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Found 2 results

  1. phillips54

    [Answered] wow SPEED HACK OR GM ??

    hello i have record this during my play so for you it's player or gm?
  2. So we were doing a Wotlk dungeon and a nice level 80 necklace drops (all of us were below 71, was Dragon Prow Amulet btw). So we do our rolls. The mage gets mad at the hunter for rolling need. Claims hunter rolled need on every item so far, calling her a ninja looter. Hunter has rolled need a total of 0 times thus far. Hunter gets kicked. I look back at chat log. Hunter rolled greed, the mage won the necklace. Only other person that rolled need was paladin. I confront the mage. Mage instantly goes hostile, saying she won't deal with bullshit and says do your job as tank or leave (because I guess I was wasting time by trying to sort this out). Paladin also claims hunter rolled need. I ask hunter. Hunter says she doesn't have it. I resubmit chat log to mage and paladin, saying mage should have it. Mage does indeed have it. Says hunter rolled need anyways, so the kick was justified. I was kicked shortly after. Healer didn't care, said the whole dispute wasn't his problem, which is understandable. Only conclusion I could come up with was they had it out for the hunter (no idea why they would), the two were a duo that likes to grief, or they genuinely had a glitch in the system saying the hunter was rolling need on every single item (I doubt this, considering a few plate armor dropped so she couldn't roll need anyways). The mage had the necklace anyways, I don't know why she was out for blood. Hunter won like 3 out of the 14 drops she greeded for. And yeah, I know some people would say "stop crying, get over it" but the hunter was my friend and she's extremely discouraged from playing that character again. I just wanna validate with you all if there is in fact a bug that says someone is rolling need when they aren't. Thanks