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Found 3 results

  1. Hello dear saviors of azeroth first and foremost we wanna thank you for all the hard work you're doing to save our beautiful planet Azeroth I'm here today with an idea, to make you people relive the old world of warcraft, the real WoW where people love to play together with some of my friends, we thought about creating new characters, and leveling up to level 10 together and then start going through old dangeons from level 10 until we reach level 60 then, we start doing gradually Vanilla old raids at level 60 until we get to good old Ragnaros then we go up to level 70 and do BC old raids at level 70, then we go up to level 80 and do Wotlk old raids at level 80 and keep doing each raid in order until we get to Cataclysm the goal behind this idea is to relive the WoW experience to the fullest, with the maximum of challenges and the maximum of fun if you're interessted, let us know by posting a comment with the name of your character so we could reach out to you thank you for reading and i hope to see you guys soon
  2. Lok Tar Ogar Champions of the Horde!   Are there any players available at above mentioned time to clear Heroic Tier 11 content?    Full details on my request can be found here    
  3. Hello! And welcome to my prot warrior guide!   Table of content: 1. Overview and basics 2. Races 3. Professions 4. Talents and glyphs 5. Spells, cooldowns and rotation 6. Buffs and debuffs 7. Stats 8. Reforging 9. Enchants 10. Gemming 11. Consumables 12. Add-ons 13. After CTC cap     1. Overview:      In my opinion, Warrior is the most fun and versatile class to tank with. What we lack in terms of an aspect of an encounter we can compensate through choosing various specs and talens. In the right hands, I'd dare to say, Warrior can be the best tank of them all. We have very steady and smooth threat generation and DPS and consistent damage reduction thanks to our mastery, which increases our block chance. With the recent changes to the block % calculations and the Shield Block fix, we are slowly making our way back to the top.      As a class that wears shields we mitigate damage by blocking with our shield and thanks to our mastery, those blocks can be sometimes critical blocks. I will go over this in details in the stats section.   2. Races:      In WoW we have 12 races to choose from, which, actually all can be warriors. If you have any preferences towards a specific race, feel free to skip this part.   2.1 Alliance:      - Draenei - A small heal over 15 seconds and 1% hit - IMO the heal is too small to make a big difference and we already have a pretty solid HoT in our spellbook.    - Dwarf - Stoneform - Removes poison/bleed/disease effects and reduces damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. This is, hands down, the best tanking racial in the game.    - Gnome - No!!!    - Human - PvP trinket, extra expertise with swords and maces. Excellent if you like PvPing from time to time, but it doesn't really bring any benefits in a raid enviroment.    - Night Elf - 2% dodge and some nature resistance.    - Worgen - Darkflight - Short movement speed boost, more mobility never hurts. You also get 1% passive crit.   2.2 Horde:      - Blood elf - Arcane Torrent - AoE interrupt and mini rage generator, small amount of arcane resistance. Not worth looking like a gaylord.    - Forsaken - Will of the forsaken - Removes sleep/charm/fear effects, some shadow resistance.    - Goblin - Some additional mobility never hurts, 1% increased attack speed.    - Orc - DPS on-use racial and expertise with axes.    - Tauren - 5% increased base HP, AoE casted stun    - Troll - Reduced effect of movement impairing effects, small amount of regen persists in combat and a haste cooldown.   The best choices would be Tauren for horde and Dwarf for Alliance.   3. Professions:      Professions are another factor based on personal preference, but their impact is a lot bigger than the race choice.   3.1 Gathering:      - Mining - 120 Stamina, goes well with Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting/Engineering    - Skinning - 80 Crit rating, goes well with Leatherworking    - Herbalism - Useless cooldown, pairs well with Inscription/Alchemy   3.2 Crafting:      - Alchemy - 40 extra Mastery and 15 extra resistance from your elixirs combo and an excellent ilvl 359 trinket    - Blacksmithing - One of the most versatile professions out there. Its bonus is implemented via additional gem sockets on gloves and bracers, thus letting you choose bonus to your liking. The best choices are 80 Mastery or 120 Stamina.    - Enchanting - 120 Stamina in the form of ring enchants.    - Engineering - This profession is too inconsistent for my liking so I generally avoid it. I have to admit, though, you get a lot of cool toys as an engineer.    - Inscription - 120 Stamina in the shape of an improved shoulder enchant.    - Jewelcrafting - Another very versatile profession, its bonus comes in the shape of 3 Jewelcrafting only, epic quality gems. I'd go for 81 Mastery or 123 Stamina or a mix of the two stats.    - Leatherworking - a 195 stamina bracer enchant, 155 more than the existing one. Excellent profession if you like Stamina.    - Tailoring - A DPS oriented cloak enchant, something we are not interested in.      Untill Dragon Soul comes around and we are wearing full epic gems, Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting is the best combo we can go for. Beware, though, that those professions can be a real pain in the rear side to level if you don't have deep pockets or an alt with mining.   4. Talents and glyphs      This is one of the parts where we have a lot more choices than other tank classes. We can pick between AoE, single target or try to find that sweet balance between the two.   4.1 The "Skeleton"      The skeleton of our build is basically our core talents which make tanking possible.         In this picture I have marked our core talents with green and our situational talents with red. Below I will try to explain what each one of them does for our spec and which should we focus on.   4.1.1 Core:      - Toughness 3/3 - Extra armor. Armor is the best source of physical damage reduction and we want as much as possible.    - Shield Specialization */3 - Our most consistent source of rage generation. This is what converts our mastery to threat. Put as many points as you wish, depending on the amount of adds present. I recommend 1 point for heavy AoE and 3 points for single target.    - Shield Mastery 3/3 - Reduces CD on Shield Wall and Shield Block and also causes it to reduce magic damage. Definite 3/3.    - Hold the Line 2/2 - Has a chance on parry to give us a threat/defense boost for 10 sec.    - Last Stand 1/1 - 30% of max HP for 20 sec. A talent point well spent.    - Concussion Blow 1/1 - A decent threat ability and a stun. A decent choice for 1 talent point and it unlocks Vigilance.    - Bastion of Defense 2/2 - Makes us immune to crits and gives a small threat boost, mandatory talent.    - Warbringer 1/1 - Allows us to to be mobile in our main tanking stance, which allows us to pull while having more rage which reduces the chance we will lose aggro.    - Improved Revenge 2/2 - Our Revenge is now a cleave and does more damage. More DPS = happy raid leader.    - Devastate 1/1 - This is our main filler ability and it does decent damage. Also causes the Sunder Armor debuff.    - Vigilance 1/1 - This gives us more threat if we are currently not tanking anything (Magmaw or Cho'Gall come to mind) and lowers the cooldown of Taunt.    - Heavy Repercussions 2/2 - 100% more damage on SS while SB is active, yes pls.    - Sword and Board 3/3 - Just... take it, it's that amazing.    - Shockwave 1/1 - Amazing threat spell, since it can't be dodged. Usefull in both single target and AoE.    - Cruelty 2/2 - A pretty effective threat talent.    - War Paint 2/2 - A very good survival talent which makes our healers' job easier.   4.1.2 Optional:       - Incite */3 - A very good threat talent if you find your self using HS often. I prefer using it in single target specs.    - Blood and Thunder 2/2 - Apart from sounding awesome this is a must-have talent in an AoE spec as this is our biggest source of AoE threat.    - Gag Order 2/2 - An extra interrupt that can find its tight niche in raiding. Can be usefull on bosses like Cho'Gall.    - Thunderstruck 2/2 - Apart from being another song reference it's a direct boost to our AoE threat. A must have in all AoE specs.    - Safeguard 2/2 - A decent talent if you expect your Intervene target to take heavy damage.    - Blood Craze */3 - A niche talent that can be usefull in AoE tanking as it will proc pretty often.    - Piercing Howl 1/1 - A very good AoE talent when we need to kite adds (Maloriak, Nefarian)    - War academy */3 - Talent that boosts the damage of our main filler ability. I would take 3/3 for single target.    - Deep Wounds */3 - Filler talent that serves the purpose of more TPS. Has a decent uptime due to the high critical strike chance of Devastate.   