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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all ppl. I heard about that Dragon Soul is scripted fully now. Deathwing has got 2 parts -spine and madness . How much health will he have ? Please tell me -will he be easy to kill? in %? Greetings .Farana
  2. Hello there Let me make one thing clear. This is NOT a flaming post, for those of you who only knows how to blame and cry, save us time to read your helpless comments, thanks. This being said, lets start. Atlantiss is (still) a great server, the quality of scripting, despite haters and crybaby is among the best you can find in the private servers scenario. Since Atlantiss project began, we had really little to complain about. I enjoyed my stay here, and for this, THANK YOU Atlantiss staff; you guys gave me(us) the chance to experience wonders and share great moments with friends for years. Again, for this you have my true graditude. Now lately I've been hearing rumors and complaints, everything related to the 4.3.4 content being still far. A few weeks ago you guys released some of the 4.3 content (3 dungeons + 3rd boss in BH) but we had no news about DS. And this is where I'd like to focus: in the last 3/4 months, we had close to 0 updates about current plans, and work done in DS. In Feb, you guys opened the "Devs update" corner, people were enthusiastic about it, since we could actually get an idea on when things could get live, without the annoying "give us a release date" meme. Let's recap those updates shortly: Devs Update #1: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13115-developer-update-1/ 4/02 -- Jenova said hes hoping to start working on DS within a month (notice that FL hc has been out for only 5 months, with only 3 guilds with Rag hc kill => Not a bad timing at all imo). Bildo also created the Sneak Peeks 4.3 content topic. Devs Update #2: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13291-developer-update-2/ 19/02 -- Skipping the work done on t13 instances, and focusing on DS, work was mainly done on "NPCs" and mentioning the work done to upgrade the scripting system used Devs Update #3: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13877-developer-update-3/ 5/04 -- Jenova said he could finally start working on t13, after fixing t12 (thanks btw). No mention to DS Devs Update #4: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/14270-developer-update-4/ 22/05 -- "Raknar has sent me a few scripts to Dragon Soul. I still don't know how much is done, but for sure this will help us speed up development". So on 22/05, Jenova still had no idea of the work done on DS. Devs Update #5: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/14660-developer-update-5/ 5/07 -- Jenova becomes the manager of devs team. More work done on Rag normal and hc, no mention to DS, no updates at all. Devs Update #6: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/14911-developer-update-6/ 19/08 -- Last Devs update. Morchok - Herkor is currently scripting Morchok. He wasn’t available for a week or two but he is slowly getting back to work. We hope to add Morchok on the PTR within the next week or two. Warlord Zonozz - Jenova is responsible for this boss. He has almost finished all versions (10 / 25 / 10HC / 25HC). He is currently testing him internally, if everything goes well Warlord Zonozz will be available on the PTR next week. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping - Jenova is also responsible for this boss. For now he has been gathering data about the boss. He made sniffs from retail and made a video of the encounter (We hope this will speed up the Development process). For now only the basics are done. NPCs - Piklo is working with all the NPCs, making sure they have proper DMG, proper HP values, are targetable and so on. He has almost finished and soon his fixes will be available on PTR. Boss Texts / Boss sound effects - Trance is making sure that all the boss texts and boss sound effects are in the database. He is also creating a document that will later help Developers make the bosses say and play the right sound effect and the right time. More work to NPCs and we finally had a sort of check-list. This was the last Devs update, but in september, Atlantiss staff created a discord channel to help testing on PTR, and to also update us on current status. It was a great move, and people were really glad about it. At this point, despite DS development being slow (On April 05 Jenova said he could go work on t13 finally, so 4 months before this last update), we still had an idea of how long it could be etc. Also, summer is always a tricky period for everyone, exams + holidays. The first weeks on the testing channel were really busy; I saw people who were complaining (as usual) actually take a step back and admit they regained trust and hype started to grow again. Unfortunately, it only lasted till October. It's been 2 months with almost no real