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Found 25 results

  1. Natsul

    Problem z RAF

    Witam. Mam problem z kontem założonym z RAF. Otóż Stworzyłem postać z linku znajomego i nie dostaje bonusowego expa będąc koło niego, a on dostaje. Czy ktoś wie gdzie leży tu problem? Usuwałem catche i nic nie pomogło. Zaznaczam, że nie posiadam pełnego clienta wowa tylko wersje mini. Pozdrawiam
  2. Rafforinkile

    Storm Peaks Crash

    Ktoś ma jakiś pomysł jak mi pomóc? otóż ostatnio jak staram się wlecieć do SP momentalnie zawiesza mi całego kompa, trzeba walnąć twardy restart i kupić unstocka w shopie bo nawet podczas logowania do gry dzieje sie tak samo. Problem ten mam tylko w okolicach centrum SP od jakichś 2tyg. wcześniej byłym tam kilka miesiecy temu i wszystko było ok .
  3. krynio

    DK starting area bug

    Nie mogę wyjść z pierwszego miasta DK. W jaki sposób mogę skontaktować się z GM co by mnie wyciągnął ze starting area- trudno będę miał mniej talents points, ale takie rozwiązanie by mnie satysfakcjonowało. Ostatnim questem jaki zrobiłem było najprawdopodobniej A Meeting With Fate.
  4. Hi guys, I would like to ask if there would be a possibility to get a request function on the website/bugtracker for bugged quests to be put on auto-complete. There are lots of quests that have been bugged literally for years and the answer is always the same… "we have other stuff in priority right now". I do understand and respect that and I would assume that probably many of the developers here are students with a job and they just don’t have the time to catch up on everything. That’s why instead of just whining I decided on trying to suggest a potential solution for this problem that many of us have to deal with. I know maintaining a private server probably is not an easy task… however I really tend to believe that putting a quest on auto-complete isn’t such a hard thing code-wise. If there is no time to be put into these quests then let there be at least something that solves this problem, it can be a real pain in the *** when a small quest breaks a whole quest-chain. Thanks for hearing me out.
  5. Aethas

    Is the Fury Mastery Bugged?

    Hi, There is probably a thread already about this, but I can't personally find it. I was looking through the reasons why warriors do not like Fury PvE, and other from the fact that people keep telling me that it blows, one seem to stand out: Mastery is bugged. Mainly that Mastery does not increase the beneficial abilities create by Enraged. Is this true? I was hoping to roll out a SMF Warrior. Best, Aethas.
  6. karolczak3001

    [Answered] Arena issue

    Hello Today i've started playing arenas with my teammate. I have played bout 20 games, but then after joining arena i was teleported to empty arena. I was alone and my teammate was 1v2 with enemies in different phase. It happend twice. Do you know how to fix this ?
  7. This is so so much irritating. I had big big problem on my dk and I had to w8 nearly month before support help me (LOL) i created warlock and wanted to have fun but...? at lvl 19 I get to the hillsbard foothills and strucked at 1 of 1st quest - I was questgiver with yellow > ! < on me. Game crashed, quest didnt finish and when I abandoned it I couldnt get it again, and more.... all NCPs gone (everywhere!), i cant see even mailbox so I cant even read what support msged me LOOL! I created this thing when I wrote to support for help (didnt remember what it is), for 2 times (sthg like 5 days waiting) my topic dissappeard and I get mail on mailbox (i cant see mailboxes, remember?), so I created it again 3 times, i know i need to be online if GM can help me but.... guys I was online sthg like 2 weeks couple of hours per day at different time and noone answered. This is riddicolous! and what? I tried to log in today and what I see? I am banned because (probably) my anger. WTF guys? I thought this is better then every1 say - buglantis. Belmakor 2017-08-18 15:12:27 2017-09-01 15:12:27 Yanvar Offending staff "Dear" Yanvar, Instead of banning me just help me have fun in this game dude! Please unban me (if it is possible) and repair for me this quest. Thats all I ask.
  8. Jachimek94

    [Answered] Bug with Quest

    Can someone tell me how can i make this quest now? It looks like a bug for me, cuz i don't have this quest in Log, also i cant take items for this quest and complete it. Please help :/ i can't do next without it. Links to SS: https://scr.hu/wLpzY0 https://scr.hu/ZLyn1e
  9. I just wanted to bring attention to the amount of carts that pile up on the boarder between the Plaguelands. There's literally dozens of them and they drop me from my normal FPS of 144 down to 16. Today I was trying to interact with the worgen there and accidentally got in one of the carts and found it impossible to leave. I logged out and logged back in, only to have my character fall through the map and die, causing a 6 min release cooldown. I'm sure this isn't just me, I know other people who see these carts too, is there anything we can do to address this? Thanks! Here's what I'm talking about:
  10. Problem occured with Archeology becouse i've lost everysingle digsite few days ago, archeology is skilled 525 (lack of digsite on Azeroth and Outlands)
  11. HankJWimbleton

    [Answered] Twilight Highlands weird bug.

