 10s on them) Shred Mangle As Feral PvE you have only 3 Finishers, Rip, Savage Roar and Ferocious Bite. Savage Roar is so essential, that it's reccomended to use it even at 1 Combo Point. Rip is a strong bleed effect, prolonged with your Glyph of Bloodletting, so you have a bit more time for using your energy for something else. You should apply Rip always on 5 Combo Points. Around Boss 25% Health Points try to apply as strong Rip as possible. Ferocious Bite is instant damaging spell, dealing damage dependand on your Combo Points and ammount of Energy you currently have. With talent Blood in the Water, you will refresh your Rip, if target is under 25% HP, which makes Feral great DPS for later on, and is a valid excuse for keeping your Potion of Tol'Vir until boss Reaches ~25%. Mangle is viable filler ONLY when you can't attack target's back or when you have to refresh your Bleed Damage debuff. Otherwise Shred, compared to Mangle deals way higher damage, and has it's damage increased from Bleed Damage debuffs. 9.2 Cooldowns Feral DPS does have only 2 Offensive Cooldowns. Berserk Tiger's Fury Berserk in Cat Form reduces all of your energy costs by half, making maintaining bleeds and Savage Roar way easier for inexperienced players, and greatly increasing burst damage. Tiger's Fury is 15% Physical Damage increase, and 60 Energy regeneration with King of the Jungle talent, which is essential. It's worth noticing that you CAN'T USE TIGER'S FURY DURING BERSERK. 9.3 Tips and Tricks Keep your second potion until 30% - 25% of the Boss. It will allow you to leave higher Rip on target, and then simply refresh it with Ferocious Bite. Try to reapply your bleeds always after Tiger's Fury. 15% Damage Increase portion of spell, will also increase your Bleed's Damage Try to macro Tiger's Fury and Berserk together, giving you 15% increase damage during 6 seconds of Berserk. Ready macro should look something like that: Refresh Rake and Rip before last tick (Respectively, Rake 0-3s before debuff ends, Rip 0-2s before debuff ends) Under 25% of the Boss, refresh Rip with Ferocious Bite. If your Rip is about to fall down, and you don't have 5 Combo Points ANYWAYS use Ferocious Bite. Make Bleeds and Savage Roar visible by using Power Auras, or any other tracking addon. Having control of those is really important. And the most important thing, practice! I played a lot of specs during my WoW "career". Some were easier, some were harder, but in my opinion, Feral amongst all of other specs is the most punished for players not practicing at all. You really have to understand your energy, which is accomplished by trying all the time to improve yourself. When you know that you won't be able to cast 3rd Berserk during encounter (for example on Baleroc), use it when Boss gets under 25% Health. When your desired target reaches ~24% HP Mark, use your Potion of Tol'Vir, Tiger's Fury, Berserk, apply Rip and spam Ferocious Bite on 5 Combo Points like crazy (of couse remember about Savage Roar and Rake). As you can see in following screenshots, that way to DPS as Cat is very reliable, although requires lots of practice from you to execute it on at least decent level. 10. Macros Huge thank you to Polaroid, who shared with us his macros, and made this section possible Because I'm a noob who doesn't use much macros. Entering Cat Form, using Prowl and Pounce if in stealth: Switching into Bear Form, and using Frenzied Regeneration and Enrage: Using Survival Instinct in either cat or bear, switching into Bear Form if you don't have any: All of your offensive cooldowns (including Troll's Racial): Faerie Fire Family Pack: 2 Skulls 1 Exploding Shrooms: Taunt, Ravage, Wild Mushrooms (placing): Charge if in Cat or Bear form, else Regrowth: Swipe for Cat and Bear, Rejuvenation for caster: Stampeding Roar for Bear and Cat, Thorns for caster: Demoralizing Roar for Bear, Tiger's Fury for Cat, Remove Corruption for caster: Neat macro for trolls, Now your utility tranquility is even faster! One big macro to cancel all of the nasty stuff: 11. Changelog 19.05.2017: Changed misinformation about glyph (Thank you Padthai!), fixed some typos 20.05.2017: Added additional section about Cat Form 4.06.2017: Added Macro section (Thanks Polaroid!) 26.06.2017: Finally fixed some misinformation about glyphs, added one tip about AoE tanking (Thanks Jenova!) 29.06.2017: Changed something in professions section, updated Cat cooldowns 30.08.2017: Fixed several typos related to the BiS list 19.09.2017: Fixed several glyphs mistakes, changed BiS list for offtank/hybrid. Added MYSTERIOUS poll. 30.01.2018: Updated encounter details and BiS list. Thank you once again @Piklo19 That's all from me (at least for now). I'd like to thank to everyone who encouraged me to write this guide, Mogromir in particular, and to Notosiup for teaching me how to play Feral for progression. Also huge props to Padthai, for encouraging me to write Cat Section, and Polaroid for huge ammount of useful macros! If you did enjoy this guide, please answer my poll: Would you like similar guide to Feral DPS? If yes, please tell me in the coments, what should I improve next time. Also, if you have some tips or remarks, feel free to respond. Let's make Feral great again!
  2. Hello. Could you please increase drop ratio for items from trash in Firelands. I think some of those items are past their prime but are needed as starter items for low level geared players. Moreover it is not quite casual friendly to buy some trinket from trash for 1mln gold from auction house. How any player who has 2 h a day to play get those items in his lifetime. It is even hard to see apparatus on auction house, i am not even talking about buying it. So please think that through and make a good decision. Bye
  3. Itemeczek2