updates. Last week we got some news from changelog: rev. 5542Author: Jenovas :: 2017-11-28 13:07 Warlord Zonozz: • Some minor changes to movement • Fixed a possibility where after a wipe the boss would stop melee attacking Yorsharj - 75% Done: • Most logic around summoning globules and gaining buffs from them is done, there needs to be some corrections to spells that Yorsharj gains after consuming a globule Hagara the Stormbinder: • Added basic script Now, we ofc appreciate it, but why only this in 2 months? What happened/happening? Any specific reason why development has been so slow? Please don't get me wrong, the whole point of this is not a complain. The server is yours, and noone from atlantiss staff gets paid for doing this, its just out of their love for this server, and for this community and we are grateful for all You guys have done so far. Besides fixes are still happening almost on a daily basis. My point is: why you guys stopped updating us? You realized long ago it was a huge thing for us that you guys were spending time to keep us informed (devs update, bildo's gif, discord channel), why this all changed in the last 3 months? It's been 6 months now since you guys started DS development, and yet the final two bosses have never been even mentioned (and we're aware those are the most difficult ones to do). Population on atlantiss have been as low as I've never seen, and yes we all know it will increase once DS is out, but I got friends just changing "home" because they lost hope. We'll get new people yes, its just sad the "old community" just quits because of this. Again, I personally am very grateful to all of those people who made this real, so again, THANK YOU Atlantiss; we just feel like you guys are focusing on something else maybe? Can't really explain why DS is taking so long, or why you guys stopped updating us. Do you still care about finishing Cataclysm in style? Thank you for reading it Best regards, Officers of Madness
  3. Guten Tag liebe Community! Wir sind Ensidia, eine progressive deutsche Raidgilde auf dem Server Atlantiss. Wir besitzen bereits einen festen ersten 10-Mann Stammraid und sind nun, für unsere zweite 10-Mann Stammgruppe, auf der Suche nach außergewöhnlichen Spielern, die ihre Klasse beherrschen und das Ziel verfolgen im Raidprogress voranzuschreiten! Wir verfolgen mit der zweiten Stammgruppe das Ziel natürlich erstmal eine feste Gruppe für den Raidprogress auf die Beine zu stellen und uns dann eventuell im späteren Verlauf mit der ersten Stammgruppe zu fusionieren, um somit eine 25-Mann Raidgruppe zu gründen. Feuerlande Progress Momentan sind wir im Raidprogress wohl die erfolgreichste deutsche Raidgilde. Der momentane Stand der ersten Stammgruppe liegt bei 7/7 NHC und 5/7 HC. Vor kurzem hat auch die zweite Stammgruppe mit dem Progress angefangen und ist momentan auf dem Stand von 7/7 NHC und 2/7 HC. Während dieser Forum Thread geschrieben wird sind wir schon wieder dabei im Heroischen Modus zu progressen . Was suchen wir? Wie bereits erwähnt suchen wir in erster Linie gute Spieler die ihre Klasse beherrschen. Ihr solltet mit Kritik umgehen können und lernfähig sein. Außerdem solltet ihr immer auf jeden Raid vorbereitet sein und mindestens eine Raidaktivität von ~70-80% vorzeigen. Die Ausrüstung sollte immer voll gesockelt und verzaubert, aber auch richtig umgeschmiedet sein. Kommunikation über Teamspeak (oder Discord) ist Pflicht. Während der Boss Encountern sollte man nicht viel Reden, allerdings trägt eine pure Stille dem Raid nichts bei, also solltet ihr nicht zu scheu sein um zu reden, vorallem wenn es darum geht z.B. Probleme zu beseitigen oder Bosstaktiken zu besprechen. Was bieten wir an? Erfahrene Spieler, von denen der größte Teil damals auf Retail progresst hat, wo auch gerne mal Fragen gestellt werden dürfen Eine freundliche und hilfsbereite Community Eine Gildenbank mit genügend Bufffood, Flasks, VZ etc. (allerdings sollte man auch was beisteuern!) Ein angenehmes Raidklima Ein Teamspeak Server der rund um die Uhr genutzt werden kann Erfolgereiche Raid-Runs jede Woche Raidzeiten Mittwochs 19 Uhr - 22/23 Uhr Sonntags 18:30 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr Progress Bastion of Twilight 4/4 NHC - 2/5 HC Blackwing Descent 6/6 NHC - 3/6 HC Throne of the Four Winds 2/2 NHC - 0/2 HC Firelands 7/7 NHC - 2/7 HC Recruitment LEGENDE: SEHR GESUCHT GESUCHT WENIGER GESUCHT NICHT GESUCHT Krieger: Waffen Furor Schutz Paladin: Heilig Schutz Vergeltung Jäger: Tierherrschaft Treffsicherheit Überleben Magier: Arkan Feuer Frost Schurke: Meucheln Kampf Täuschung Priester: Disziplin Heilig Schatten Hexenmeister: Gebrechen Dämonologie Zerstörung Schamane: Elementar Verstärkung Wiederherstellung Druide: Gleichgewicht Wilder Kampf Wiederherstellung Todesritter: Blut Frost Unheilig Wenn ihr euch jetzt noch nicht sicher seid, könnt ihr euch gerne bei weiteren Fragen im Forum melden oder InGame bei: Shaanxx, Brookmillar, Silvrette, oder Axeas.
