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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Proudly present a first version of Default UI scripts/tweaks addon. Part of this scripts was garthered in Default UI Script topic on AJ or Battle.net sites. included "omnicc like" cooldown timer minimap zoom with mouse scroll hided micromenu Actionbars Disabled paging for warrior stances Player Frames Class colored name background added current/percent health text bigger and cleaner player casting bar Party frames: Added buffs/debuffs Arena frames Bigger frames added pvp trinket watcher like Gladius slash command list /clc -clear combatlog entries /gm - ticket /rc - ready check /cr - check role /rl - reload Known issues: There is no gamebreaking issues Exp / rep bar : Wrong positioning after login , for solve just type /rl and willbe good cooldown timer shows 1 issue with wrong parametr, when i find a solution for this I will update it. If somebody find some bugs pls send info to me via pm on forum Have a nice play ps sorry for my english