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Found 13 results

  1. Good day community of Atlantiss. Recently, a friend of mine gifted me a Faction Change (Merry Christmas everybody!), buying it himself and sending it as a gift to me. The problem is that I forgot to tell him that the toon which I was going to use the Faction Change with was in the Horde, so he was meant to buy Faction Change (To Alliance). Due to my main character to be in the Alliance, and as it's the first option that appears in the store, he somehow got distracted and bought the wrong item, the Faction Change (To Horde) which I don't need because of X reasons (Our guild is in Alliance side). TLDR, we bought the wrong Item although shares the same service. My suggestion is: Could there be a way in which you didn't have to select the Faction to change whether if it's From Alliance to Horde or viceversa, but only the service of Faction Change, making it universal to any toon in your account? Because these sorts of mistakes, although responsability of the user, which could also be avoided by reading carefully what you buy, I find them sort of unnecessary (unless it's needed, I'm not a developer so I'd like to get more information about this.) to indicate what faction you're changing to. I find it as a minor issue...
  2. komshija

    [Answered] Character transfer

    Greetings, I have a friend who made a character on my account (name: Sayrex, race: Orc, Class: Shaman), he wanted to see how good this server is and he obviously fell in love with it and he wants to play, unfortunately he really likes the character he made on my account so i was wondering is it possible to transfer that character to a second account? I know he is a low level but he really likes that character, so would it be able to move that character to a fresh made account? it would really mean a lot to him. Thanks you in advance, your friendly player Komshija.
  3. Nickinfinity

    [Answered] I can't login

    Hello my name is Nick and my character Nickinfinity... somehow I can't login... I'm stuck in the login screen (it shows an error: you have been disconnected from the server). I don't know what to do, yesterday I bought a mount using your store, even though I couldn't log in the game I was able to use my account in your webpage and in the store but now when I get in the store if close my session... can you help me? I don't see my name in the ban list and I haven't commit or use any kind of tool or hacking or whatever..
  4. Hello. A long time ago, I made an account with a lvl 80 Worgen Druid named Noblemane. It was during an instant level 80 promotion that was used with a chat command. I've forgotten both my email and username. Can I get help in anyway please to re-accessing/recovering my account?
  5. My friend can't remember her login details, she knows which characters were hers. I have a few of her main characters added as friends. Is there any way to find out her username? We're pretty sure we know the password, we just used an awkward username that we can't remember. Please help if you can! We would really love to get back into the game.     Thanks,    deadbeatz. 
  6. Hey,   Was just wondering what the chances are of having character transfers between accounts available any time soon, seeing as this is a blizzlike feature and we know that transfers are possible I don't see why they are not offered?   Thanks!
  7. shoxation

    [Answered] Change account name

    Hi, I would like to change the name of my account (login/username) for security and personal reasons, I wasn't able to find a way so I guess it's not available to anyone, so I guess this would be a request, the matter is urgent, thank you for understanding.
  8. Is there any possibility to change my e-mail on atlantiss' account?
  9. My friend went ahead and made his account with his email and username he always uses and we intended to use the RaF system. Is there anyway to have it linked and/or deleted so he can reuse his information? 
  10. Pickles

    [Answered] Change e-mail?

    Hi I'm wondering if there is a way to change the e-mail associated with my account? I swapped e-mails recently and I just want to change my atlantiss account to my new e-mail.   Thanks.
  11. I have a problem on the second account. I type the correct username and password . but it gives me an inscription "As this is the first time you've logged in, we require just a few more details before we can proceed" and this is not me first time logged.     Second account:  http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/user/31056-apocalypse-riders/   I have Secure-Key.
  12. Hello!   Well, today i created an account in this server, but, when i tried to login, the launcher says " This account has been temporarily suspended ".   Help, pls. :C
  13. I haven't logged in for more than 4 months I think and today when I tried to get in I got this message: '' This World of Warcraft account has been closed and is no longer available for use... '' How can I solve this?