4.2 Exaple Single target spec      This is, IMO, the best single target spec.     4.3 Example AoE spec      One of the many AoE specs, but this is the one I like the most.     4.4 A balanced spec      You can always try to build a well-balanced hybrid spec that can serve both purposes if you want to keep an active dps spec or you are just too lazy to manage 2 specs.     4.5 Glyphs      Most of our glyphs will stay the same throughout numerous fights but some are quite situational.   4.5.1 Prime glyphs - Those glyphs should never leave their spots once placed     - Glyph of Shield Slam - A direct damage boost to our most important threat ability. Yes, please!     - Glyph of Revenge - A very usefull glyph and a direct TPS boost. It is worth noting that this glyph is very cheap (3-5 on the AH) and you can pick it up relatively early.     - Glyph of Devastate - A boost to our main filler ability.   4.5.2 Major glyphs      Doesn't matter the situation, we always want to use:     - Glyph of Shockwave - CD reduction on a very good threat ability. We will use this in both single target and AoE fights.      For AoE I also like to take:    - Glyph of Cleaving - An extra target to our cleave, helps with equally distributing AoE threat.    - Glyph of Resonating Power - Our Thunderclap now costs 5 less rage. It can greatly help with rage efficiency over the course of the fight. That's about an extra cleave every 36 seconds, which technically can be a TPS increase. If however you need some extra range for those pesky adds that are out of your reach, feel free to use Glyph of Thunder Clap.    For single target, honestly you can take whatever you feel is best, as there aren't too many good choices.   4.5.3 Minor glyphs      Nothing really to choose from here, except a few QoL changes.    - Glyph of Battle/Glyph of Command - Double duration on our shouts which means we will have to waste less GCDs during a fight to refresh them. Use glyph for whatever buff your raid is missing.    - Glyph of Demoralizing Shout - Increases the duration of our physical damage, which again will save us a few GCDs throughout the course of a fight.    - Glyph of Berserker Rage - Use this spell on cooldown for a little bit of extra rage, unless you are expecting heavy incoming damage or healer is dead, then save it for BR+ER combo which I'll explain a little bit later.   5. Spells, cooldowns and rotation   5.1 Main abilities:      - Shield Slam - Our most iconic spell. It does a very high amount of damage and dispells one buff from it's target.    - Revenge - Decent and extremely cheap cleave-like ability, use this if SS is on Cooldown.    - Rend - A DoT effect, ticking every 3 seconds and does decent damage.    - Devastate - Our main filler ability, has a pretty high critical strike chance, thus generates a high amount of threat and it applies the Sunder Armor debuff.    - Concussion Blow - A stun and another decent filler ability.    - Shockwave - High threat ability which can not be dodged or parried and hits everything in a cone infront of you.    - Thunder Clap - AoE move which on it self does pretty low damage, but spreads Rend to all targets it hits.     - Taunt - Does exactly what it sounds like.    - Charge - Our signature ability, nothing feels cooler than charging at a giant boss. Use this in the beggining to generate rage and close the gap between you and the boss.    - Intercept - A worse version of charge. Use it when charge is already on cooldown and you need to charge at an add to take aggro or similar situations.    - Intervene - Another charge-like ability. If a DPS somehow takes aggro at the other end of the room or you need to move and your other mobility spells are on cooldown, use this on a nearby person.    - Heroic Leap - Even more mobility. You can use this for literally whatever you want. Reposition a boss, avoid falling damage, you name it.    - Pummel - Our interrupt. Use this to uhhh... interrupt spells maybe?    - Victory Rush - A niche but effective self-heal ability. Use it whenever it is available.   5.2 Dumping rage      Sometimes we end up with an amount of rage too high to spend with our main abilities and you should look forward to dump it when you exceed 50 rage. We have 2 good ways to dump rage:       - Heroic Strike - Usefull for dumping rage and maintaining single target threat, especially if specced for it.    - Cleave - Our AoE rage dumpster, if glyphed this can do a lot of damage.    5.3 Cooldowns      Warriors don't have a lot of cooldowns to use, so using them at the right time is what matters.      - Shield Block - Our bread and butter defensive ability. Use this whenever is not on cooldown, unless you are expecting heavy damage.    - Shield Wall - Good old flat damage reduction. Use this when things go bad or you are expecting very heavy damage.    - Last Stand + Enraged Regeneration - A very good combo, since Last Stand boosts the healing by a decent amount.      - Last Stand - You can use this on its own as a health buffer which will allow you to survive unavoidable damage. (example: Crackle + Breath on Nefarian.)    - Inner rage - When you exceed 70 rage you should pop this so you can dump it a lot quicker. You might find yourself using this often in AoE fights.    - Retaliation - Best used on a big pack of mobs at a pull. Be carefull when you use it since it takes up a GCD    - Recklessness - You should only, ONLY use this at the pull. The extra damage taken will ensure you get vengeance faster and the extra crit will let you hold aggro a lot better.     5.4 Rotation     Instead of a set rotation we follow a priority, which is quite basic and easy to remember.   5.4.1 The pull - As a warrior, you need to let your DPS know that you will need 4-5 seconds of freedom in the beggining of the fight, so you can freely apply debuffs and generate a small threat buffer, so you won't drop aggro if an ability misses early on.      - Single target pull - Battle shout -> Berserker Rage -> Recklessness -> Shoot/Throw -> Heroic Throw -> Charge -> Heroic Leap -> Shield Block -> Shield Slam -> Devastate x3 -> Shield Slam -> Apply debuffs -> follow single target priority      - Aoe Pull - Battle shout -> Berserker Rage -> Shoot/Throw -> Retaliation -> Charge -> Heroic Leap -> Shockwave-> Rend -> Thunder Clap -> Demoralizing shout -> AoE priority      (For AoE try to use Shield Block right before the shockwave stun expires on the adds.)   5.4.2 Spell priority      - Single Target - Shield Slam > Revenge > Rend > Devastate (if <3 stacks or debuff is about to expire) > Shockwave > Concussion Blow > Devastate      - AoE - Shockwave (3x Thunderstruck stacks) > Thunderclap > Shockwave (If <3 stacks) > Shield Slam (If Shield Block is active) > Revenge > Shield Slam   6. Buffs and debuffs       - Buffs - As warriors we have 2 buffs which we can provide to choose from - 549 Strength and Agility or 585 Stamina. Use a shout depenidng on what buff the raid is missing. As a side note Mark of the wild/Blessing of Kings and Battle Shout/Horn of winter will give you a decent amount of parry, thus giving us higher CTC.      - Debuffs - We have 3 buffs to maintain on the boss - Sunder Armor x3 (through Devastate), Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap. When they are about to expire simply just refresh them instead of using an ability low on the priority list.   7. Stats      - Stamina* > Mastery > Parry ≥ Dodge > Exp > Stamina (past our threshold) > Hit        - Stamina is stamina. Makes us fluffier, not much else. You will want a decent amount before you move on to other stats. ~8k is enough for normal mode Firelands content. You need to make sure you have enough in order to survive unavoidable abilities and magic damage. If you find yourself getting one-shot by a boss, swap to a Stamina trinket. I, myself, have never had to gem for stamina while progressing through t11 heroic mode.      - Mastery - After we have enough Stamina, this is our best stat to go to. It provides unmatched damage reduction and threat through the Shield Specialization talent. Each Mastery point gives us 1.5% block chance and 1.5% critical block chance. A block reduces 30% of the damage of the boss' melee swing, and critical block - 60%. This is the stat that lets us become an unstoppable hulking machine of death. We will gem for it and reforge for it, enchant for it, simply everything we can do to get more untill the 102.4% CTC cap.     - Parry - A stat that completely negates the damage from a boss' melee swing. What makes it inferior to mastery is that it has diminishing returns (we need more and more rating to get 1% of parry the more parry we have). On paper it is superior to dodge, because of the HTL talent, but again, it's affected by diminishing returns and you should generally aim to have your parry 2-2.5% higher than dodge.     - Dodge - Pretty much the same as parry, no need to explain again.     - Expertise - Our best threat statistic. It reduces the chance our attacks will be dodged or parried. Untill its soft cap of 26 (781 rating) this will give us the highest TPS and DPS increase. You don't need threat stats to hold aggro, but sometimes a large streak of parries can be pretty bad. My personal advice is to aim for 10-15 exp for a minor DPS increase after we have reached the CTC cap. (which might be impossible this tier)     - Hit - Reduces the chance you will miss. You shouldn't ever need to reforge for this stat. If you have to, you are doing something wrong. Provides a decent threat increase untill its cap of 8% (961 rating)   7.1 CTC and being "Unhittable"     I was originally going to write a huge wall of text about this but I found a Video that will explain it a lot better than me.   8. Reforging     Somewhat similar to the previous part, reforging will help us squeeze every little bit of CTC from our gear.     If piece of gear doesn't have Mastery -> Reforge the highest stat to Mastery (If there is hit or exp on the piece, reforge that instead, It's still a CTC gain)   If piece of gear has exp or hit -> Reforge to Dodge   *If piece of gear has Mastery/Parry -> Reforge Parry to Dodge   If you need threat -> Reforge Parry to Expertise instead of Dodge.     *Try to keep Your Parry/Dodge ratio to a state similar to what we talked about before.   9. Enchants:   Since I'm too lazy to make links now, I will just write down the enchant, what it does and Its source.      - Head: Arcanum of the Earthen Ring - 90 Stamina, 35 Dodge - Revered with the Earthen Ring    - Shoulder: Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz - 75 Stamina, 25 Dodge - Exalted with Therazane    - Back: Enchant Cloak - Protection - 250 Armor    - Chest: Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina - 75 Stamina    - Wrist: Enchant Bracer - Superior Dodge - 50 Dodge    - Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery - 65 Mastery    - Waist: Ebonsteel Belt buckle - Extra socket    - Legs: Drakehide Leg Armor - 145 Stamina, 55 Dodge    - Feet: Enchant Boots - Lavawalker - 35 Mastery, 8% movement speed    - Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk - Chance on hit for 15% movement speed and 600 dodge rating for 10 seconds    - Off-hand: Enchant Shield - Mastery - 50 Mastery   10. Gemming      - Meta: Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond - 81 Stamina and 1% increased block value    - Blue: Puissant Dream Emerald - 30 Stamina/20 Mastery    - Yellow: Fractured Amberjewel - 40 Mastery    - Red: Fine Ember Topaz - 20 Parry/20 Mastery OR Keen Ember Topaz - 20 Expertise/20 Mastery in case you need threat.      As a tank, I would avoid ignoring socket bonuses.   11. Consumables      Food: Lavascale Minestrone - 90 Stamina/90 Mastery    Battle Elixir: Elixir of the Master - 225 Mastery    Guardian Elixir: Prismatic Elixir - 90 Resistance to all schools of magic OR Elixir of Deep Earth - 900 Armor    *Potion: Golemblood Potion - 1600 Strength for 25 seconds      I prefer using the elixir combo over a flask because of the higher CTC, but if you have a lot of Steelskin flasks laying around or there is a guild cauldron, feel free to use those instead.      *This is a personal preference because, again, more CTC for 25 seconds. A lot cheaper alternative would be the Earthen Potion - 4800 armor for 25 seconds.   12. Usefull Add-ons:      - Omen - Threat meter, pretty handy to see if a fire mage going crazy is about to take aggro.    - Rating Buster - You can break down every statistic on your gear and see exactly what it gives.    - Raid Defense Stats - Saves time opening your calculator every time you aquire an upgrade, shows your CTC in the character tab.    - RSA - Major cooldowns announcer, my guildies love it when this thing spams chat 24/7.    - DBM - Knows everything about every boss in the game.   13. After CTC cap - What do we do after CTC cap?       This is a very subjective question. You can go for Stamina, more Mastery or get more threat stats. Let us see what each of these gives us.    - Stamina - Larger health pool, allowing us to survive huge amounts of magic damage easier. (Baleroc for example)    - Mastery - Further improves our shield block and our physical damage mitigation abilities. If you stack enough mastery to get 50% critical block, Shield Block will make you crit-block capped. (Shield block gives 25% block and crit block and it converts the block that's over the CTC cap to crit block. Since all of the block will be excess at CTC cap, 25+25=50% extra crit block.)    - Exp/Hit - More DPS -> boss dies faster -> you take less damage.      I have not yet reached the cap, even though I'm close. Even with the big amounts of magic damage in Firelands, I will still be opting for for the mastery route while carrying a Stamina trinket in my back pocket in case of  needing stamina on magic damage fights.     See you on the battlefield!