    Firelands 25

    Hello, tommorow (4 of march 2017) I'd like to make Firelands 25 normal including heroic shannox and majordomo. Horde side ofc min req ilvl 372, only peeps who know what to do (achievs) Need 2 tanks (at least 1 with os in dps) 5 healers at least 6 melee damage dealers at least 2 fire mages rest ranged dps Aprox start 5 pm server time.
  4. Mageick

    Guild Ascension LF Raid Leader

    Good day   Our Guild, Ascension is looking for an experienced and dedicated raid leader because at the moment we only have one who is running all our raids.   They must have experience in all Cata raids with emphasis on FL HC. Have at least 7/7 in FL Normal but more experience in HC will have priority. They must be willing to join our guild either through the website http://ourascension.shivtr.com/or by /w "Haddis" or "Soullreaver" in game who is our current Raid Leader.   You can also contact Haddis/Soullreaver for any more information on the position.   Regards  - Mageick
  5. bijtanga

    Ragnaros hc cd change in 5298

    Jenova want feedback about Rev. 5298 so...   In my opinion now is WORSE WORSE and one more time WORSE. Now sometimes we must dodge everything what is in 2nd phase in one moment and what is even worse DBM timer for 3rd Molten Seed is broken (like some time ago on normal).   2phase looks like: to 2nd Molten Seed looks... something like good but next...   2nd Molten Seed run from this seed when we reach second side of platform spawn of Molten Elemental + Sulfuras Smash + Engulfing Flames   if we survive and not transfer to 2nd transitions before 3rd seed (reach ragnaros 40% hp)   we have Sulfuras Smash 1s Engulfing Flames "wave" + Lava Wave 2nd or 3rd Engulfing flames "wave" + "broken" DBM timer tell that seed are now (DBM's "BEAWARE") 4th Engulfing Flames "wave" few secounds real 3rd Molten Seed (with 2nd DBM's"BEAWARE")   i don't know what is later...   Same in other form: (Molten Inferno - immediately after spawn of Molten Elementals) [21:21:56.408] Ragnaros casts Sulfuras Smash [21:22:14.656] Molten Elemental casts Molten Inferno [21:22:26.769] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:22:29.735] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:22:32.747] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:22:35.856] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:22:42.014] Ragnaros casts Sulfuras Smash [21:23:14.621] Molten Elemental casts Molten Inferno [21:23:20.920] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:23:21.677] Ragnaros casts Sulfuras Smash [21:23:23.882] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:23:26.857] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:23:29.852] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:00.971] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:01.298] Ragnaros casts Sulfuras Smash [21:24:03.891] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:06.904] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:09.926] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:24.688] Molten Elemental casts Molten Inferno [21:24:40.827] Ragnaros casts Sulfuras Smash [21:24:41.007] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:43.932] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:46.850] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:24:49.986] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:25:20.393] Ragnaros casts Sulfuras Smash [21:25:24.711] Molten Elemental casts Molten Inferno [21:25:30.804] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:25:33.784] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:25:36.705] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames [21:25:39.696] Ragnaros begins to cast Engulfing Flames   Now times looks like: Time between Molten Seed/Molten Elementals: 1:00 1:10 1:00 Time between Engulfing Flames: 0:54 0:40 0:41 0:49 Time beetwen listed Sulfuras Smash: 0:48 0:39 0:40 0:39 0:40
  6. Daszary

    Survival: Haste versus Mastery

    Hi everyone!  As we know, there are lots of hunters on our beloved server. Most of them follow the Tauri Veins guide, which reccomends to follow stats priorities: Hit Cap>20% Haste>Critical>Mastery>Haste over 20%. Recently I've been playing around with my hunter, trying to change something. I tried to use build where Hit Cap>20% Haste>Critical>Haste>Mastery. I feel like that improved my DPS on the dummies, but I'd love to know what's your opinion on those builds, and which one is acually better on Firelands Normal content. Also, all of those tests were done on T12 4 Pieces+Matrix Restabilizer+Fluid Death. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to share with others what do you think about statistics of geared up (at least for firelands normal) hunter.