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Found 4 results

  1. So while back last year I was bored beyond hell and I've downloaded all addons (2322) I could find that are compatible with 4.3 client and just made a collection of it. If you are looking for some addon it is certainly here. Most of addons work! Yes I've tested most LOOOL. I will update it someday when I get even more bored and import pics and addon descriptions but hell, that will take time. Here Cheers, Sniprep
  2. Hey guys,   I can't seems to get the Recount AddOn to work on my WoW. I am using a mac. I downloaded from the links provided in the useful AddOns sticky thread: http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/3140-wow-434-addons-links/.   I already checked and did not extract this way: http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/4921-addons-not-working/ My Recount folder placed inside the AddOns folder doesn't contain any other folder (only files).   Recount simply won't show up as an AddOn in the AddOns menu inside the game, whereas Bartender4 does.   All kind of help is really appreciated!  
  3. frostyflames

    Looking for addons!

    Thanks for helping first of all. I'm still getting used to all this :)   First addon is called "Debuff filter" I cant seem to find the right download file for it.   The second addon is called "Platebuff" I downloaded it, had it in my addons list after i logged in, but it failed to work properly.   And there seem to be a couple addons that i was looking for in this pic http://www.blogcdn.com/wow.joystiq.com/media/2011/12/shamonkeytitle.jpg   The first is the one that changes your character mana and health as well as your party's into the boxed versions that are customizable. and the second one is the lines on the outskirts of your character. which i also believe can be customized to display a new icon once a certain condition is met (that you can place in). For example, if your spell is off cooldown, then an icon on the side of your character similar to the lines pops up.   I know it's a bit vague but thank you for the help!
  4. Gonefishin

    AddOns 4.3.4

    Gli AddOns sono delle modifiche all'interfaccia di gioco di WoW, vi permettono di introdurre nuove opzioni, barre, preimpostazioni e di semplificarvi il gioco notevolmente.   Quali usare? Quali non usare? Se vuoi un client veloce, efficiente e scattante, evita di caricarlo di addon inutili o comunque di cui puoi tranquillamente fare a meno.   Gli addons inizialmente sono dei file .rar o .zip e pertanto vanno scompattati. Una volta fatto ciò vanno messi nella cartella "World of Warcraft - Atlantiss.eu/Interface/AddOns". N.B. nella folder addons va messa la cartella dell'AddOns così come viene scompattata, non deve essere spostato il suo contenuto.   Nella schermata di selezione dei pg in basso a sinistra avete un pulsante "AddOns" che vi permette di scegliere i vostri addon da tenere attivi (consiglio di attivare l'opzione load out of date addons per il semplice fatto che alcuni addons non vengono sempre aggiornati e alcune versioni lavorano bene anche per le patch successive)