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Found 1 result

  1. Salutations, riders of the apoc... cataclysm, first off, i can assume how many may view (look down) upon my following request, as i present myself here as a blank slate. Indeed, i just poked in again in wow (private) after being absent from retail for rather right off the launch of WoD. But to spill the beans already: I am getting quite fired up to have a rather longer shot at Cataclysm again. Although i am not particularly looking for a fast as possible go for 85 (or even instant 70/80 if this is provided by Atlantiss). Instead, i would really like to have a go at the many dungeons, from vanilla to, well, cataclysm. But - this is the "exotic" part - not in an all to classical way. The classes are extremly ramped up from classic and therefore, it is not really satisfying to steamroll with 5 people through dungeons. So i'd thought things could be spiced up, in multiple ways. First off, reduce the player count. Namely 2 or 3. Also, the class setup could be rather unconventional. My first thoughts went to think of an hunter and his pet as tank and a feral druid for dps. Looking at the (lower) instant-heals from the feral as a welcome boos for survivability. Also i guessed the shadow priest would be nice, but well, vampiric embrace was already in wotlk nerfed down. -Of course there is the discipline priest, but i would think it would be a bit dull to play. And of course it is not that huge dps boost. -as far as my memory goes. Speaking of memory, i can't recall if mobs and bosses are may yet to tough for a hunter pet. It's been some time. For that case, i thought of a protection paladin, again backed up by a feral and/or shadow. But these are merely first thoughts and may need big improvement after realising, how things really are and how faulty memories can be. Of course a protection warrior would also be viable, as tank-classes do anyway the majority of damage in early to ~80ish game, if i am not mistaken. But in the warrior's case, some more drastic healing would be needed, i assume. But well, these are things to get into, in the case of getting started. I just really liked and like the Dungeons. And i LOVED the dungeonplay in the early days and BC. Everybody brings it's (hopefully) skill into play to kick some enormous ogre/dragon/whatever but and live to tell the tale. Gorgeous! I simply do not fancy the big raids that much. At the moment i can't tell if this will catch anybodies interest, so i'd set it for now as a 2 player team. But should really more than one player be interested, a trio would be cool. Although, even more are rather counterproductive to the whole idea/setup. Oh and Alliance or Horde doesn't matter to me. Regarding playing itself, one thing would be very important for me: This should only go on, if (unacquainted) you are in the mood for playing in cooperation. Having some free time on your hand, "bored" of your main for some time, or sth like this. I am not going for a short as possible hitrun to 85. On the other hand, i don't intend to do every quest in every zone. The dominant factor would be fun and enjoyable runs in dungeons AND getting to them and *cough* gearing up for them. Of course i would like to get known each other a bit before starting anything. Nothing too fancy, no big evening dinner or so :P You know, just a bit of talk, see if one can get along with another. And then a try, of course. To do the first step myself: I own a boarding house and therefore have very flexible (and quite more than usual) free time on my hands. I'm... well, i AM in the early begining of my 30's which is in itself already tragic enough, but unavoidable, soooo... yeah :) Oh und the name is David. With english not being my first language, i'd hope for any given brake considering horrible grammar and faulty syntax. Die Muttersprache wäre in dem Fall Deutsch. So, if i happen to catch anybodies interest, let me know. Thank you alot for the time and effort, if you read through all this! :) p.s. As a matter for communications, if first stepps go well, i thought, of course, of skype. I guess it could be done everything in text, if (unacquainted) you don't want to chat. -Which is fine by me! It will just take some more time. :)