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Found 2 results

  1. Schönen guten Tag zusammen, die Allianz-Gilde Powerplay sucht aktiv 2 Range DPS für unseren "Dragonsoul"-Stammraid. Hier die relevanten Daten & eine kurze Vorstellung für euch: MT: Níedlích (Blood DK) OT: Trayum (Druid Bärchen/Cat) Heal: Nierila (Priest) & Lychéé (Holy-Paladin) Mdd's: Joros [(Warrior) Raidlead], Montecore (Enhancer-Shaman) & Bärvers (Rogue) Rdd's: Apixia (Shadow-Priest), ??? (pref. Ele-Shaman), ??? (pref. Hunter, Boomy, Mage oder Warlock) Wie ihr seht suchen wir die präferierten Rollen und freuen uns wenn du dich meldest! :-) Unsere Erfahrung reicht sogar bis DS-HC, also sollten keine zweifel auf die Kompetenz gelegt werden. Achievement eurerseits ist nicht unbedingt nötig aber trotzdem gern gesehen. Unsere Bedingung ist das Klassenverständnis & die Lernbereitschaft. (denn die komischen Atlantiss Taktiken werden wir nicht machen) Unsere Raidzeit ist Sonntags 19:00 GMT+1 Falls ihr euch melden wollt auch gern Ingame Whisper oder per Post an Joros! Viele Grüße Joros Powerplay
  2. Jenova

    Developer Update #3

    Welcome to the third Developer Update. I would like to apologize for not updating you for the last month and a half, but there was a lot going on. 1. T12 Content I spent around 2 weeks fixing many bugs on Firelands. Most of the fixes were to Majordomo, Ryolith, Ragnaros. Some minor tweeks were made to other bosses too. We had a closer look at players in Firelands and we caught many players exploiting and hacking in Firelands, thanks to this we found many exploits that allowed players to even solo some bosses when done correctly, I think I fixed most / all of the them. We also plan to update the adds soon with some exploit fixes. 2. T13 Content After T12 I started working with T13. Together with Bildo we are currently working on the three 5 man Heroics. Our current progress is: End of Time - 50% Echo of Jaina - 85% Echo of Baine - 85% Echo of Sylvanas - 50% Well of Eternity - No data Hour of Twilight - 90% 3. New Forum As many of you probably already noticed we rebuilt and reworked our Forum. We hope everyone likes the new look and all the new functions. We are still doing some minor tweaks that will make our live easier (Admins / GMs / Devs / Moderators). If you have any feedback / ideas about what the forum is still missing / lacking let us know. 4. PvP Log System We improved our PvP Log System (Arenas and Wargames), we will now be able to better and easier catch teams that aren’t playing fair. With these changes we are now able to create say a table in arena team stats where you will be able to check all team battles (this isn’t done yet and we are not currently working on it, but we made sure the new PvP Log System will be compatible and has all the needed info). 5. Azshara Crater For our 5th birthday we decided to open a portal that takes players to Azshara Crater (one of the blocked and unfinished zones in the game). There you can fight with some custom bosses and get some old / unique gear for transmogs. We plan to shortly add more bosses and expand the current PvE event. If players like the event we might think about doing this kind of event every year, with more content, more bosses, more fun. We’re sorry for any problems / bugs our custom bosses / quests have, we will try to make the event doable and fun, and let’s hope this idea expands over the next year. 6. PvP Tournament The first Atlantiss PvP Tournament has begun! The tournament uses Wargames and the new PvP Log System. I hope everyone is having fun and that we will be able to do more tournaments like this. 7. Current Plans We plan to spend some time working with the Azshara Crater Event and work farther with 4.3 Content. We hope to soon add something to the PTR and we will need your help to make sure everything is tested and works. That is all for today’s update. If you have any questions please leave them below, I will try to answer them when I have some time. Thank you for your attention. Class dismissed! See you all in-game, Cheers!