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Found 2 results

  1. robsen

    [H] Druid looking for pve guild

    Hello, my name is Djangø. I'm looking for a nice pve horde guild which is progressing firelands mostly during sundays. I feel comfortable in mid size communities. I'm experienced raider from previous expansions, mostly wotlk (ICC 25HC 11/12). At cata I only cleaned Firelands several times with PUG and right now I want to start my real adventure in raiding. I've been playing as feral druid for over 7 years. But also I can play as balance, coz this spec is real fun here Which spec I choose depends on your needs (feral dps/balance dps). Both around 375ilvl with several pvp items(boosts stats better). I speak fluent English and Polish. Got Team Speak. Current dps as feral fl 10: ~22k; balance: ~20k Looking forward to your reply. I'd like to know your current progress, raiding days, number of groups raiding (appreciated 1, max 2). And nickname to contact in game Greetings, Djangø
  2. skepas

    [Answered] Druid flight form

    I cant switch to Flight Form. It says that I cant use it here while I am outside. Even in Stormwind. I have every riding skill.