  4. Jenova

    Developer Update #3

    Welcome to the third Developer Update. I would like to apologize for not updating you for the last month and a half, but there was a lot going on. 1. T12 Content I spent around 2 weeks fixing many bugs on Firelands. Most of the fixes were to Majordomo, Ryolith, Ragnaros. Some minor tweeks were made to other bosses too. We had a closer look at players in Firelands and we caught many players exploiting and hacking in Firelands, thanks to this we found many exploits that allowed players to even solo some bosses when done correctly, I think I fixed most / all of the them. We also plan to update the adds soon with some exploit fixes. 2. T13 Content After T12 I started working with T13. Together with Bildo we are currently working on the three 5 man Heroics. Our current progress is: End of Time - 50% Echo of Jaina - 85% Echo of Baine - 85% Echo of Sylvanas - 50% Well of Eternity - No data Hour of Twilight - 90% 3. New Forum As many of you probably already noticed we rebuilt and reworked our Forum. We hope everyone likes the new look and all the new functions. We are still doing some minor tweaks that will make our live easier (Admins / GMs / Devs / Moderators). If you have any feedback / ideas about what the forum is still missing / lacking let us know. 4. PvP Log System We improved our PvP Log System (Arenas and Wargames), we will now be able to better and easier catch teams that aren’t playing fair. With these changes we are now able to create say a table in arena team stats where you will be able to check all team battles (this isn’t done yet and we are not currently working on it, but we made sure the new PvP Log System will be compatible and has all the needed info). 5. Azshara Crater For our 5th birthday we decided to open a portal that takes players to Azshara Crater (one of the blocked and unfinished zones in the game). There you can fight with some custom bosses and get some old / unique gear for transmogs. We plan to shortly add more bosses and expand the current PvE event. If players like the event we might think about doing this kind of event every year, with more content, more bosses, more fun. We’re sorry for any problems / bugs our custom bosses / quests have, we will try to make the event doable and fun, and let’s hope this idea expands over the next year. 6. PvP Tournament The first Atlantiss PvP Tournament has begun! The tournament uses Wargames and the new PvP Log System. I hope everyone is having fun and that we will be able to do more tournaments like this. 7. Current Plans We plan to spend some time working with the Azshara Crater Event and work farther with 4.3 Content. We hope to soon add something to the PTR and we will need your help to make sure everything is tested and works. That is all for today’s update. If you have any questions please leave them below, I will try to answer them when I have some time. Thank you for your attention. Class dismissed! See you all in-game, Cheers!
  5. Hy! I'm returning to this server. Why? Well, I must say, best scripted one. Good work! So, as the title says, about the 4.3.4 content. I know you probably already work for it, but I kinda have some (noob?) questions: 1)The classical : When it is supposed to be scripted? :)) 2)Will you add the Hour of Twilight dungeons first and after a while, the Dragon Soul raid? Or both at the same time? 4)The questline regarding the "fangs of father", legendary daggers, will be able after a while after the scripted encounters, or in the same day? *actually, the same question: Will you add the entire 4.3.4 content in the same day?* 5)Did you noticed that question 3 is missing?  :rolleyes: 6)I didn't find any page regarding the latest scripted things... can you link it here if is? Oooor maybe an alternative?   Keep up the good work bla bla bla and.. ya know... "For Azeroth!"