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Found 8 results

  1. Hello. I have purchased "Character Rename" and i sent as gift to my alternate account. Gift arrived properly and i used it to my druid (currently named Treehugz). Rename unfortunatly did not appeared available even after game reset multiple time. Any advice highly appriciated. Tree EDIT: Solved.
  2. Hello world of atlantis greatings: Everytime i play in wow cata.. when i que there is no enough healers/tanks for rhc... longwait .. is 1h or more.. so i thinked about idea.. Why not to create some event.. or giveavay for character level 80... to be tank/healer and than to level 5 more. and to finaly increase playtime on server and got fun ofc.. I imagine ... then all would love to play first to level to level 85 than instant que in rhc etc.. and would be nice for all player to continue to get gear have fun and chill in your server.. U can do it as new year suprise , or to create some event in pvp pve .. to can get that char :) I belive in you :) Give your opinions or support if u want :) i think is nice idea Sincerely Wolves4ever Serbia :)
  3. komshija

    [Answered] Character transfer

    Greetings, I have a friend who made a character on my account (name: Sayrex, race: Orc, Class: Shaman), he wanted to see how good this server is and he obviously fell in love with it and he wants to play, unfortunately he really likes the character he made on my account so i was wondering is it possible to transfer that character to a second account? I know he is a low level but he really likes that character, so would it be able to move that character to a fresh made account? it would really mean a lot to him. Thanks you in advance, your friendly player Komshija.
  4. Hey,   Was just wondering what the chances are of having character transfers between accounts available any time soon, seeing as this is a blizzlike feature and we know that transfers are possible I don't see why they are not offered?   Thanks!
  5. deadbite

    [Answered] Rename old character

    Hello there, I just found out recently of this server, and immediately started to play since i loved Cataclysm, it's the expansion that i started playing on. The first thing after i downloaded the game and created my account was to create a character and choose it's name.  As you can see, i use the name "Deadbite" on the forum, and i also use it on a lot of other servers that i play on, including retail. But, to my horror, the name was taken ingame, on the Dragonwrath realm, by a level 1 shaman, that has no activity since 24'th of February 2014, so almost 3 years. http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/346122#view-page I also saw on the forum that there is the possibility to rename character, but i didn't look too much on it.  My question is: Is there any chance to get the name of that character modified, so i may be able to use it on a new toon?   I always was and still am "Deadbite" on any server that i played on, so it's a bit sad to see my name on a character that hasn't been used since 3 years ago.   I will wait for an answer, thank you.
  6. Hi, i deleted character from which i send mail (heirlooms) and before i have opened mail on new character, i deleted char that i were sending from and the stuff were lost. Is there any way to restore this char or get stuff from him? My forum name and game login are different if it matters but i assume if restoration would be possible someone would contact me.
  7. Hello I wan't to know if by any of the current avaible mechanics there is a way to change a class of a character I've already leveled to lvl 85, it's a Warlock I wanna switcht it to a Mage but I don't know if that's possible...
  8. nekrolog

    [Answered] Deleted character

    Is there any way to retrive removed character?