    I started questchain in TH and in moment when started "Muddied Waters" and "Cementing Our Victory" I see no River Muck and Whirlpool Core. On 3 other characters i didn't have that problem.
  12. cokout

    [Answered] Gorefiend's quests

    http://www.wowhead.com/quest=10634/divination-gorefiends-armor 12 hours ago i take and complete this quest and now i can't pass this quest i try abbadon and take again but now i can't take quest from quest giver Pls repair the http://www.wowhead.com/npc=21797/ancient-shadowmoon-spirit
  13. Hi, I don't know if I have to post this in this section or in the bugtracker but the quest Ticker Required ( http://www.wowhead.com/quest=14485/ticker-required) in Azshara doesn't work, when I use the Gob squad flare gun nothing happens, the squad doesn't appear and the quest can't be completed. I tried to restart the game, abandon the quest and get it again but nothing can do. What should I do ?
  14. melonmystery

    [Answered] The Light of Dawn won't work

    I have recently joined atlantiss and I have an issue with the death knight starting place which prevents me from proceeding past it. I have collected the quest 'The Light of Dawn' but it does not appear to be working, each time I try to start the quest Highlord Darion Mograine is at the chapel and if I click 'Im ready' it will just keep spawning the undead minions which has made my PC lag.
  15. Beyler

    [Answered] Ready for Raiding

    Hi! I have a some issue with that Deadmines' achievement. I can't get it.   There's the post on the Bug Tracker:  > https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/8196   Best Regards :)
  16. Based on both numbers in character sheet, and in-combat testing, neither Precision nor Dual Wield Specialization are granting the damage bonuses indicated by the tooltip.  Autoattack damage is not being amplified, and offhand weapon is receiving 1/2 of dps bonus from Attack Power(should be 3/4). EDIT Further testing suggests, however, that Bloodthirst's damage IS being amplified significantly over what the tooltip indicates.  Was this a deliberate change that just isn't reflected in the tooltips?
  17. Nikolakraken

    [Answered] Dungeon XP

    Recently I came to this server to play with my friends who are playing here for some long time and i came across some bug, I think it is so hear me out. When we started to lvl up our characters I didn't have problems with xp gain, and when we started to play dungeons, they got like around 150-180xp per mob, and I got around 10-15xp per mob, and the highest amount i got is 70xp on boss. I tought the problem is with my character which was Holy Priest, so I created another Holy priest and it was the same. Then I created Mage, same thing happened again, after that i created Warlock, and guess what? My friend created priest and other one created mage because we tought it was a bug with the classes and it was not they leveled normally, let me give you an example: -We did "Deadmines" and they leveled 3 levels and i was stil lvl 15, after that we did "Ragefire Chasm" they got to lvl 22 and i was still lvl 15, after that we did "Wailling Caverns" They got to lvl 25 and i got lvl up so i'm lvl 16. I wrote a ticket in-game 2 days ago and still no answer to it, then i decided to come on forums and ask you guys what is the problem.
  18. CLOSED   Hi, i opened a ticket also but i hope posting here will make things right faster.   I can acess my other 2 chars, but my main one is locked out, loading stops in half and my computer freezes, after a while i get error stating wow crashed etc.   if you could unstuck my char or smt..(i was riding wind rider at the time of crash).   his name is "Baineblood"
  19. The Sacrifice quest is bugged, the questguiver is outside of the wall, you cant access him. Plz fiz this :p
  20. Hello,   This is the second time i have this respawn problem. After my third death in the warsong gulch, i can't come back to life and the battleground icon suddenly disappear. The countdown is blocked (at "1 second" even if I try several times)   So i can't leave and respawn, i'm completely blocked. (Sorry partners) Thanks  
  21. General Bug Report: Mana Wraiths in The Nexus dungeon keep spawning and never lose aggro. They're near the 2nd Boss, anyone else having an issue with them?
  22. Erni123

    [Answered] DK problem resp HELP !

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0II3UJ4TbHw    Nothing I can do even go on ultrasound and Inst. If you want to help me, please leave a comment. Thank you in advance and best regards.........:) Wow cata 4.3.4 atlantiss Whats the matter is as follows: I moved myself dk of the Sunwell here, and I have to do all the initial quests for dk, but during one zq (flying the blue sphere) blew me online when I logged in again it was like the ball, but in his body, and now I do not see any NPC, I can not go perform q, or do anything relog does not work, it unstuck if it is possible help from the Administration?      Nic nie mogę zrobić nawet iść na bg i inste. Jeżeli chcesz mi pomóc to proszę o zostawienie komentarza. Z góry dziękuje i pozdrawiam.........:) Wow cata 4.3.4 atlantiss  Siema, sprawa wygląda następująco: Przeniosłem sobie dk z sunwella tutaj, i muszę zrobić wszystkie początkowe questy dla dk, lecz podczas wykonywania jednego z q(latanie taką niebieską kulą) wywaliło mi internet, gdy zalogowałem się ponownie to byłem jakby tą kulą, ale w swoim ciele, i teraz nie widzę żadnych npc, nie mogę lecieć wykonać q, ani nic zrobić, relog nie działa, unstuck też, czy jest możliwa pomoc ze strony Administracji?  
  23. I already explore all the map of Northern Stranglethorn but i havent got the archivement for it, please help me fixing this bug. Character name: Kotto Screenshots:
  24. I've been trying to make a DK but the quests are bugged.One time the guards in the starting area started atacking me and forced me to delete the character.I tried again and reached the final quest but it buged out.So can someone tell me how to do the quests? :)   Please fix this Atlantiss!
  25. Donkeymonkey

    [Answered] Bugged Achievement Mount

    Hi everyone,   recently i got the achievement: "leading the cavalry". Normally you are rewarded with the albino drake that is sent to your mailbox. I think i had a full mailbox at the time i got the achievement. Anyhow, when i came around to emptying it, i didn't have the letter or mount. This is quite frustrating, i was wondering if i was the only one who encountered this issue and how i could fix it.   Thank you