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Found 5 results

  1. I did End Time,Well of Eternity ,The Hour of Twilight dungeons and quests same names. But i haven't rest of chain ,why? Help
  2. Sivilin

    [Answered] Boss loot in dungeons

    I've experienced ppl not rolling on loot in dungeons so many times, and the result is that no one gets it. Is it possible to make ppl auto pass when leaving a dungeon when not rolling? So annoying to miss out on gear upgrades cuz ppl are too lazy to roll.
  3. Nikolakraken

    [Answered] Dungeon XP

    Recently I came to this server to play with my friends who are playing here for some long time and i came across some bug, I think it is so hear me out. When we started to lvl up our characters I didn't have problems with xp gain, and when we started to play dungeons, they got like around 150-180xp per mob, and I got around 10-15xp per mob, and the highest amount i got is 70xp on boss. I tought the problem is with my character which was Holy Priest, so I created another Holy priest and it was the same. Then I created Mage, same thing happened again, after that i created Warlock, and guess what? My friend created priest and other one created mage because we tought it was a bug with the classes and it was not they leveled normally, let me give you an example: -We did "Deadmines" and they leveled 3 levels and i was stil lvl 15, after that we did "Ragefire Chasm" they got to lvl 22 and i was still lvl 15, after that we did "Wailling Caverns" They got to lvl 25 and i got lvl up so i'm lvl 16. I wrote a ticket in-game 2 days ago and still no answer to it, then i decided to come on forums and ask you guys what is the problem.
  4. stefan99j

    [Answered] Stratholme

    Why is this dungeon closed? And when will it open again? I really want the classic dungeonmaster achievment but this doesn't work so.... I'm new so don't scream at me like read the bla bla ... In the realm info on their website it says it works but it doesn't. Need explanation
  5. SandMan

    [Answered] Stratholme closed?

    As title says, nothing to do, so I decided to farm the mount, got to the entrance and... says Instance is closed... Didn't find anything recent on the bug tracker. Can we get some info on this?