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Found 3 results

  1. Ashrasmun

    Just a small thanks

    I feel like we (community) often brag about how things doesn't work on Atlantiss, but with new bosses being released in DS, I started to regain my appreciation for developer work on the server. This post is just a small thank you for your work - so many things that could've went wrong, work just right. So... Thank you! P.S. Yes, I treat it as a feedback of sorts :>
  2. haser

    I co teraz devy?

    Chciałbym się przywitać i zadać pytanie, zamierzacie coś robić z tym serwerem? Bo dragon soul to już jakiś czas temu powinien być co? Nie długo otwiera się nowy serwer cata i to dość dopracowany, nie będę wymieniał nazwy by ich nie reklamować na waszym forum ale pasowałoby zareagować. Edit: Pomijam fakt, że wróciłem na dosłownie 20 minut i gdy poszedłem na headless horseman to się zbugował, to na prawdę kiepsko prognozuje.
  3. Brov

    [Answered] developer lama

    hello atlantiss.   we've noticed that after each fix pack submited by developer lama our server faces a vicious series of crashes. that wouldn't be a problem given that he hadn't chosen rush hours as his favoured time. we are concerned with his actions, please take a closer look at his work for our comfort if that's not a problem.   regards, brov