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Found 1 result

  1. This version of Auctionator has been fixed to work with the Atlantiss server. I have disabled/removed the full scan feature for now. This is done because the addon was banned by staff, I believe because of how this function worked. I will be working on a new version WITH full scanning enabled. I will probably try to base this off Auctioneers' scanning function too keep the addon from being banned again. No ETA on this though. What works? Searching auctions. Shopping lists. Posting auctions. Searching for undercuts. Seen auctions are saved to database (you can set how long auctionator keeps data for seen auctions in the options). Price is shown in item tooltip for auctions in database. What doesn't work? The full scan function has been disabled completely for now. (more info, read above) As far as I know the rest of the functionality is working without problems. If you run into any bugs please report them in a reply to this thread! Please have fun with this fairly working Auctionator. I do not own the rights to this software, I only implemented a fix to make it work on the Atlantiss server, all rights remain with their original owner Zirco. Use of this software is at your own risk. I test it thoroughly before release but I can not take responsibility if use or misuse of this software breaks your game client or computer. Download Version 0.0.2 - This version is a quick and dirty fix to get Auctionator working on Atlantiss. It does not have a full scanning feature. - Please be advised that I didn't get any response from the staff about why the addon was banned or if I could release this version, therefore the use of this version is AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you have any problems using this or run into any bugs please report them in a reply to this thread!. I will try to help as well as I can and fix any bugs that come up. If you want to help me make this addon better please send me a personal message on this forum. I do have to add that I am not an expert programmer so my bugfixes may not always come fast, but still I will do my very best to make sure it works for everyone. Lastly I want to thank Zirco for creating an awesome addon! If you like using it don't forget to give him a thank you on curse: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/auctionator